13 Free AI Prompt Builders For Artists in 2024 

AI Prompt Generators

Have you ever wondered how AI produces stunning visuals and compelling text that seem almost human-created? The answer lies in the fascinating world of prompt engineering and building tools. 

Imagine generating captivating artwork and written content without the exhaustive process of starting from scratch. But here’s the intriguing part, do you know how these prompt builders work their magic? Let’s dive into the mystery of AI-generated creativity and explore the innovative technologies that make it all possible.

13 Free AI Prompt Generators

Here are 13 Free AI Prompt Builders that are commonly used in 2024. 

1. Midjourney Prompt Generator

The Midjourney Prompt Generator is an independent and unauthorized tool within the Midjourney prompt builder sphere. Its profound utility extends towards generating auto-complete prompts for a broad spectrum of text-to-image models, encompassing even the esteemed DALLE family.


  • Midjourney Prompt Generator allows you to input your text or choose from a selection of provided samples.
  • Harnessing the capabilities of the GPT-2 model, the generator boasts a fine-tuned prowess that draws from the extensive mid-journey-prompts dataset.
  • Backed by the robust repository of user-contributed prompts, the tool is tailored to stimulate innovation, generating prompts for diverse text-to-image models.
Midjourney Prompt Generator

2. MidJourney Prompt Helper

MidJourney Prompt Helper shines as a formidable contender in the world of text-to-art prompt builders, renowned for its versatile features. Delving into diverse possibilities, you can tinker with elements ranging from styles, lighting, and cameras to an expansive palette of colors, all harmonizing to culminate in the ideal motivational catalyst for artistic expression.


  • Tailored for Midjourney and Dall-E, the MidJourney Prompt Helper integrates with these platforms, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance.
  • You can explore various artistic avenues by experimenting with styles, lighting, cameras, and an extensive color palette.
  • This tool provides a safe space for creative experimentation. 
MidJourney Prompt Helper

3. Promptomania Builder

Presenting the Promptomania Builder, a robust yet remarkably user-friendly tool designed to elevate your prompt creation experience with upscale capabilities and diverse variations. Its compatibility across a spectrum of implementations, including VQGAN, CLIP-based models, Midjourney, and DALL-E 2, emerges as a pioneering solution in a prompt generation.


  • Balancing strength with user-friendliness, Promptomania Builder enables you of all skill levels to delve into prompt crafting confidently. Its intuitively designed interface ensures effortless navigation and a streamlined experience.
  • By incorporating upscaling capabilities, the tool imparts a new dimension to prompt creation. 
  • You can explore the potential of higher resolutions, breathing life into their visual art concepts.
Promptomania Builder

4. Drawing Prompt Generator

Artists’ block, the nemesis of creativity, meets its match with the Drawing Prompt Generator. A modest yet invaluable prompt assistant tailored to vanquish creative barriers. Imagine this, a captivating stream of unrelated objects awaiting your artistic touch, beckoning to dissipate the fog of stagnation and rejuvenate your artistic flow.


  • The Drawing Prompt Generator offers an eclectic compilation of imaginative sketching ideas. 
  • No more grappling with a blank canvas. Immerse yourself in a stream of concepts that must be brought to life.
  • Armed with only a colored pencil and your drawing prowess, this tool stands ready to guide you. 
  • While it doesn’t hold your hand, it provides the right nudge to launch you into a world of inspired creation.
Drawing Prompt Generator

5. Phraser. tech

Phraser is a groundbreaking AI-powered solution calibrated for Midjourney and Dall-E art generators. It emerges as your strategic partner in sculpting potent neural network prompts. It empowers your creative journey. 

Phraser intricately guides you through purposeful steps, harmonizing parameters, and Precision to craft prompts that resonate with unparalleled depth. Achieving neural network brilliance is a science, and Phraser is your formula.


  • This innovative solution amplifies your prompts through intelligent algorithms, culminating in prompts that harmoniously align with the neural intricacies of Midjourney and Dall-E art generators.
  • Bid farewell to uncertainty. Phraser’s intuitive interface leads you through a meticulous sequence of steps to optimize every aspect of your prompt. 
  • Each element is deftly attended to, from parameters to context, enhancing your prompt’s impact.
  • It synchronizes parameters to create a prompt that resonates harmoniously within the algorithmic architecture, promising a matchless output.
Phraser is a groundbreaking AI-powered solution

6. MidJourney Random Commands Generator

Go on a journey of limitless creativity with the MidJourney Random Commands Generator. It is an unofficial yet captivating prompt tool curated to breathe life into intricate outputs. Crafted by dedicated enthusiasts for the sheer joy of creativity, this tool transcends entertainment, transcending boundaries and venturing into uncharted realms of imagination. 


