How to add custom GPTs to Whatsapp 

add custom GPTs to Whatsapp

Have you ever thought about making WhatsApp even cooler? Well, you can spice it up by adding your custom GPTs! What’s GPT, you ask? It stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformers, and we’re going to use them to supercharge your WhatsApp game.

Connecting custom GPTs to WhatsApp can be a powerful strategy to tap into the vast user base of over 2 billion monthly active users. Automating tasks such as customer support, lead generation, and appointment setting becomes efficient, offering businesses the opportunity to enhance user experience and streamline operations. 

And guess what? You can easily deploy these cool tools using ManyChat.

WhatsApp is more than just chats; it’s a powerhouse for sales. By throwing in these Custom GPTs, you’re automating your way to business success. Whether you’re running your show or helping out others, this guide is your ticket to WhatsApp excellence!

In this guide, we’ll walk you through How to add custom GPTs to WhatsApp that can do all sorts of things, from boosting customer support to snagging leads and even setting up appointments. 

How to Add AI Custom GPTs to Whatsapp( Step By Step)

Integrating AI assistance with WhatsApp can be a challenging process. Connecting custom GPTs to the platform requires precise steps.

1. Riplet Setup

1. Go to Riplet.

2. Sign up or log in to Riplet, fork the Riplet, and update the necessary settings.

Riplet Setup

2. OpenAI API Key

1. Get an OpenAI API key from For this, Create an account and go to the API key section. Create a new secret Key.

2. (If you want to use this properly and for it to work, you do need to head to your settings and go to your billing. You need to add a card to your account, and you also need to buy some credits here by clicking buy credits. You can add five or $10 so that it can charge your account properly and be ready to give you access to all of the latest models that will make this thing work).

3. Add the key to the Riplet secrets panel.

4. To add this, go to secret and click on the dots to edit openai. API key. Update the secret after adding the key. 

3. Airtable Integration

1. Go to the Airtable. So this is what you’ll need. Here you will see the name, and the phone number for the lead capture, and there’s a button up the top corner here copy base. 

2. To get your Airtable API key, you can click on your profile in the top corner here,

3. Then, under this personal access token, you can click create a new token, and it’s going to appear here.

4. Obtain an Airtable API key and add it to the Riplet secrets panel. 


Note: Make sure that it says capital BEARER, bearer space and then your long token. If you haven’t included bearer space, your token and then saved it, then it’s not going to work.

5. With both of those Airtable API keys updated, you can head back to Airtable, and in this case, if you want to stay on this developer’s page, click on the web API documentation. You can scroll down to click on the Smith Solar CRM that you’ve just cloned from the resource hub.

5. With both of those Airtable API keys updated, you can head back to Airtable, and in this case, if you want to stay on this developer’s page, click on the web API documentation. You can scroll down to click on the Smith Solar CRM that you’ve just cloned from the resource hub.

6. Then on the left panel, you can click on the accelerator leads table, then create records.

Then, you will see the URL. Here which is going to allow you to push and create new leads on your Airtable base. 

7. And with this, you need to copy it, bring it back to this create lead function and then replace this section here.

Now, you are ready to run this application for the first time.

4. Assistant Creation

It’s important to note that this is when the assistant creation step happens, and here’s the function that we need to go over.

If there is a file in the left-hand panel called assistant.json, it’s going to attempt to load the assistant ID from that file. If there isn’t an assistant.json file, meaning you haven’t already run this app. Before, then it’s going to create a new one with the settings that you provided here.

Here, you can manage assistants by deleting the “assistant.json” file when modifications are needed, such as when a page is not found.

5. WhatsApp Integration with ManyChat

1. Sign up for ManyChat and create a WhatsApp business account.

2. Then there’s a little verification step where you have to get the SMS code from ManyChat, put it in and then once you’ve done that, you should see a little celebration screen showing that you’ve successfully connected this new ManyChat WhatsApp number to your ManyChat account and you can start sending from it.

3. To get the ManyChat integration with WhatsApp set up, you need to sign up to ManyChat first so you can create an account. What you need to do is make sure you have a Facebook page and a Facebook account. You can sign up for ManyChat using your Facebook account.

4.Utilize templates and links for ManyChat setup.

