Top 6 AI Business Analysis Tools Use In 2024

Business Analysis Tools

In the constantly evolving world of business analysis, it is important to remain at the forefront. This underscores the high demand for business analyst tools, particularly those customized for project management. These business analysis tools offer valuable support across various dimensions. 

We have carefully shortlisted the six most outstanding AI tools for business analysis in 2024. These tools provide conventional approaches that enable professionals to make data-based decisions and drive organizations toward success.

What Is Business Analysis?

Business analysis is an important component within various industries. It is dedicated to recognizing and addressing the evolving business requirements through the integration of advanced technology. 

This comprehensive procedure encompasses the implementation of alterations on an organizational scale. It enhances the business procedures and the formulation of policies. The individuals responsible for executing these responsibilities are referred to as business analysts.

Why Business Analysis Tools Are Used?

The significance of business analysis cannot be overstated, as it brings a lot of benefits to any organization. Business analysis has the potential to enhance return on investment while simultaneously reducing the initial requirement costs.

Furthermore, business analysis tools play an important role in decision-making process. They offer a structured framework for business operations, solve future challenges, and provide invaluable insights into the current status of the enterprise.

Top 6 Business Analysis Tools

Here are the top business analysis tools that will be widely used in 2024. 

1. QlikView

QlikView is a tool designed to assist organizations in analyzing and visualizing their data. It enables them to make more informed decisions. One of its notable features is the robust associative data model. It enables you to explore data relationships without constraints, and reveal valuable insights hidden within your extensive datasets.

Associative Data Model for Hidden Insights:

QlikView employs a powerful associative data model that enables you to explore data relationships freely. This approach unveils valuable insights within vast datasets that might remain hidden.

Data Analysis From Multiple Sources:

QlikView enables businesses to analyze data from various sources, regardless of size or format. This analysis facilitates a holistic view of organizational data to uncover actionable insights that drive improved decision-making.

Interactive Visualizations:

QlikView transforms complex data into meaningful visuals through interactive data visualizations and pre-built dashboard templates. These tools allow you to quickly grasp information and gain a comprehensive overview of your business performance.

Augmented Analytics:

QlikView combines machine intelligence with its Associative technology to provide augmented analytics capabilities. This approach enhances decision-making by increasing data literacy throughout the organization.

QlikView Pricing & Plans:

  • Business (Free-Trial Available) Price: $30/month.
  • (Enterprise)Price: Custom quotes and pricing are available through contact with the QlikView sales team.

2. ChatGPT

With ChatGPT, business analysts can use its intuitive interface to explore and analyze data interactively. It derives valuable insights, and makes well-informed decisions. ChatGPT effectively identifies patterns and trends, to deliver significant business value.

Data Analysis:

ChatGPT assists in the comprehensive analysis and interpretation of data that reveal valuable patterns, trends, and insights within provided datasets.

Predictive Analytics:

It facilitates the creation of predictive models using historical data. It enables businesses to make accurate forecasts, such as sales projections and predictions of customer behavior.

Interactive Visualizations:

QlikView transforms complex data into meaningful visuals through interactive data visualizations and pre-built dashboard templates. These tools allow you to quickly grasp information and gain a comprehensive overview of your business performance.

Decision Support:

ChatGPT offers valuable recommendations as a virtual advisor. It evaluates diverse scenarios and provides important insights into complex decision-making processes.

Natural Language Generation:

ChatGPT generates well-researched reports, summaries, and presentations. These are based on the provided data, which ensures consistent and professional output.

Trend Analysis:

With its data analysis capabilities, ChatGPT identifies industry trends that enable businesses to proactively seize new opportunities and formulate effective strategies to stay ahead.

ChatGPT Pricing & Plans:

  • ChatGPT Free Tier: ChatGPT remains accessible at no cost. 
  • (ChatGPT Plus) Price: The subscription for ChatGPT Plus is priced at $20 per month.

3. Splunk

Splunk is a robust platform and valuable tool for organizations seeking actionable insights from their data. Splunk Enterprise enables you to explore, analyze, and visualize data that enables you to make informed decisions aligned with your business goals.

At its fundamental essence, Splunk Enterprise provides comprehensive visibility from the edge to the cloud. It facilitates data exploration, analysis, and visualization, and supports informed decision-making to enhance business resilience.

Accessible Data:

Splunk offers a unified hybrid experience that allows you to access the platform from various locations. This accessibility enables you to harness your data through Splunk, and explore insights to achieve your goals.

Machine Learning and AI:

Splunk provides machine learning and AI capabilities to predict and prevent issues, enhance security, and drive improved business outcomes.

Data Streaming:

Splunk supports real-time data collection, processing, and distribution, with millisecond-level latency for stream processing. This capability enables organizations to collect and analyze data from various sources, including their business systems. It ensures access to real-time information for analysis.

