Google reveals Gemini, the ChatGPT killer


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Guess what just dropped in the tech world? So, there you have it, Google reveals Gemini, the coolest thing to hit the AI scene. 

Brace yourselves for this mind-blowing news: Google’s DeepMind division has just pulled a rabbit out of the AI hat with Google Gemini! It’s like AI Christmas came early this year. Let’s dive into it.

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  • Google Announces Bard Extensions for Workspace
  • IBM and Meta Spearhead Over 50 Groups in the AI Alliance Movement
  • Microsoft Enhances Copilot with Advanced AI Features
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  • 5 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Customer Support
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🌟Google Drops the Mic with Gemini

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In a groundbreaking move, Google DeepMind has introduced Gemini, a versatile multimodal AI that comes in three distinct sizes, each tailored for specific tasks. 

Why Is It Important?

  • Google Gemini is available in three sizes: Ultra, designed for complex tasks; Pro, ideal for scaling across various tasks; and Nano, efficient for on-device operations.
  • Gemini Ultra sets a new standard by outperforming existing benchmarks in 30 out of 32 LLM research and development metrics. Notably, it achieves a groundbreaking 90% score on the MMLU benchmark, surpassing human expert performance.
  • Gemini boasts advanced features, including sophisticated reasoning, multimodal capabilities, and advanced coding, positioning it as a leader in the next generation of AI models.
  • Google introduces Cloud TPU v5p, its most potent TPU system, to fuel the capabilities of Gemini, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Gemini Pro is set to be integrated into popular Google products such as Gmail, YouTube, Docs, and more through Bard, enhancing user experience and functionality.
  • Bard, now available in English in over 170 countries, provides users with access to Gemini Pro, making it a leading chatbot in the market based on benchmark comparisons.
  • Gemini Ultra is scheduled for an early release next year, promising even more advanced capabilities. Additionally, Gemini Nano will be directly available on Pixel 8 devices.

Our Thoughts

Google’s unveiling of Gemini marks the arrival of a highly anticipated AI solution, offering three unique models that provide enhanced flexibility. While the full potential of Gemini Ultra awaits testing, you can experience the power of Gemini Pro in Bard, now recognized as a top-performing chatbot in the market according to benchmarks.

🤝IBM and Meta Spearhead Over 50 Groups in the AI Alliance Movement

 IBM and Meta create the AI Alliance


IBM and Meta led more than 50 influential groups in the establishment of the AI Alliance. This collaborative effort brings together developers, scientists, academics, students, and business leaders to shape the future of AI.

Key Points

  • The AI Alliance is set to kick off its initiatives with the creation of member-driven working groups across major topical areas.
  • A governing board and technical oversight committee will be established to advance project areas, define standards, and provide guidelines.
  • The Alliance aims to unite leading minds in AI, including developers, scientists, academics, students, and business leaders.
  • IBM’s Chairman and CEO, Arvind Krishna, emphasizes the importance of open innovation and collaboration for the future of AI.
  • Meta’s President, Nick Clegg, highlights the benefits of open development and the Alliance’s role in advancing AI responsibly.
  • AMD’s CEO and Chair, Lisa Su, stresses the significance of collaboration for broadening the positive impact of responsible AI.
  • Members include research institutes, industry leaders, healthcare institutions, and academic powerhouses, reflecting a diverse range of expertise.
  • A crucial focus of the Alliance is to advance AI ethics, governance, and safety, ensuring responsible and equitable AI development.
  • The involvement of esteemed institutions like Boston University and the Hariri Institute signifies a dedication to open-source efforts and responsible AI.

Our Analysis

The effort by prominent figures in the AI field to promote open-source AI is a significant move in making the technology available to everyone. When groups or organizations work together on projects, like the alliances formed in this case, they create a strong basis for moving forward and making progress collaboratively.

🚀Microsoft Enhances Copilot with Advanced AI Features

Microsoft boosts Copilot with new AI capabilities


Celebrating Copilot’s first anniversary, Microsoft has announced a set of strong improvements to the AI helper. These include the integration of GPT-4 Turbo, better DALL-E image creation, and the introduction of new features like Code Interpreter.

