9 Best AI-based Face Generators in 2024

Best AI based Face Generators

If you look around the world, you will find AI contributes in every field. It has brought about significant banking, education, and healthcare advancements, streamlining processes and enhancing convenience. 

You can effortlessly utilize these tools to create highly realistic portraits without difficulties. Furthermore, these 9 best AI-Based Face Generators encourage users to explore their creativity by offering more than just portrait-making capabilities.

What is an AI Face Generator?

An AI-based face generator is a software or algorithm that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, such as deep learning or generative adversarial networks (GANs), to create realistic and synthetic human faces.

Uses Of AI-Based Face Generators

These generators are capable of producing photorealistic faces that serve a multitude of purposes. With artificial intelligence knowledge, they can generate new faces that closely resemble real individuals within minutes.

A remarkable implementation of AI can be found in the domain of face generators. AI-powered face generators represent a remarkable achievement in modern technology, showcasing the strides made in this field. 

9 Best AI-based Face Generators

9 Best AI-based Face Generators

1. SoulGen

SoulGen.ai offers a user-friendly platform enabling individuals to generate their digital soulmates effortlessly. By effortlessly inputting a text prompt and choosing their desired soulmate style, users can promptly generate an AI face. Whether one desires a realistic appearance or a likeness resembling an anime character, the choice is entirely up to them. 

Digital Soulmate Creation:

SoulGen.ai allows you to create your digital soulmates by simply entering a text prompt and selecting a preferred soulmate style.

Adjustable Aspect Ratio:

SoulGen.ai offers the flexibility to customize the aspect ratio of the generated AI face to suit individual preferences.


2. Anonymizer

Anonymizer by Generated Photos offers a valuable solution for safeguarding personal identity through generative media. This tool lets users generate portraits that resemble their original appearance, incorporating hair length, skin color, and age features. 

Anonymizer by Generated Photos offers several features that contribute to its effectiveness in guarding personal identity and generating similar-looking portrait photos.

Customized Reference Photos:

You can upload your pictures as a reference to create anonymized portraits that closely resemble your original appearance. This allows for a more accurate representation while maintaining anonymity.

Retention of Personal Characteristics:

The tool considers various personal attributes such as hair length, skin color, and age to create portraits that retain these characteristics. This helps in ensuring a correct representation of the individual’s features.


3. BoredHumans.com

BoredHumans.com offers a highly efficient solution for generating AI-based faces. This innovative tool enables you to create realistic and authentic-looking faces through artificial intelligence. 

By leveraging a vast database of 70,000 genuine human photos, BoredHumans.com has equipped its Fake Person Generator with the ability to produce unique and visually appealing AI-generated images that closely resemble real individuals.

Authentic-Looking Results:

The Fake Person Generator is designed to produce images that closely resemble real people. The algorithm’s learning from diverse human photos contributes to creating highly authentic and believable faces.

Instant Generation:

The tool offers quick and instant face generation. You can obtain AI-generated faces within seconds, saving time and effort in the design and creation.


4. NightCafe

NightCafe revolutionizes obtaining AI-generated human faces, making it incredibly easy and accessible. By simply describing your requirements, NightCafe generates stunning, hyper-realistic portraits of individuals who do not exist, suitable for use in any context. 

The Platform offers various styles, including color portraits, black and white portraits, and artistic renditions.

Multiple Face Generation:

NightCafe allows you to create multiple faces simultaneously, saving time and increasing efficiency. Whether you need a single portrait or a group of diverse faces, the Platform enables you to generate them in one go.

Cross-Device Compatibility:

NightCafe is designed as a cross-device application, meaning you can access and utilize its face-generation services seamlessly across various devices. Whether using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, NightCafe ensures consistent and high-quality results regardless of the Platform.


5. Face Generator

You can purchase one paid plan after the trial period, starting at 19.99 USD monthly. These paid plans provide full access to all features, ensuring an enhanced experience and the ability to unlock the full potential of Face Generator.

Customizable Parameters:

The tool allows you to adjust parameters such as sex, age, emotion, head pose, skin tone, and accessories to create unique faces according to your requirements.

Extensive Variability:

With over 11,232,000 variants of the same face, the tool offers many possibilities, enabling you to experiment and find the perfect face for your project.

