Greip Reviews

  • It is used to stop different types of fraud
  • Provides comprehensive information about IP addresses
  • Easily verify any IBAN for crucial country-specific insights

Keep your app safe with Greip!

Greip serves as an advanced fraud prevention tool to protect your application’s financial integrity while elevating your satisfaction. Through functionalities such as IP geolocation, VPN/proxy identification, and data validation, Greip empowers businesses to establish a secure and reliable environment. Keep a constant connection and oversee everything with Greip’s real-time analytics and user-friendly dashboard. 

Let’s explore its features, how it works, price, and benefits. 

How Does Greip Work?

How Does Greip Work?

It adheres strictly to the guidelines set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which governs the processing, storage, and security of personal data. Its privacy policy articulates dedication to safeguarding your personal information, detailing how it collects, uses, and shares your data. 

Key Features

  • Greip is used to spot and stop different types of fraud, like payment fraud and identity theft, on websites and apps. Rest assured, with Payment Fraud, you can have confidence that your payments are safeguarded and secure.
  • BIN/IIN Lookup service provides precise details about payment cards based on their BIN/IIN numbers, including the issuing bank, card type, level, and country of origin.
  • It also helps detect potential fraud by cross-checking card details with other data sources, ensuring the security of your payment system and customer information.
  • It provides comprehensive information about IP addresses, covering details such as location, continent, country, region, city, zip code, latitude, longitude, and additional data. 
  • This tool is adept at identifying whether an IP address utilizes a VPN or proxy, enabling businesses to identify and flag potentially malicious users.
  • Easily verify any IBAN for crucial country-specific insights. It simplifies your financial operations with our robust IBAN validation service.
  • The Country Lookup service gives detailed info about a country, using advanced tech to show demographics, languages, neighbors, currency, flag, and more for a better understanding.
  • A potent tool ensuring precise identification and automatic filtering of inappropriate language in online communication for businesses, promoting professionalism and reducing risks.
  • ASN Lookup reveals the network infrastructure of Autonomous System Numbers, aiding in understanding and safeguarding against potential threats.

Pricing & Plans

  • Free Plan: $0.00
  • Standard Plan: $14.99/mo, and for an annual subscription, $9.99/mo
  • Premium Plan: $29.99/mo, and for an annual subscription, $19.99/mo
  • Pay As You Go: Contact Support

Benefits Of Greip

  • It ensures the financial security of your application with AI-powered modules designed to frustrate payment fraud.
  • It fosters a positive user environment by employing a profanity detection feature to filter out negative language.
  • It ensures trustworthiness and prevents fraud by validating user data, including credit card numbers and bank account details.


  • IBAN Validation enhances financial security.
  • Profanity Detection and Data Validation maintain a positive online environment.
  • IP Geolocation and Country Lookup provide insights for informed decision-making.


  • There’s a potential for false positives, where legitimate activities may be flagged as fraudulent or inappropriate.
  • The collection of user data for services like IP Geolocation may raise privacy concerns and require proper handling.

Final Verdict

Greip stands as a formidable guardian, not just safeguarding your app’s financial fortress but elevating user satisfaction to new heights. With features like IBAN Validation fortifying financial security, Profanity Detection fostering positivity, and IP Geolocation providing strategic insights, Greip is your trusted ally in the digital era. 

In the ever-evolving world of data protection, Greip’s commitment shines through with regular reviews and updates, ensuring a resilient defence against emerging threats. So, start your journey with Greip, where innovation meets assurance, and your digital aspirations find a trustworthy companion.

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