5. Once you’ve logged in and created your WhatsApp integration, you can come back to this template page which will be linked to the resource hub, and then you can click the save to ManyChat button in the bottom right. It’ll pop up, so you can choose the account you want to save the flow to.

6. The trigger is going to be what triggers this automation. Click on WhatsApp, and you need to have it on a keyword. You need to have a premium account or a pro account. It costs $20 or $15, so that is the price to set up this integration. 

7. To set up the trigger, click on the new trigger. 

8. Go to WhatsApp, and then the user sends a message as a keyword like a test. Then click Create down the bottom. This is going to trigger when someone sends this number a keyword test.

Here are a few steps to do, and each of them corresponds to what you have within replit. 

9. You just need to go through and head back to the not found page. 

10. You need to copy the URL, including the HTTPS. Copy the entire URL, then head back to ManyChat.

11. The first, step you need to do is create a thread and modify this URL.

12. Delete the old URL and paste in the new one, and it should be your URL slash start.

13. You can scroll through, and then you need to start the run and send this information off to OpenAI to start generating responses.

14. Here Again, you need to come to the URL section and just delete the old one and paste in a new one. In this case, it should have a slash chat at the end and save this.

15. Then the step here is checking the status of the request that we’ve sent to OpenAI.

16. The final step that you need to do to set this up is to come to this and assign this to a member of your team like Shania and this is when there’s an error that’s picked up by replit. It’s going to assign the conversation to a human and make sure that no one, the AI, isn’t trying to respond to errors and stuff like that.

17. Once that’s all done, we can click the update button and a live version has been updated.

18. Now we can go to settings. If you want to modify your WhatsApp business and how it’s set up with a many chat, In this case, your connected number is this. You can copy this and can message them on WhatsApp now.

19. Now you can click on the preview button and switch it to WhatsApp and then click the preview button. It will give you a link. Click on this link and open WhatsApp to start a new chat.

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Advantages of Connecting with the WhatsApp Community

1. Business Automation

Integrating custom GPTs with WhatsApp enhances customer service and operational efficiency, offering a sophisticated approach to driving business growth through intelligent automation.

2. Increased Engagement

WhatsApp’s high engagement rates ensure that messages reach users promptly, making it particularly valuable for time-sensitive promotions. 

3. Personalized Communication

By using customer data, businesses can craft tailored messages that enhance the relevance of their marketing efforts. Addressing customers by name and sending offers based on preferences create a more individualized and meaningful experience.

4. Global Reach

WhatsApp’s diverse user base, spanning various countries, provides a platform for international brand exposure and facilitates targeted marketing on a global scale.

5. Direct Interaction

Enabling direct communication with customers on WhatsApp allows for immediate feedback and inquiries. This engagement fosters brand loyalty and provides valuable insights into customer preferences.

6. Cost-Effective

WhatsApp advertising proves to be budget-friendly compared to traditional and other digital channels, with lower costs per message and higher engagement rates.

7. Multimedia Support

WhatsApp’s support for various content formats, including text, images, videos, and voice messages, enables vast and engaging advertising.

8. Targeted Marketing

Utilizing WhatsApp’s audience segmentation allows businesses to target specific groups based on demographics, location, and interests, ensuring that marketing efforts reach the most relevant audience.

9. Measurable Outcomes

Tracking message delivery, read rates, and customer engagement metrics provide crucial insights for evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns and optimizing future strategies.


Integrating custom GPTs with WhatsApp allows businesses to automate tasks such as customer support, lead generation, and appointment setting. It not only improves efficiency but also enhances the overall user experience.

The guide provides a step-by-step process, including Riplet setup, obtaining an OpenAI API key, integrating with Airtable, assistant creation, and WhatsApp integration with ManyChat. Follow these steps for seamless integration.

Yes, the guide explains the assistant creation process and how modifications can be made by managing the assistant through the deletion of the assistant.json file when needed.

Final Verdict

Combining custom GPTs with WhatsApp can greatly benefit businesses looking to improve how they communicate. This guide walks you through each step, from setting up the necessary tools and getting API keys to showing how GPTs work in a real WhatsApp chat.

Connecting with the WhatsApp community has many advantages, like getting more people involved, talking to them in a way that feels personal, reaching a global audience, and doing it all without spending too much money. By putting custom GPTs into action on WhatsApp, businesses can take a smart step toward growing and becoming better at communication.

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