10 Best AI Music Generators Tools in 2024

Best AI Music Generators

Are you tired of searching for the perfect soundtrack for your next project, or needing fresh, original tunes that capture your unique style? Introducing the best AI music generators that will revolutionize the way you create and engage with music. 

So, whether you’re a musician, filmmaker, content creator, or simply an avid music enthusiast, harness the power of these best AI music generators. Get ready to unleash your imagination and captivate your audience with the mesmerizing melodies born from the extraordinary fusion of AI and creativity. 

11 best AI Music Generators Tools

These remarkable tools employ cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms to compose breathtaking melodies, harmonies, and rhythms tailored to your preferences. With the ability to mimic various music styles, these AI music generators unlock a world of infinite creative possibilities. The 11 best AI Music Generators are given below. 

1.Amper Music

Amper Music is a highly regarded AI music generator that offers numerous advantages for users interested in creating music for various applications such as podcasts, movies, and video games. 

User-Friendly Platform:

It stands out as one of the most user-friendly platforms in the AI music generation space, making it an ideal choice for beginners or those without extensive music theory or composition knowledge.

Various Musical Styles:

Users can access various musical styles, genres, and instrumentations with millions of samples available. The platform allows for modifying various musical elements, including music keys, tempo, and individual instruments. 

This flexibility enables users to fine-tune their compositions and customize them to match specific moods or vibes they aim to convey.

Best Ai Music generators


AIVA, developed in 2016, has garnered significant recognition for its ability to create original music compositions tailored to various media applications, including advertisements, video games, and movies.

One of AIVA’s notable achievements was its first publication titled “Opus 1 for Piano Solo.” Additionally, it has released an album and composed music for a video game.

Original Music Creation:

IVA provides a platform for users to create original music and also offers the capability to generate variations of existing songs, eliminating concerns about music licensing processes.

Various Musical Genres:

AIVA offers several advantages to its users by providing various presets and specified music formats, enabling users to generate music in various genres and styles.



Soundful is a cutting-edge AI-driven platform that offers users a wide selection of original and copyright-free background music suitable for various applications, including videos, streams, podcasts, and more.

The platform offers an intuitive process where users can choose a genre, customize inputs, and create tracks with a simple button click.

Generate Unique Tracks:

Soulful eliminates creative blocks for producers by allowing them to generate unique tracks effortlessly. The AI algorithms used by Soundful have been trained note-by-note alongside industry professionals like producers and sound engineers. 

 Avoiding Copyright Strikes:

Creators benefit from Soundful by avoiding copyright strikes. Instead of worrying about using copyrighted music in their content, they can explore Soundful’s library of unique, royalty-free tracks that align perfectly with their content.

Soundful music generator

4. Ecrett Music

EcrettMusic offers a range of benefits that cater to both amateurs and professionals in music composition. The platform can create unique compositions by utilizing a vast collection of existing songs as training data. 

Customizing Music Compositions:

The platform’s user interface is designed to be straightforward and comprehensive, ensuring that users can easily navigate and make the most of its capabilities. The interface provides clear options for selecting scenes, moods, and genres, allowing users to customize their music compositions. 

Elevate Music Experience:

By clicking “Create Music,” the AI algorithm generates unique music based on the chosen settings, ensuring that each composition is distinct even with the same selections.

Customization is another key feature of Ecrett Music. 

Ecrett Music

5. Sound Raw

Sound Raw is a remarkable AI music generator that presents diverse functionalities for music creation and personalization. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, the platform seamlessly blends AI-generated phrases with intuitive manual tools.

Customization Capabilities:

One of the most notable aspects of Sound Raw lies in its extensive customization capabilities, enabling users to improvise and refine individual elements of their musical compositions. 

By providing a user-friendly interface and a wide range of options, Sound Raw facilitates a seamless and engaging experience, allowing users to shape and fine-tune their music to perfection.

Unlimited Downloads:

While the basic features of the music generator are available to free users, unlimited downloads are only accessible through a subscription plan. 

Sound Raw AI Music Generator

6. Boomy

Boomy is a cutting-edge tool that has revolutionized the music production landscape, offering several advantages catering to aspiring musicians and experienced producers. 