Key Points

  • Microsoft Copilot’s capabilities have seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge, and Windows, providing users with contextual intelligence and enhanced experiences.
  • Survey data reveals that Copilot for Microsoft 365 significantly enhances productivity, making tasks like searching and writing more efficient.
  • Incorporating GPT-4 with vision, Bing image search, and web search data to enhance image comprehension is in the works. 
  • A forthcoming feature is in development that enables users to tackle intricate tasks like calculations, coding, data analysis, and visualization. 
  • Another upcoming addition to Bing, Deep Search, leverages GPT-4 for optimized search outcomes on intricate subjects, broadening search queries for more thorough results.
  • A curated list of use cases inspired by the community showcasing Copilot’s versatility across education, gaming, shopping, travel, culture & art, history, and more.

The relevance

Microsoft believes that this year is special because it marks the time when regular people like us started using AI in everyday activities. Microsoft, being a big player in traditional businesses, is in a unique position to make AI more accessible to everyone.

🛠️9 Trending AI Tools You Must Try

Trending AI Tools

🔎 Spellar AI:

An AI-powered speaking copilot designed to assist with communication.

📅 Respell:

Automation of knowledge work through AI workflows and agents.

🧮 Magnific AI:

Utilizes advanced AI technology for high-resolution upscaling of images.

⚡️ Notion Q&A

Notion Assistant serves as a search bar for enhanced productivity, allowing users to ask questions and explore seamlessly.

📧 Middle. Dev

Offers an instant 1-minute walkthrough for websites, shareable with everyone.

📢 Amazon Q

A tool to boost workforce productivity using generative AI.


Generates slides from uploaded documents or simple descriptions within seconds.

🖼 Super

Enables the creation of a website from Notion databases in minutes.

🐱‍💻 HoppyCoppy

Facilitates the generation of improved emails and newsletters in seconds using AI.

🎁5 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Customer Support 

ChatGPT Prompts for Customer Support

Elevate customer support with these ChatGPT prompts.   

1. Creating Chatbots for Customer Service


“I’m looking to develop a chatbot capable of managing customer inquiries in [specific language], and I’m uncertain about the steps to [action] the language model for this purpose. Could you offer guidance on [specific task], along with suggestions on [additional data or resources] to enhance the model’s accuracy?”

2. Generating Ideas For Customer Surveys


“What are the key metrics to monitor in a customer survey for evaluating the success of [product/service]?”

3. Summarizing Customer Feedback


“What key insights can be drawn from the customer feedback on [product/service] based on the provided data? Data: [Feedback Data]”

4. Implementation of Chatbots for Website Support 


“How can I [validate] that my chatbot is [offering] [precise/insightful/valuable] information to [satisfied/happy] customers?”

5. Responding To Customer Emails


“I want to confirm that I’m responding to emails from customers in a courteous and tailored manner. Could you assist me in writing a script that would introduce me, express gratitude to the client for their email, and answer their questions about [product/service]?” 

🔥Quick AI Updates Must Read

Consultants suggest that banks adopting generative artificial intelligence tools have the potential to increase their annual earnings by up to $340 billion through enhanced productivity. 

It could result in a substantial rise in operating profits, ranging from 9% to 15%, as indicated by a report from the McKinsey Global Institute released on Tuesday. The report highlights that corporate and retail banks stand to benefit the most from these advancements.

Elon Musk’s xAI is reportedly raising $1 billion, having already secured $135 million from four undisclosed investors, according to an SEC filing. In November, xAI launched a chatbot named Grok, which utilizes x’s real-time data and caters specifically to x’s Premium+ subscribers.

Grok is entering a competitive space, competing with OpenAI’s ChatGPT (valued at $90 billion) and AnthropicAI’s Claude (valued at $30 billion). Elon Musk revealed that investors from x Corp would hold a 25% stake in xAI.

Google DeepMind conducted research that involved breaking ChatGPT, aiming to explore the model’s limitations and vulnerabilities. This effort likely focused on assessing potential weaknesses in the language model’s responses, uncovering areas where it may provide inaccurate or undesirable information. 

Wrapping Up!

This newsletter covers the latest in AI, featuring Google’s Gemini, a versatile multimodal AI; IBM and Meta leading the AI Alliance; Microsoft enhancing Copilot; Elon Musk’s xAI seeking $1 billion; McKinsey’s insights on AI boosting Wall Street earnings, and Google DeepMind’s research on ChatGPT’s limitations. 

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