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Let AI generate a trending topic for you

This tool can easily create your successful online course with AI-generated topics or your selections. It boosts engagement with interactive quizzes, effective video script creation, and personalized emails. It transforms your course creation experience with specialized content selection and version control. 

Course AI assists you in choosing the ideal topic for your online course. Whether you have a specific topic in mind or want AI-generated suggestions, this ensures your course content is relevant and captivating. It also ensures your course stands out and reaches your audience effectively. Let’s explore its features, price, and benefits and how it works.

What’s New To AI Course Creator: Soon, This tool will introduce AI-generated voiceovers that match your video scripts, adding a professional touch to your online course. 

Generate A Topic From AI

How Does It Work?

It simplifies the process of creating courses through its AI course creator tool. This robust tool harnesses AI technology to streamline the development of course content, enhancing the efficiency of creating engaging and profitable online courses.

Key Features

  • It effortlessly creates ready-to-use video scripts to enhance your courses with engaging multimedia content.
  • It accesses a comprehensive walkthrough within the tool Academy, guiding you through the step-by-step process of crafting and optimizing your online course for success.
  • CourseAI facilitates the setup of your course by incorporating essential elements such as the Course Outline, Title, Description, Audience Persona, and Module Content. These components are meticulously designed to engage learners effectively and convey the true value of your course.
  • It elevates student engagement and understanding with module quizzes generated by AI. The quizzes deliver prompt assessment and feedback, guaranteeing a comprehensive understanding of the course material. 
  • It provides additional tools like Video Script Generation and, in the near future, Voice Over Generation. 
  • It effortlessly manages your course with Version Control, enabling storage and reversion to previous versions. 
  • It empowers you to engage your target audience by incorporating automated Welcome and Sales Email Generation for effective course marketing.

Pricing & Plans

  • 3 Day Free Trial
  • Premium: $29.99/Monthly

Benefits Of Course AI

1. High Return on Investment (ROI)

Engage in the potential for a significant return on investment as online courses created with this tool can generate passive income over time.

2. Cost-Effective Solution

You can enjoy a cost-effective solution by leveraging the use of AI technology. It helps reduce the financial barriers often associated with creating online courses.

3. User-Friendly Course Creation

You can experience an easy and user-friendly process for creating, marketing and selling online courses with this AI Course Creator. It streamlines your course development journey with accessible and intuitive tools.

4. Creating Courses Made Easy

Whether you’re a teacher, business owner, or expert, it makes the process of building an online course straightforward. Utilize AI-generated topics or make your own selections, then smoothly establish essential course elements such as the outline, title, description, and module content. This ensures a polished and engaging learning experience with ease.

5. Tailored Courses for Specific Audiences

If your goal is to create courses for a particular audience, this tool can help. By curating content based on your chosen niche and understanding your audience, you can develop courses that deeply connect with your target market, enhancing learner engagement and satisfaction.

6. Engaging Learning Experience

It engages learners by using AI-generated module quizzes specifically crafted to evaluate their comprehension of course materials. These quizzes, covering self-assessment and knowledge reinforcement, ensure learners grasp concepts effectively, contributing to a well-rounded learning journey.

7. Integrate Multimedia Effectively

You can boost course interactivity with video content using Video Script Generation tool. It effortlessly creates captivating video scripts, enriching your course material and offering diverse learning experiences.

8. Streamlined Course Management and Promotion

You can simplify your course lifecycle using Course AI’s Version Control. You can store previous versions and easily revert to prior content while experimenting with new approaches.


  • Free Trial Period
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Diverse Support Tools


  • Limited Free Trial Duration
  • Dependency on internet

Final Verdict

Coursera goes beyond simplifying course creation; it opens the door to an exciting journey of innovation and success. It brings out your creativity, engages your audience, and changes how you create and share knowledge. 

With this AI Course Creator, every course becomes an adventure of excitement and accomplishment that invites learners to join you on a journey where there are no limits to learning. It’s time to enhance your courses, capture attention, and let CourseAI guide you in the thrilling world of online education!

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