10 Best Useless Websites to Visit When Bored

best useless websites

The Internet is vast, offering numerous websites that can provide entertainment and alleviate boredom. If there is one area where the Internet has proven immensely useful, it is in providing a plethora of options to pass the time and alleviate boredom.

We understand that Friday can often be perceived as a challenging day of the week, especially if you have a busy schedule. However, if you happen to have the day off, it can be an exciting time as the weekend approaches. 

After a long week filled with meetings, tasks, and emails, it’s natural to feel tired. You may have even managed to accomplish some of your chores, which can be a great relief. 

The World Wide Web has brought about a revolution, fundamentally altering aspects such as politics, commerce, and journalism. However, its most notable impact lies in how it has revolutionized how individuals occupy their time.

What is a Useless Website?

A Useless Website refers to a website that serves no practical purpose and is designed to be entertaining or amusing, often in a bizarre or nonsensical way. These websites are typically created to provide a distraction or source of humor for people who are bored or looking for a unique online experience.

10 Best Useless Websites

When you find yourself bored and in need of a mindless diversion, the realm of useless websites offers a quirky and entertaining escape. Among the countless options available, one standout is Pointer-Pointer.

This website encapsulates the essence of aimless amusement by presenting a collection of random and utterly unproductive destinations. Here are the top 10 best useless websites to visit when get bored. 

1. WindowSwap

WindowSwap is an innovative online platform that allows users to virtually explore and experience windows from various locations around the world. By launching a new window, individuals can catch glimpses of real people’s lives and contribute their own window views to become part of a global community. 

Virtual Window Exploration:

WindowSwap allows users to launch a new window anywhere in the world and experience the view from someone else’s window. Users can touch or drag the “Create a New Screen” option on the globe to discover high-definition videos showcasing different locations.

Global Community:

WindowSwap creates an international society of users who contribute their own window videos to the platform. Users can share their 10-minute HD videos, providing others with a glimpse into their surroundings. This fosters a sense of connection and cultural exchange among users.


2. Trypap

Trypap is a subtle yet provocative login generator that allows users to input various character combinations and receive a random snippet of mildly confrontational feedback.

You might have observed the reassuring green “Strong” warning, indicating that your password possesses the necessary strength.

Randomized Responses:

Trypap generates a wide range of random responses, each carrying a mildly hostile tone. This adds an element of unpredictability and humor to the login generation process.

Character Combination Input:

Users can input any combination of characters they desire, including letters, numbers, and special characters. Trypap accepts a variety of input formats, allowing for flexibility and creativity.


3. Pointer-Pointer

Pointer-Pointer is a web page created by Studio Moniker in Amsterdam, which showcases a collection of images featuring individuals gesturing toward your cursor. The website offers a simple yet amusing experience, devoid of any significant merits beyond providing a lighthearted and humorous relief. 

Dynamic Images:

The webpage displays various images featuring individuals pointing towards the cursor. Each time the cursor is moved, a new image of a person pointing at the cursor location appears.

Humorous Relief:

Pointer-Pointer aims to provide users with a lighthearted and amusing experience. The unexpected and playful nature of the images can bring a sense of humor and relief.


4. The Neal Fun Deep Sea

The Deep Sea is an extraordinary website developed by computer scientist Neal Agarwal. It provides users with a captivating opportunity to virtually descend from the ocean’s surface all the way to the remarkable depths of the Challenger Deep, which measures an astounding 10,924 meters (35,840 feet) deep. 

Interactive Scroll:

The website’s unique feature allows users to scroll vertically, simulating a descent from the ocean’s surface to the deepest part of the Mariana Trench, the Challenger Deep. The scrolling action is accompanied by visually stunning animations and transitions, providing a seamless and immersive experience.

Depth Visualization:

The website dynamically displays the current depth as users scroll deeper into the ocean, giving a sense of progression and scale. It helps users understand the vastness of the ocean and appreciate the immense depths they are exploring.

Marine Life Showcase:

At various depths, the website showcases a diverse array of marine animals, fish, and crustaceans found in the Mariana Trench. 

The Deep Sea

5. The Zen Zone

The Zen Zone offers a unique service that focuses on delivering active thinking programs to equip individuals with the necessary skills to maintain and enhance their overall psychological well-being. Their approach aims to provide support and tools for sustaining a healthy mental state, going beyond traditional meditation practices.

Active Thinking Programs:

The Zen Zone provides programs that go beyond traditional meditation techniques. These programs are designed to cultivate active thinking skills.

Skill Development:

The service focuses on equipping individuals with practical skills to navigate and manage their mental health effectively. The Zen Zone helps users develop a toolkit of strategies to cope with challenges, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being.

