Facebook and Instagram are Currently Down Worldwide

Facebook and Instagram are Currently Down Worldwide

Facebook and Instagram, two widely-used social media platforms, are experiencing downtime due to a “bug blocking access.” Thousands of users are facing difficulties accessing these apps, both owned by Meta, since the issues began at 3:00 PM. As of now, the outage persists, and there’s no indication of when it will be resolved.

Thousands of Facebook users found themselves logged out of their accounts today. Despite attempting to log back in, Facebook refused to recognize their passwords, even after resetting them. Reports flooded in on Down Detector, indicating widespread outages on Facebook.

Instagram users, also owned by Meta, experienced issues with search and other features. Neither Facebook nor Instagram has issued statements clarifying the problem. Facebook claims there are no current issues, with the last outage recorded on March 4, 2024.

Facebook and Instagram are Currently Down Worldwide

The chart displays problem reports submitted in the last 24 hours compared to the usual volume of reports for each time of day. Downdetector only highlights incidents when the number of problem reports significantly exceeds the typical volume for that particular time.

Facebook, Instagram, and Threads Outage

Facebook, Instagram, and Threads are experiencing outages, leaving thousands of users unable to log in. According to downdetector.com, over 560,000 reports of Facebook issues have been logged, with the outage starting around 10 a.m. Eastern Time.

Meta, the social media company that owns Facebook, acknowledges the problems through Andy Stone, the head of communications, on X (formerly Twitter). Similar issues have been reported with Meta’s other apps, such as Threads and Instagram, but not as extensively.

One user named Cryto said:

“Facebook is Down. Can’t access my account.”

Users encountering issues with Facebook on iOS devices receive a popup notification stating “Session expired. Please log in again,” followed by failed login attempts. Instagram users faced problems with feed refreshing, but were not required to log out. Threads users experienced difficulty accessing their feeds, with a loading icon continuously circling.

Another user, Jaxrafferty, expressed confusion, stating,

 “Has Facebook thrown anyone else out? Won’t let me back in my login.”

A third user, Hickman, added,

Facebook Down/ Instagram Down everything in Meta down.

While Meta has acknowledged the problem, there’s no indication of when the outage will be resolved. These disruptions not only affect social media usage but also impact core services like the Meta admin center and the WhatsApp business API. Users continue to await further updates from Meta regarding the duration and extent of the outage.

Our Perspective

While some issues with WhatsApp were reported, some users could still send messages as usual. Apps relying on Facebook login are also affected by the outage. Meta has not provided immediate comments on the situation. The duration and extent of the outage remain unclear, with disruptions also affecting core services like the Meta admin center and the WhatsApp business API.

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