Google Introduced Gemini Pro in Bard

Gemini Pro in Bard

Google recently made a big improvement to Bard by introducing Gemini Pro in Bard. Now, Bard is using the Gemini Pro AI model. Along with this upgrade, Google introduced a new feature: Text-to-Video Generator. They also made upgrades to AI maps and updated the music generation tool.

Starting today, Bard offers exciting updates that make it more accessible and creative. Now, you can use Gemini Pro in Bard in multiple languages and countries, and generate images to bring your ideas to life. You can also use the free AI image generator tools to create stunning images. Let’s explore more.

Is Gemini Pro Available Everywhere?

Previously available only in English, Gemini Pro in Bard is now accessible in over 40 languages and more than 230 countries and territories. This advanced version of Bard enhances understanding, reasoning, summarizing, and coding abilities, making collaboration easier and faster.

New Features Of Gemini Pro in Bard

Here are the new features of Gemini Pro in Bard,

1. Double-Check Your Responses in Multiple Languages

Bard’s double-check feature is now expanded to over 40 languages. Click on the “G” icon to have Bard evaluate its response against web content, providing you with supporting or contradicting information.

2. Generate Images Easily

Now, you can prompt Bard to generate images in English, free of charge, in most countries globally. With the updated Imagen 2 model, Bard produces high-quality, photorealistic visuals based on your descriptions.

3. Ensure Responsible Image Generation

Bard embeds digitally identifiable watermarks into generated images using SynthID, ensuring responsible AI use. Safety measures are also implemented to prevent the creation of inappropriate content.

Additional Updates

Google introduces new AI-powered language translation features for its suite of productivity tools. These are given below.

Bard Runs on Gemini Pro

Bard now operates on the Gemini AI Pro model, enhancing reasoning and language abilities compared to the previous LaMDA and PaLM models.

Enhanced Image Generation

Image generation in Bard is facilitated through the Imagen 2 model, enabling you to prompt image creation conversationally.

New Text-to-Image Tool

A standalone ImageFX text-to-image tool is available in Labs, featuring “expressive chips” for easier prompting and creation.

Conversational Search in Maps

Conversational search functionality is now integrated into maps, providing AI-powered results to help you discover new locations.

Improved Music Generation

The MusicFX text-to-music tool, built on MusicLM, has been enhanced to generate music up to 70 seconds long with improved capabilities.

These updates make Bard a more versatile and globally accessible AI collaborator, suitable for various projects and tasks. As Bard Advanced uses Gemini Ultra to tell two stories at once, just like Google’s Gemini Pro helps to generate images. Try out these new features today at

Our Perspective

The integration of Gemini Pro in Bard, accompanied by new features like multilingual support and image generation, significantly enhances its capabilities as a versatile AI collaborator. These updates position Bard as a formidable contender in the realm of AI-powered tools, challenging established platforms like ChatGPT.

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