Google Set to Launch ‘Bard Advanced’ _ A Next-Level AI, But At What Cost?

Google Set to Launch 'Bard Advanced'

In recent findings, newly discovered code and screenshots strongly suggest that Google is in the process of developing a paid version of “Bard,” termed “Bard Advanced.” The anticipated launch of Google Bard’s Advanced tier might be sooner than expected, as suggested by recent information. 

Contrary to being a traditional “leak,” the company has left clues on its website, easily discoverable for those who know where to look. Developer Bedros Pamboukian on X (Twitter) uncovered lines of code hinting at the imminent introduction of Bard Advanced. Notably, this upgraded AI will be bundled with Google One, and users can experience it through a three-month trial upon subscribing.

Google Unveils Bard Advanced with Gemini Ultra

Bard Advanced has generated excitement, particularly because Google’s cutting-edge Gemini Ultra model will power it. In a December announcement, the company described Gemini Ultra as designed to handle “highly complex tasks and accept multimodal inputs.” This information aligns with another leak from user Dylan Roussel on X, suggesting that the chatbot will possess “advanced math and reasoning skills.

Pricing Details for Access

It’s not clear which subscription level of Google One will be required to access Bard Advanced or if a new tier will be introduced specifically for it. While the leaks don’t specify any pricing, a speculative guess might suggest the necessity for the $10 per month Premium plan. Given the significant buzz around AI, it seems logical for Google to set a substantial entry threshold.

Google’s Bard Advanced Features

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the potential features:

1. Gemini Ultra Is An Advanced AI Model

At the heart of the premium option is Gemini Ultra, Google’s advanced AI model. Though details about its specific capabilities are scarce, it’s expected to excel in areas such as understanding context in conversations, generating coherent and contextually relevant text, and performing sophisticated data analysis.

2. Google One Subscription with a Generous Trial Period

This advanced tier of service will be available through a paid Google One subscription. However, to encourage adoption and user experimentation, Google is offering a generous 3-month free trial. This trial period presents a valuable opportunity for users to explore and experience the advanced capabilities of the AI model without immediate financial commitment.

3. Motoko: Personalized AI Bot Creation

Motoko is a feature that may allow users to create their own AI bots within Google Bard. While detailed information on the functionalities of these bots is limited, the concept suggests a significant shift towards more personalized and user-defined AI experiences. 

The extent to which these bots can be customized or shared among users remains unclear. Still, the introduction of Motoko indicates a move towards greater user engagement and customization in AI interactions.

4. Gallery: A Repository of Inspirational Prompts

The Gallery serves as a public database of various prompts and is designed to assist users in brainstorming and idea generation. This feature provides users with access to a wide range of topics and prompts, facilitating creative or practical inspiration. 

The potential usage of the Gallery extends to exploring different subjects, offering a valuable resource for users seeking inspiration for diverse applications.

5. Tasks: Long-term Project Management

Tasks is a tool specifically designed for managing long-term projects and tasks. It has been mentioned in the context of complex tasks like image generation, indicating its relevance in overseeing intricate or time-consuming AI interactions. While the full extent of its capabilities is yet to be revealed, Tasks could be a game-changer in streamlining the management process of various AI-driven projects and tasks.

6. Background and Banner Creation

This feature allows users to create custom backgrounds for smartphones and web banners. The methodology and tools involved in this creative process have not been detailed extensively.

However, the scope of Background and Banner Creation suggests significant enhancements in personalization and design options for digital platforms. This feature could offer users novel ways to personalize and design their digital environments, reflecting their preferences and styles.

7. Power Up Enhancing Text Prompts

Power Up is designed to enhance the effectiveness of text prompts used in Google Bard. While specific details on how this enhancement works or its impact on AI responses are limited, the potential of this feature lies in optimizing the AI’s understanding and response quality to user inputs. 

Power Up might significantly improve the interaction between the AI and users, ensuring more precise and relevant responses to user queries and commands.


The leaked information about Google Bard, as reported by Roussel, hints at several intriguing features that might be introduced. However, it’s important to remember that these features could change or might not be implemented at all. 

Is Bard Advanced is a Turning Point in AI Development

The debate over whether the advantages of Bard Advanced surpass its possible drawbacks is ongoing. Nonetheless, Google’s forthcoming AI product represents a pivotal point in the development of artificial intelligence. The influence it will have on the trajectory of future technological advancements is undoubtedly going to be substantial.

The significance lies in whether the introduction of Ultra, Google’s top-tier model, will propel Bard into contention for a leading position among Language Model Models (LLMs). However, given the previous controversy surrounding Gemini’s demo and capabilities, Ultra will need to meet substantial expectations to attract users away from existing paid options.

Final Verdict

As the AI field continues to evolve rapidly, Bard Advanced could be a catalyst for significant shifts in how individuals and businesses interact with technology. While the excitement is palpable, it’s also crucial to consider the ethical and practical implications of such powerful AI tools.

Google’s latest move has the potential to establish a new benchmark in AI development. This could significantly influence the trajectory of future technological advancements. Moreover, it has the capacity to reshape the way we interact with AI in our daily lives.

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