With its unique artificial intelligence capabilities, Boomy has successfully lowered the barrier of entry into music production and expanded access to music generation.

Accessibility and Ease of Use:

Boomy provides a user-friendly platform that allows individuals to create original songs in seconds.

 Rapid Song Creation:

This speed lets users explore multiple ideas quickly and efficiently, increasing creativity and productivity.


7. Loudly

Loudly is a groundbreaking tool designed to offer numerous advantages to users looking to effortlessly and rapidly create AI-generated songs. With a vast collection of meticulously curated audio loops complemented by an advanced playback engine, Loudly seamlessly combines, manipulates, and follows chord progressions in real-time, resulting in musically meaningful compositions.

Exceptional Output Quality:

Loudly leverages a blend of expert systems and generative adversarial networks, ensuring that the generated compositions consistently maintain a high standard of musical quality. 

By incorporating these cutting-edge technologies, Loudly can deliver outputs that possess rich and professional sound, resonating with listeners across various genres.

Diverse Subscription Plans:

Loudly recognizes the diverse needs of its users and offers a range of subscription plans to accommodate them accordingly. These plans may include a free option, allowing users to explore the tool’s capabilities and generate music without any financial commitment.

Loudly  AI-generated songs


LANDR is a cutting-edge music creation and mastering tool that harnesses the power of AI technology to support users in developing polished and professionally mastered music tracks. 

Audio Mastering:

LANDR’s primary feature is AI-powered audio mastering capability. The platform’s algorithms analyze and adjust the audio to enhance sound quality, including EQ, compression, stereo widening, and more.

Multiple Mastering Styles:

LANDR provides various mastering styles to suit different musical genres and preferences. Users can choose from options such as radio-ready, warm, punchy, and more, allowing them to customize the final sound and achieve the desired aesthetic for their music.


9. Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code is an innovative AI music generator designed for music enthusiasts. At the core of Amadeus Code is its advanced AI engine, which incorporates a vast collection of chord progressions from famous songs worldwide. 

This extensive database enables users to craft original music compositions by leveraging these existing chord progressions.

IOS-Based App:

Amadeus Code is available exclusively for iOS devices, allowing users to access its music generation capabilities on their iPhones or iPads.

Quick Melody Creation:

With Amadeus Code, you can generate new melodies within minutes. The app streamlines the process, enabling music enthusiasts to explore and experiment with various musical ideas swiftly.

Amadeus Code AI music generator

10. OpenAI’s MuseNet

OpenAI’s MuseNet is an innovative online AI music-generating tool that can create songs featuring multiple instruments and explore various musical styles, ranging from classical compositions reminiscent of renowned composers like Mozart to contemporary genres popularized by artists like Eminem.

Multiple Instrument Support:

MuseNet can compose music for multiple instruments, including piano, guitar, violin, drums, and flute. 

Style Mimicry:

MuseNet can mimic the styles of various composers and artists, both classical and contemporary. Users can choose to generate music that resembles the works of renowned composers like Mozart, Beethoven, or Bach and modern performers such as Eminem or Adele.

OpenAI's MuseNet


While AI music generators can produce impressive compositions, they are not meant to replace human musicians or composers. AI-generated music needs more depth of human emotion, intuition, and artistic interpretation. 

Instead, AI music generators are often seen as tools to assist and collaborate with human musicians, providing new ideas and expanding creative possibilities.

AI music generators typically work by analyzing large datasets of existing music to learn patterns, structures, and stylistic elements. They then use this knowledge to generate new musical compositions similar in style or follow certain rules specified by the user.

Many AI music generators have been trained on diverse datasets, including music from various genres. This allows them to generate music in different styles.

Final Verdict

AI music generators have significantly advanced in recent years and have become valuable tools for professional musicians and enthusiasts. They offer many benefits, including quickly creating original compositions, generating personalized music based on specific parameters, and exploring new and unique musical styles.

The best AI music generators exhibit several key qualities. First and foremost, they produce high-quality music that rivals compositions created by human musicians. These generators leverage deep learning algorithms and large datasets to generate coherent melodies, harmonies, and rhythms pleasing to the ear.

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