Scalable Index:

Splunk allows the collection and ingestion of data from thousands of sources. This scalability and flexibility facilitate the storage and retrieval of massive data quantities. It enables businesses to effectively meet their data processing and management needs.

Splunk Pricing & Plans:

  • For information regarding Splunk’s pricing and plans, it is advisable to contact the sales team directly. 

4. Sisense

Sisense is a leading business analysis tool in the market, simplifying user data connectivity and analysis. Sisense enables you to retrieve and merge data from diverse sources, providing a cohesive perspective for in-depth analysis.

The platform offers live data models that ensure real-time access to the most current information and enable confident data-driven decision-making. High-performance databases power these live data models.

Data Connectivity:

Sisense simplifies data integration, offering a unified view of data from various sources for comprehensive analysis.

Live Data Models:

Access real-time information with confidence, powered by high-performance databases, enabling informed, data-driven decisions.

Mashed-Up Data Sources:

Sisense’s accelerated cached data model to unveil valuable correlations and patterns.

Embedded Analytics:

Sisense provides an API-first analytics platform that allows white-labeled analytic experiences at scale and aiding business analysts in workflow improvement.

Extensibility with Add-Ons:

Enhance capabilities and functionality by integrating diverse Add-Ons, thus effectively customizing the analytics experience to meet all business requirements.

Sisense Pricing & Plans:

  • It is free to use however you can make plan according to your needs.

5. IBM Business Analytics

IBM Business Analytics Enterprise equips businesses with a comprehensive array of tools and methodologies to enhance their planning, decision-making processes, and overall outcomes.

This robust platform integrates predictive analytics, reporting, and data integration capabilities by exploring AI technology. The result is a unified content that serves as a central access point for discovering, customizing, and suggesting business analytics content.

Comprehensive Analytics Platform:

In a unified suite, IBM Business Analytics Enterprise combines predictive analytics, reporting, and data integration functionalities. 

Composite Dashboards:

With IBM Business Analytics Enterprise, you can construct composite dashboards by aggregating content elements from various business intelligence providers. It provides a comprehensive view of data and insights that all users can access and utilize on a large scale.

Insightful Decision-Making:

This platform enables you to make informed business decisions by delivering precise metrics and valuable insights, which form the foundation for sound business analysis. 

Easy Collaboration:

IBM Business Analytics Enterprise’s suite of software tools is designed to increase collaboration among teams and departments. These tools provide functionalities that simplify sharing insights, reports, and analytics, promoting user collaboration. 

Sisense Pricing & Plans:

  • Free of cost
IBM Business Analytics

6. RapidMiner

RapidMiner is a data science and machine learning platform that enables you to efficiently analyze, prepare, model, and deploy data-driven solutions.

It offers a range of tools and features for data manipulation, machine learning model development, and project management that meet the needs of both business analysts and data scientists.

Data Science Lifecycle:

RapidMiner offers an end-to-end automation and augmentation solution that enhances productivity. The platform aims to minimize unnecessary complexity in the process.

Data Engineering:

RapidMiner is a valuable tool to streamline the data preparation phase for predictive modeling. It offers interactive data exploration and evaluates data health, completeness, and quality. You can quickly address missing values and outliers, blend datasets, and create new columns.

Model Building:

RapidMiner enables data scientists in model development to create models using code within a scalable and well-managed notebook environment. This functionality encourages collaboration between individuals with coding expertise and those without, enhancing productivity and fostering teamwork.

Collaboration & Governance:

RapidMiner’s visual workflows provide an intuitive drag-and-drop canvas that simplifies creating models within an entirely visual environment. This approach enables easy issue identification and troubleshooting, effectively showcasing work during deployment, and facilitates the swift onboarding of new stakeholders.

Rapidminer pricing & Plans:

  • For RapidMiner pricing visit the pricing page of RapidMiner and click on request pricing.


QlikView is a business intelligence and data visualization platform. It benefits business analysts by enabling them to explore data relationships freely, analyze data from multiple sources, and create interactive visualizations for better decision-making.

ChatGPT offers a free tier with basic functionality. The ChatGPT Plus subscription is available at a monthly cost of $20.

Splunk offers features like accessible data from various locations, machine learning, and AI capabilities, real-time data streaming, and scalable data ingestion. These features help businesses explore and analyze data effectively.

Final Verdict

Top Business Analysis Tools in 2024 offer diverse and robust solutions to enhance data analysis and informed decision-making. QlikView’s associative data model enables the discovery of hidden insights, while ChatGPT’s natural language processing simplifies communication and data analysis.

These tools enable business analysts to extract valuable insights, adapt to dynamic business environments, and drive organizations toward success.

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