7 Best AI Tools for Architects in 2024

Best AI Tools for Architects

Artificial Intelligence has brought about a transformative wave across various sectors. It has equipped architects and designers with advanced AI tools to enhance their creative capacities. They also simplify intricate workflows and deliver unparalleled insights. The integration of advanced AI tools that are transforming how architects conceptualize, design, and communicate their ideas.

The year 2024 marks a significant turning point for the field of architecture. The emergence of AI-powered platforms such as Sidewalk Labs, Market AI, Dreamhouse AI, Architects, Midjourney, Interior AI, and TestFit has created a new era of creativity, efficiency, and collaboration.

This article will dive into a compilation of the best AI tools for architects in 2024, which have integrated and reliable resources for professionals.

7 Best AI Tools for Architects in 2024

These tools for Architects allow architects to explore numerous design possibilities, experiment with unconventional ideas, and iterate designs in real time. They also offer data-driven insights, enabling architects to make informed decisions and visualize concepts before execution. Here are the 7 Best AI Tools for Architects in 2024. 

1. Sidewalk Labs

Sidewalk Labs employs advanced AI algorithms to revolutionize the architectural design process. It facilitates architects in achieving enhanced building designs. It was established to utilize advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Sidewalk uses sensors and data analytics to enhance various aspects of urban life, such as traffic management, energy efficiency, public services, and community engagement. The company’s focus on generative design, collaboration, and data-driven insights aimed to bring about novel urban planning and architecture approaches.

Generative Design:

Sidewalk Labs boosts generative AI-building designs and algorithms to explore various design possibilities. Architects and developers can craft more intelligent and refined designs by factoring in elements like density, natural light, amenities, and infrastructure.


The platform integrates various facets of the development journey, including financial considerations, energy modeling, and site limitations.

Data-driven Insights:

Whether assessing site viability or analyzing a specific design, the AI design tool equips architects with data-oriented choices, leading to elevated risk-adjusted returns.

Sidewalk Labs

2. Maket AI

Maket AI introduces a groundbreaking AI architecture tool that redefines the landscape of residential planning through the fusion of advanced technology and ingenious AI solutions.

It is crafted to empower designers, architects, and developers. Maket AI facilitates intelligent decision-making, enabling the creation of captivating residential structures infused with sustainable design principles.

Residential Plan Generator:

Experience the instantaneous generation of architectural components by simply inputting room dimensions and adjacency specifications. It exports these design concepts to the versatile.DXF format, integrating them into your existing workflow.

Virtual Assistant:

Maket AI’s Virtual Assistant is a valuable aid to architects and designers, guiding design concepts. By seeking insights into materials, costs, and design alternatives, architects are empowered to offer well-informed responses and make confident design choices.

Virtual Designer:

Unlock the potential of Maket AI’s Virtual Designer. It is a dynamic tool that enables architects to experiment with various exterior and interior designs, all while visualizing transformative style variations. This transformative feature lets architects visualize their creative visions vividly. 

Pricing & Plans:

  • Basic: Free
  • Premium: Its price is $ 288 per / year.
Maket AI

3. Dreamhouse AI

Dreamhouse AI is an innovative platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide interior design solutions and tools. It is designed to assist architects, interior designers, and homeowners in visualizing and planning interior spaces.

Transforming Rooms:

You can upload a single photo of a room, and the AI system generates multiple design options based on the provided image. This feature helps architects and designers explore different possibilities quickly.

Virtual Staging and Mockups:

The platform offers virtual staging, showing how furniture and decor items appear in a space. This helps homeowners and designers visualize design concepts before making decisions.

Home Renovation:

Dreamhouse AI provides tools to experiment with various design ideas for room renovations. This lets you visualize potential changes and make informed decisions before starting physical renovation work.

Pricing & Plans:

  • Lite Plan: It is priced at $14 per month.
  • Pro Plan: It is priced at $29 per month.
Dreamhouse AI

4. Architectures

Architectures is an innovative cloud-based AI software tailored to the residential sector. It harnesses the power of machine learning algorithms and extensive data to enhance decision-making for designers. It significantly expedites design timelines, reducing months of work to mere minutes.

This groundbreaking platform envisions a transformative impact on residential architecture by synergizing human creativity with advanced AI technology.

Design Criteria and Modeling:

Architectures offer an intuitive online interface enabling users to input design criteria and create 2D and 3D project models. This empowers designers to define precise project parameters essential for success.

AI-Optimized Design Development:

Exploring the cloud-based AI systems, Architectures employs AI to generate real-time geometry optimized to align with user-defined parameters. The AI algorithm continually evolves designs based on user feedback and iterations.

