Google Just Released Chrome 3 New AI Features

Chrome 3 new AI features

In the past few years, Google added the latest machine learning and AI technologies to Chrome to make searching the web easier, safer, and more accessible. It began by improving everyday tasks like providing real-time captions for videos, enhancing malicious site detection, managing permission prompts, and generating key points from web pages.

With the release of Chrome (M121) yesterday, it is introducing 3 experimental generative AI features to make browsing even simpler and more efficient. These Chrome 3 new AI features will be available for trial on Chrome for Macs and Windows PCs in the U.S. over the next few days.

These Features are:

  • Manage Your tabs with Tab Organizer
  • Create Your Themes With AI
  • Get Help To Draft Things on the Web

According to Google, the writing assistant feature is expected to be available starting next month. However, you can use the tab organizer and theme generator that will be accessible in the upcoming days.

Let’s explore these Chrome 3 new AI features and how to use them.

What Are Chrome 3 New AI Features?

Just like Bard Advanced and Gemini AI, google is going to introduce Chrome 3 new AI features. Yesterday, Chrome (M121) was updated and now has 3 experimental generative AI features. These features are given below.

1. Manage Your tabs with Tab Organizer

Instead of manually organizing lots of tabs, Chrome now helps you out. With Tab Organizer, Chrome suggests and creates tab groups automatically based on what you have open. It is super handy when you’re doing multiple things in Chrome, like planning a trip, researching a topic, and shopping.

Manage Your tabs with Tab Organizer

How To Use This Feature?

To use this feature,

  • Just right-click on a tab and choose “Organize Similar Tabs” or click the drop-down arrow next to your tabs.
  • Chrome will even come up with names and emojis for these new groups. It makes it easy for you to find them later when you need them.

2. Create Your Themes With AI

Now, you can easily make your Chrome browser uniquely yours with AI-powered themes! We introduced this feature with Android 14 and Pixel 8 devices, and now it’s available on Chrome. Using a text-to-image diffusion model, you can create personalized themes based on your preferred subject, mood, visual style, and color, without needing to be an AI expert!

Create Your Themes With AI

How To Use This Feature?

To use this feature,

  • Go to the “Customize Chrome” side panel.
  • Click on “Change theme.
  • Then, choose “Create with AI.” For example, if you love the “aurora borealis” and want it in an “animated” style with a “serene” mood, simply select those options to see the magic Chrome comes up with.

If you need inspiration, you can also check out a collection of favorite theme creations from the Chrome team.

Quick Reminder:

Besides AI-generated themes, you have other ways to personalize Chrome. You can customize it with photos you’ve uploaded or choose from themes in the Chrome Web Store. These themes include creations from a growing community of artists that Google commissioned.

3. Get Help To Draft Things on the Web

Writing online can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you want to express yourself in public spaces or forums. In the upcoming Chrome release next month, Google is introducing a new experimental AI-powered feature to make web writing more comfortable for you. Whether you’re leaving a thoughtful restaurant review, composing a friendly RSVP for a party, or making a formal inquiry about renting an apartment, AI is here to assist.

Get Help To Draft Things on the Web

How To Use This Feature?

To use this feature,

  • Simply right-click on a text box or field on any website you’re visiting in Chrome.
  • Choose “Help me write.”
  • Just type in a few words, and AI will jump in to kickstart the writing process for you.


Remember that these features are early public experiments and will be disabled for enterprise and educational accounts for now.

How To Get Access to These Features?

To try them out,

  • Sign into Chrome.
  • Go to the three-dot menu.
  • Select “Settings” and navigate to the “Experimental AI” page.

Our Perspective

Google is really focused on making their AI tools all about you. It’s not just a regular browser; it’s like having a personal digital helper that changes and grows with you. These Chrome 3 new AI features free up your time by eliminating the need to organize tabs manually. They allow you to dive straight into your work or leisure without interruptions.

Stay updated for additional enhancements in Chrome this year as Google incorporates AI and ML technologies. It includes the integration of the latest AI model, Gemini AI, designed to make your browsing experience smoother and more efficient.

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