Adobe Reveals A GenAI Tool for Music

GenAI Tool for Music

In response to the growing demand for accessible music creation tools, Adobe has unveiled its latest innovation: Project Music GenAI Control. This advanced GenAI tool for music aims to revolutionize the music editing process by simplifying composition and editing tasks, eliminating the need for dedicated software.

Project Music can also create new songs with different speeds and parts, like intros and choruses. It can even make music that loops for videos and fades out at the end. Compared to other AI Music Generators Tools, Adobe’s Project Music seems easier to use than Instrument Playground, which has editing tools that are hard to understand. Meta’s MusicGen doesn’t have any editing tools at all.

It is developed in collaboration with renowned institutions, including the University of California and Carnegie Mellon University, Project Music GenAI represents a collaborative effort at the forefront of AI-driven music technology.

What Is Project Music GenAI Control?

Project Music GenAI Control is a new tool from Adobe that uses artificial intelligence to create and edit music. With simple text prompts, you can make music that fits your style, even if you’re not a music expert or don’t have special software. You can also change things like the speed, intensity, and melody of the music.

You can mix different parts of the music together and make the music longer for things like podcasts. You can even improve your music by adding a reference melody. This tool was made with the help of experts from the University of California and Carnegie Mellon University. It’s perfect for beginners, podcasters, and anyone who wants to make their own music easily.

How Adobe’s Generative AI Music Tool Works?

When you use Adobe’s generative AI music tool, it’s simple. Just give it prompts like “happy music” or “jazz dance,” and it’ll create customizable results, much like tweaking settings in Photoshop. You can adjust things like tempo, patterns, and keys to your liking.

You’ll also have the freedom to cut, paste, and remix different parts of the music. Want to loop it, add backing vocals, or create music based on a reference melody? You can do that too. If you need a track to be longer for animations or podcasts, you can extend its duration.

Though Adobe hasn’t shown us the tool’s interface or how it works exactly, it’s likely to be user-friendly, maybe even like mixing software on your laptop. And while it’s unclear if you can upload your own tracks, Adobe has provided public domain content for the demo version, so you can try it out.

Key Features Of GenAI Tool for Music

Here are the key features of this GenAI Tool for Music.

1. Text-Prompted Music Generation

You can easily generate music by inputting text prompts such as “happy dance” or “sad jazz,” allowing you to customize the style to suit your preferences.

2. Integrated Editing Controls

You can take full control of your music with Adobe’s user-friendly editing interface, enabling you to adjust patterns, tempo, intensity, and structure effortlessly.

3. Remixing and Looping

Remix sections of music and create repeating loops, perfect for adding backing tracks or background music to your content.

4. Reference Melody Integration

Integrate generated audio with existing compositions using reference melodies, ensuring harmony and cohesion in your projects.

5. Extended Clip Length

You can extend audio clips to accommodate fixed animations, podcast segments, and other long-form content, providing flexibility in your creative endeavors.

What Makes It Stand Out from the Rest?

  • Unlike other tools focused solely on music generation, Project Music GenAI Control offers professional-grade editing features tailored to your needs.
  • Nicholas Bryan from Adobe Research highlights the tool’s pixel-level control, empowering you with the same precision as Photoshop in image editing but for music.

When Will It Be Launched?

According to TheVerge, Adobe used “public domain content” for the demo, but it’s not clear if users will be able to use their own music in the final version. The launch date for Project Music hasn’t been announced yet, but Adobe will share more information at their Summit event in March. We’ve asked Adobe for more details and will update you when we hear back.

Adobe Stock Price Update

Adobe shares closed at $549, down by 0.51% in the last 24 hours, compared to a 52-week range of $320.97 to $638.25.

What is the Future Of GenAI?

While still in its early stages, Project Music GenAI holds the promise of seamless integration with Adobe’s existing editing tools like Audition and Premiere Pro, paving the way for endless creative possibilities in the future.

Our Perspective

With Project Music GenAI Control, Adobe invites you to redefine your music creation journey, offering a comprehensive toolset that combines AI-generated music with powerful editing capabilities. As the project continues to evolve, it promises to unlock new realms of creativity for musicians, content creators, and audio enthusiasts like yourself.

Keep track of GenAI Tool for Music progress and explore other innovative experiments from Adobe by visiting the Adobe Labs website.

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