6. Fotor

Fotor’s online AI face generator allows you to generate distinct and lifelike human faces within seconds effortlessly. You can rely on the AI algorithm to produce the desired outcome by simply inputting text prompts. 

This intelligent system allows for customization based on gender, age, and other characteristics, ensuring a close resemblance to the envisioned face. Explore an extensive array of choices to customize your AI-generated faces, including diverse angles, eye colors, skin tones, accessories, and various other features.

Realistic Face Generation:

Fotor’s AI algorithm can generate highly realistic human faces in seconds based on the text prompts provided.

Customization Options:

You can fully customize the appearance of the AI-generated faces. You can choose different face angles, eye colors, skin tones, accessories, and more, to create unique and personalized results.

Versatile Styles:

Fotor offers various styles for generating faces, including Cyberpunk, anime, 3D, illustration, and more. This allows you to create faces with diverse aesthetics and visual themes.

Fotor's online AI face generator

7. This Person Does Not Exist

This Person Does Not Exist is a platform that lives up to its name by enabling you to generate realistic portraits of non-existent individuals within seconds effortlessly. 

Presently, This Person Does Not Exist provides the feature of free portrait downloads exclusively for personal use. However, a purchase is required for those seeking to employ the generated images for exclusive projects, priced at 14.95 USD.

Realistic Portrait Generation:

The Platform utilizes advanced algorithms to generate highly realistic and believable portraits of non-existent individuals. You can select your gender, age, and ethnicity to customize the generated face according to your preferences.

Instant Generation:

The portrait generation process takes only a few seconds to produce a new image. This allows you to explore numerous variations by simply refreshing the page until they find a suitable result.

Personal and Project Use:

You can download the generated portraits for free, provided they are for personal use. These portraits can be used in personal projects, social media profiles, or other non-commercial endeavors.

This Person Does Not Exist

8. Playform

With Playform at your fingertips, you have access to its versatile features, allowing you to effortlessly create, blend, and edit faces. This innovative tool enables you to generate realistic faces, blend multiple facial features, and modify various attributes to enhance your creative experience. 

The Playform boasts a user-friendly interface with a minimalist design, making it accessible and intuitive for both experienced and beginners.

Face Creation:

The Playform allows you to create realistic faces from scratch using its advanced algorithms and customization options. You can select facial attributes like eye shape, nose type, skin tone, and more to design unique and lifelike faces.

Face Mixing:

With Playform, you can mix and blend multiple faces to create new and intriguing combinations. This feature enables you to experiment with different facial features and seamlessly merge them into a cohesive composite face.

Facial Attribute Editing:

The Playform provides a wide range of editing tools to modify facial attributes. You can adjust parameters like age, hairstyle, makeup, expressions, and more to achieve the desired look and enhance the realism of the created faces.


9. FY! Studio

FY! Studio is a high-tech platform that employs advanced AI technology to generate realistic faces instantly. It operates seamlessly by describing your desired specifications for the generated image without any cumbersome processes. 

If the initial outcomes fail to meet your expectations, you can input an alternative text prompt, creating fresh faces.

Infinite Variations:

FY! Studio enables you to create infinite variations of the same face. By modifying the text prompt with different attributes or adjusting the parameters, you can generate a wide range of unique faces to suit your preferences.

High-Quality Results:

The generated faces produced by FY! The Studio is remarkably realistic and of high quality. The AI algorithms are trained on vast datasets to ensure the generated images possess natural-looking features, expressions, and details.

FY! Studio


AI-based face generators typically employ deep neural networks to learn patterns and features from a large dataset of human faces. They can then generate new faces by extrapolating from this learned knowledge, combining different facial attributes and features to create unique and realistic synthetic faces.

The top AI-based face generators can produce faces that appear highly realistic and indistinguishable from real human faces. However, it’s important to note that occasional imperfections or artifacts can still exist in the generated images.

Yes, FaceApp is a face generator tool.It has gained popularity for its user-friendly interface and diverse set of features. It allows you to modify facial attributes such as age, hairstyle, and gender, providing an interactive and entertaining experience.

Final Verdict

Right now, you can find many excellent AI face generators in the market that you can use for free. Facegenerator utilizes AI algorithms to seamlessly blend the desired modifications into the original image, resulting in highly realistic and convincing transformations.

Although these tools share a common purpose, each one offers distinct features. Therefore, it is crucial to thoroughly review the article to identify the one that aligns best with your requirements and creative vision.

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