BIM Solution and Project Data Generation:

Architectures employ AI to visually render the resulting Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution. Project data can be conveniently downloaded in versatile formats such as XLS, CAD, and BIM. This empowers designers to meticulously evaluate geometric and analytical outcomes until they achieve complete satisfaction.

Pricing & Plans:

  • Pro Plan: The Pro plan is priced at $50 per month.
  • Custom Plan: For personalized features and pricing details on the Custom plan, please directly engage with the ARCHITEChTURES sales team.
Architectures is an innovative cloud-based AI software tailored to the residential sector

5. Midjourney

Midjourney stands out as an AI-driven text-to-image converter, translating ideas into visually stunning creations. This intuitive tool boasts remarkable capabilities in generating photorealistic images, propelling architects’ visions from text-based prompts to captivating visuals effortlessly.

The tool’s prowess extends beyond image creation, revolutionizing design communication. Architects and urban planners find an invaluable ally in Mid Journey, as it expertly crafts intricate visual narratives.

At its core, Midjourney isn’t just a tool; it’s a catalyst for unleashing creative potential. Even the most audacious architectural ideas can manifest vividly on screen through this AI tool. 

By empowering architects to experiment with unconventional concepts, Midjourney becomes a wellspring of innovation. Its AI-driven capabilities push creative boundaries, amplifying architects’ ability to explore new horizons in design.

Pricing & Plans:

  • Basic Plan: Monthly subscription at $10 or an annual subscription for $96.
  • Standard Plan: Monthly subscription at $30 or an annual subscription for $288.
  • Pro Plan: Monthly subscription at $60 or an annual subscription for $576.

6. Interior AI

Interior AI is a revolutionary technological platform that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to provide innovative interior design solutions. It serves as an AI-powered interior designer, allowing users to transform their living spaces using advanced algorithms and creative design tools.

AI-Powered Design Generation:

Interior AI uses sophisticated AI algorithms to generate visualizations and design concepts for interior spaces. This enables users to explore diverse design options and experiment with different aesthetics for their rooms.

Personalization and Creativity:

Interior AI facilitates creative interior design by offering various modes and features that cater to different preferences and requirements. You can tap into your creativity and customize designs to suit your style.

Privacy and Quality:

Interior AI provides a Pro version that ensures high-quality renders without watermarks or deletions. This version offers you enhanced privacy and control over your design projects, creating a private workspace for your interior design endeavors.

Pricing & Plans:

  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Premium Plan: $29 per month
Interior AI

7. TestFit AI

TestFit is an innovative real estate feasibility platform that offers developers, architects, and general contractors valuable insights and automation features. TestFit facilitates seamless collaboration between Pro Forma, Concept Design, and Construction Plan phases to enhance the potential of real estate projects and minimize risks.

Automation and Parametric Building Configurator:

TestFit stands out by utilizing parametric building configurator technology, streamlining labor-intensive tasks such as allocating parking stalls. This advanced feature enables you to generate accurate building massing based on real-site GIS data swiftly. 

TestFit Algorithms:

Architects and designers benefit from TestFit’s algorithmic capabilities that validate the mathematical aspects of initial sketches. This liberates creative professionals from being mired in intricate details like parking stall counts, allowing them to focus on honing their design vision and creativity.

Real-Time Financial Analysis:

To aid developers in making informed decisions, TestFit provides real-time financial data. This encompasses crucial metrics such as yield on cost and building efficiency. This feature empowers decision-makers with accurate, up-to-date insights, enabling them to fine-tune project parameters for optimal outcomes.

Pricing & Plans:

  • Base Plan: $425 Monthly
  • Free Trials: 7-30 Days
TestFit AI


Dreamhouse AI is an AI-powered platform for interior design solutions. It helps architects, interior designers, and homeowners visualize and plan interior spaces. It offers features like transforming rooms using AI-generated design options, virtual staging and mockups, and tools for home renovation concepts.

Midjourney is a text-to-image converter powered by AI. It helps architects translate textual ideas into photorealistic images. It revolutionizes design communication by creating intricate visual narratives, bridging the gap between abstract concepts and tangible presentations. Architects can experiment with unconventional concepts, enhancing their creative potential.

Interior AI is an AI-powered interior design platform. It generates design concepts for interior spaces using advanced algorithms. It offers personalization and creativity options, enabling you to customize designs to your style. The Pro version ensures high-quality renders without watermarks and provides a private workspace for interior design projects.

Final Verdict

These AI tools are not just tools; they are potent enablers that empower architects with an array of innovative features. Integrating AI in architecture is not just about automation; it’s about enhancing human creativity, informed decision-making, and meaningful collaboration. 

Sidewalk Labs explores generative design and data-driven insights to elevate building designs, while Maket AI introduces a revolutionary way of envisioning residential spaces through AI-generated architectural components. These are considered the best AI Tools for Architects in 2024.

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