  • The MidJourney Random Commands Generator serves as a conduit to intricacy.
  • Born out of passion, this tool mirrors the aspirations of enthusiasts seeking to enrich the creative experience. 
  • Behold the catalyst for boundless imagination. With each generated word or phrase, the generator propels you towards uncharted territories of thought. 
MidJourney Random Commands Generator

7. Hugging Face

Hugging Face is a compelling tool that joins the ranks of excellence in generating ideas for Midjourney prompts. Much like AIPRM, this dynamic generator emerges as an indispensable aid, propelling your creative horizons and opening the door to many uncharted possibilities.


  • The tool is an adept catalyst for nurturing creativity. 
  • By alleviating the burden of conceptualization, Hugging Face allows creators to focus on refining and shaping the outputs.
  • Embrace a treasure trove of possibilities. With every concept fed into Hugging Face, a cascade of iterations emerges. 
Hugging Face

8. Prompt Hero

Dive into a universe of endless inspiration with Prompt Hero, your gateway to an array of captivating picture prompt suggestions that align with your projects and passions. Whether your quest is for ingenious AI-generated artwork or distinctive visuals to amplify a tech presentation, Prompt Hero emerges as your ultimate companion.


  • With the option to choose from various categories or input specific keywords, Prompt Hero presents an expansive spectrum of picture prompt suggestions to complement your creative journey perfectly.
  • Its diverse prompts cater to various projects, transcending creative boundaries.
 Prompt Hero


This Google Chrome extension has effortlessly secured its place as our top pick, offering an exceptional resource that caters to the ChatGPT ecosystem.


  • AIPRM’s prowess as a Google Chrome extension is unmatched. 
  • You only need to input a keyword or phrase directly into the extension. In return, the system yields four finely detailed suggestions for Midjourney prompts, all ready for your exploration.
  • By understanding your input, it crafts four prompts that are not just relevant but contextually appropriate. 
  • It empowers creators to delve deeper into the prompt that resonates most with their creative vision.
AIPRM's prowess as a Google Chrome extension

10. Prompter

Emerging from the Reddit community, Prompter is a captivating project that has seized our fascination. It is crafted by using the familiar platform of Google Sheets. This tool presents an accessible gateway for all those with a Google account.


  • Prompter’s brilliance lies in its simplicity. Built upon Google Sheets, it extends its embrace to a broad audience, enabling users with Google accounts to seamlessly access its offerings.
  • Its expansive repertoire of more than ten distinct style categories sets Prompter apart. With each category, creators unlock a realm of possibilities. 
  • It allows you to manipulate the weight of various parameters and empowers creators to curate prompts that resonate with their specific creative vision.

11. Midjourney Prompt Generator by Viorel Spînu

Move on a quest for the ultimate Midjourney prompt generator led us to the vibrant world of Twitter, where a remarkable discovery awaited, the Midjourney Prompt Generator crafted by Viorel Spînu. This application, a beacon of excellence, not only dazzles with its simplicity and user-friendliness but also captivates through its unique origin story.


  • Within the depths of Twitter, the Midjourney Prompt Generator by Viorel Spînu emerges as a true gem. 
  • Its presence beckons seekers of creative inspiration, inviting them to delve into a world of innovative Midjourney prompts.
  • Viorel Spînu’s creation is characterized by a seamless simplicity that resonates with users. 
Midjourney Prompt Generator crafted by Viorel Spînu

12. Imiprompt

Imiprompt strides onto the scene as the ultimate Prompt Builder, streamlining this process. By bearing the weight of intricacies, this tool liberates your energy to be channeled into the world of boundless creativity.


  • Imiprompt is your gateway to diverse possibilities. With an extensive array of art styles, colors, and objects at your fingertips, the need to grapple with complex art terminology must be revised. 
  • It translates to an effortless creation process that sparks your imagination.
  • Regular updates ensure its prompts remain harmonious with the latest iteration of the Midjourney v5 text-to-image art generator.
Imiprompt strides onto the scene as the ultimate Prompt Builder

13. Photorealistic

Photorealistic emerges as a specialized extension within Midjourney’s image creation toolkit. It is designed to evoke the generation of images that epitomize Photorealism. 


  • At its core, the Photorealistic plugin excels in generating a spectrum of prompts that channel creators toward crafting images characterized by Photorealism. 
  • This pivotal customization element empowers creators to exert complete authority over the extent of their creative vision.
  • As a catalyst for various image types, it reveals its remarkable versatility in image creation. 


In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the integration of AI has permeated even renowned tech entities, with Canva no exception. A shining example of free AI art generators, Canva extends an invitation to craft AI-powered images across diverse platforms. 

AIPRM’s Chrome extension brilliance sets it apart. It generates contextually relevant prompts for Midjourney showcasing the fusion of AI and human creative intent, elevating prompt crafting into an inspired journey.

Final Verdict

From the MidJourney Prompt Generator’s GPT-2 model prowess to the AI-guided Precision of Phraser, each tool’s unique attributes empower creators to envision the previously unimaginable. As the AI landscape evolves, the collaborative potential of prompt builders continues to expand, inviting creators to traverse new frontiers of artistic expression. 

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