How To Write An eBook With ChatGPT (5 Best Prompts)

How To Write An eBook With ChatGPT

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to generate passive income? If so, eBooks are the perfect avenue for you. With their ease in creation and the potential for everlasting sales with minimal effort, they are a dream come true. Now OpenAI gives ChatGPT a memory feature. Just imagine the possibilities if your eBook ranks on Amazon – you could be swimming in dollars! 🤑

Over the years, eBooks are enjoying the heights of popularity, thanks to the convenience they offer! Writing an eBook can be a daunting task but with proper strategy and the use of the right AI tools the process can become much easier and enjoyable. The most popular tool that can assist you in this matter is ChatGPT. Truly speaking, Chat GPT can write the whole eBook for you in less than 5 minutes.

Now, If you’re thinking of writing an eBook using ChatGPT but wondering where to start, we are here with the best ebook chatgpt prompts that you can feed into the tool and let it do the whole task in just a matter of a few minutes! 

 âš ď¸ŹRemember:

All the AI tools including ChatGPT can just create generic text without pouring real feelings into the whole story. You’re the true author of the book, not ChatGPT, so feed it the best prompts and then proofread the response it generates to see if the final result meets your desired standards and sets you on the path to genuine success. 

Step#1: Select the Topic for the eBook

Choosing the topic for your eBook is the most crucial step that can make all the difference. Most importantly select the topic that sells and excites the audience.

Brainstorming and research can help you find the right one. But it can take much time and effort so Instead of spending hours falling down the rabbit hole on the internet, throw the below prompt to chatGPT -your true writing companion that will provide you with the list of topics for your next eBook.

 Prompt :

I want to write an eBook. Give me 10 ideas about hot topics for eBooks.

ChatGPT will use the best ideas such as cryptocurrencies, stress reduction, emotional well-being, building your brand online, building a successful business, etc. Let’s say you choose the topic “Entrepreneurship 101: Building a Successful Business from Scratch”. 

How To Write An eBook With ChatGPT (5 Best Prompts)

Step#2: Choose an eBook Title That Sells

Now comes the time to name (Give Title) your eBook. Choose a title that can grab users’ attention, generate excitement and compel someone to read the book.

If the title is problem-solving, makes a big promise, and starts with “how to” we’ll say it is a perfect one that can generate 30x more leads. To create such a title feed ChatGPT with the below prompt.

 Prompt :

Consider Yourself a professional book writer and editor with 40 years of experience. Generate 3 best titles for an ebook about “Entrepreneurship 101: Building a Successful Business from Scratch”. You must ensure that the title must be problem-solving, make a big promise (i,e add some numeric value) and most importantly start with “how to”.

ChatGPT will create titles that you’ll be truly amazed to see. Choose any of the titles that you find good, modify them if needed, and give the ChatGPT next prompt.

 Examples :

 â€śHow to Build a Profitable Startup: The 30-Day Action Plan to Launch and Grow a 6-Figure Business”, “How to Achieve Business Success: 10 Proven Strategies for Building a Thriving Company from Ground Zero”.

Best Chatgpt prompt for writing an ebook

Step #3: Create Outline – Structure Your eBook

Before you start writing, it’s time to create the structure for your eBook. It’ll assist you organize your thoughts and ensure that the eBook flows logically. 

The eBook outline must include an introduction, chapters, and a conclusion. Each chapter must have its own subheadings. If you don’t know how to structure an eBook properly you can seek guidance from ChatGPT. Provide a detailed prompt about your topic and its must-haves. The more context you provide the better will be the drafted outline.

 Generic Prompt :

I am writing an eBook about [Your selected Title]. My target audience is (x) and I want to help them to (x). Give me an outline for the book.

I want my eBook to include (x) topics.

It should be structured professionally as a how-to step-by-step book with a Proper introduction, X[Chapters each with subheadings], and conclusion. 

It would be better if you provide me with 2 possible outlines.

Prompt Example :

I am writing an eBook about ”Entrepreneurship 101: Building a Successful Business from Scratch”, my target audience is people who want to establish new startups. My purpose is to help them find the right strategy. Give me an outline for the book.

I want my eBook to include the below topics.

  • Developing a business idea
  • Building your brand
  • Funding and financing
  • Scaling and growth

It should be structured professionally as a how-to step-by-step book with a Proper introduction, X[Chapters each with subheadings], and conclusion. 

It would be better if you provide me with 2 possible outlines.

Create Outline - Structure Your eBook

Step #4: Write The eBook

Now comes the main headache, writing the eBook. Worry not! With ChatGPT it’s just a piece of cake. ChatGPT will now write the whole eBook based on the provided outline. But here is a catch, if you wholly depend on the tool at the end you’ll get a generic text without a natural-looking feel, your expertise, and personal flavor.

Here the secret sauce is instead of providing the whole outline to chatGPT asking it to write the eBook in just one round, break your whole outline into chunks and ask ChatGPT to provide information about a specific section i.e. Introduction. Provide as many details about the topic as you can to get the most accurate, engaging text that meets the user’s demands.

 Prompt :

I am writing an eBook. Write me an Introduction about [main topic]: Make sure to talk about :[here paste the main point that you want the tool to discuss]. The introduction must be engaging, and add a positive hook. It’s important to provide users with the benefits of the book to convince them to read it.

[Insert more details if you want like special statistical data or case study, you can even ask ChatGPT to add an emotional touch to the text]

Repeat the whole process for all main headings and subheadings with the same main prompt but mold it according to the specific heading. After covering all topics, write the conclusion that must summarize the whole read. Follow the below prompt 

 Prompt :

Write the conclusion about the eBook you just wrote about [main topic]. Consider covering all discussed points [here you can add some important words from the introduction section or any other chapter of the eBook]

Step#5: Edit and Refine the eBook

Now comes the time to proofread, edit and optimize the eBook to fit best for Kindle Store. For proofreading you can either use tools or read the book from start to end by yourself. You can also share the book with your friends and colleagues and ask them to read the book and share feedback. Note the errors you find and then correct them manually. Below are some of the formatting software you can use:

Below are some of the best places to get visuals (images) for eBooks.

After finalizing the eBook, be sure to save it as a PDF file, which is the most convenient file format for eBooks. Now you can publish the book on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing or Smashwords.

Tips for Using ChatGPT to Write eBook

Below are some of the tips that can assist you get the most out of ChatGPT while writing the eBook.

  • ChatGPT works best when you provide it with a more specific prompt. Instead of asking it to write an introduction to Chapter 1, write Chapter 1: How to Start a Business.
  • ChatGPT will be throwing random text. It’s up to you to select the important text out of all the garbage.
  • Experiment with different prompts (make your own prompts by editing the ones discussed in this article) and see which one works best for you.
  • Keep your audience in mind and don’t forget to add your personal voice and flavor to make the read unique from others.

Final Verdict

Writing an eBook using ChatGPT can be a fun and rewarding process. By following the steps and tips we discussed in this article you can write an eBook in a matter of minutes. Bear in mind, although ChatGPT is a powerful tool, relying totally on it will be a fool. Always try to use it in conjunction with your expertise and knowledge to create the final product that truly depicts your voice and vision.

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