Zen Zone

6. IamtheCube

IamtheCube is a platform designed to cater to cubers worldwide, offering them an online battle arena, training resources for improvement, and AI-powered learning tools. It aims to provide every player with an enjoyable experience in the realm of speedcubing. 

While the cube’s popularity can be attributed to its appeal to mathematical talent and reasoning, its wide-ranging popularity may also stem from the virtually endless possibilities it presents. 

Online Battle Arena:

Cubers can engage in online competitions and battles with fellow enthusiasts from around the world. This feature allows users to showcase their speedcubing skills and compete in real-time, creating a competitive and engaging environment.

Training Resources:

IamtheCube provides comprehensive training resources to help cubers improve their skills. These resources include tutorials, solving techniques, tips, and practice exercises to assist both beginners and advanced cubers in honing their speedcubing abilities.


7. Radiooooo

Radiooooo has always held a magical power to transport people to different places and times. During the Financial Collapse, many found solace in gathering around the TV, mesmerized by live transmissions from luxurious resorts and nightclubs. 

It provides an interactive map that permits users to explore various countries and epochs, much like an audio time machine. The beauty of this platform is that the content is crowd-sourced, a digital space shaped by its users.

Interactive Map:

Radiooooo.com features an interactive global map that allows users to explore music from various countries and decades, effectively transporting them through time and space.

Social Interaction:

Users can connect with other individuals who share their music tastes. They can view others’ profiles, peruse their favorite and shared music, and learn more about them based on the information provided.

Radios have always held a magical power to transport people to different places and times

8. Stars Chromeexperiments

Stars Chromeexperiments is an interactive representation of the starry neighborhood designed specifically for the Google Chrome web browser. 

It showcases the accurate positions of more than 100,000 nearby stars, allowing users to explore and engage with the stellar landscape. By zooming in, users can observe 87 named stars in detail, while also benefiting from the inclusion of our celestial bodies as a distinctive feature.

Interactive Stellar Representation:

The application offers an interactive and visually stunning representation of the stellar neighborhood. Users can explore the positions of over 100,000 nearby stars, providing a sense of the vastness and beauty of the cosmos.

Clickable Stars:

Among the displayed stars, 87 are clickable, providing access to detailed information about each star. Users can learn about the name, properties, and characteristics of these specific stars, enriching their knowledge of the stellar neighborhood.

Stars Chromeexperiments is an interactive representation of the starry neighborhood designed specifically for the Google Chrome web browser.

9. Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! is an online game that serves as a machine learning experiment, where each drawing contributes to improving the AI’s ability to accurately predict future drawings.

In Quick, Draw!, players are given 20 seconds to sketch a prompt randomly selected from the game’s collection, similar to a Pictionary game. After each round, players are shown their drawings and receive scores. 

Drawing Recognition:

Quick, Draw! employs artificial intelligence to analyze and recognize the drawings made by players. The AI attempts to predict what the drawing represents based on the sketch provided by the player.

Machine Learning Experiment:

The game serves as a machine learning experiment, where each drawing made by participants contributes to improving the AI’s ability to accurately predict future drawings. The AI learns from the data gathered during gameplay, enhancing its recognition capabilities over time.

Quick, Draw!

10. Play 2048

2048 is a popular single-player mathematical puzzle game that challenges players to connect tiles with the same number of digits. The ultimate objective of the game is to reach the coveted tile with the value of 2048.

In 2048, the value of tiles doubled with each merger. Players can move the tiles in any direction to combine identical ones. The game is played on a 4×4 grid, offering limited space for maneuvering. 

Addictive Gameplay:

2048 offers a simple yet highly addictive gameplay experience that keeps players engaged and motivated to achieve higher scores.

Mathematical Puzzle:

The game incorporates basic mathematical concepts by challenging players to merge tiles with the same number of digits, leading to a deeper level of strategic thinking.

2048 is a popular single-player mathematical puzzle game


In general, useless websites are safe to visit. However, it’s always a good practice to ensure your computer or device has proper security measures in place, such as updated antivirus software and a secure web browser.

You can search for “best useless websites” or “useless websites” on search engines to find curated lists of such websites. Additionally, online communities or forums may have discussions or recommendations regarding useless websites. Exploring social media platforms or asking friends for recommendations can also lead you to discover new and entertaining useless websites.

Final Verdict

The exploration of these amusing and entertaining website names, which may seem pointless but can provide endless amusement. If you’re in search of some useless websites to pass the time, the aforementioned ones are definitely worth checking out. 

Their quirky and unconventional nature promises a delightful experience. From mesmerizingly pointless games to bizarre and nonsensical web pages, each click is a gateway to a new and unexpected experience. 

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