Top 10 Faceless High CPM Niches on YouTube

high cpm niches on youtube

When people start a new YouTube channel, they often choose to talk about things they love, like their hobbies. It makes sense because making videos about things you’re passionate about is fun.

However, if your goal is to turn your YouTube channel into a real business and make money consistently over time, there might be better ideas than just focusing on your hobbies. Creating a channel only about your interests can be a mistake, as it might not earn you enough money.

To avoid wasting your time and effort, you should pick a specific highest paying niches on YouTube or topic that has a high earning potential from YouTube ads. This way, your channel is more likely to make a good income and in this article i’ll discuss High CPM Niches on YouTube However, before choosing a niche, you must know about the RPM and CPM.

What Is RPM and CPM?

To calculate the CPM (Cost Per Mille) of an advertisement on YouTube, you can follow the given formula. First, find the cost of the advertisement, which is the amount spent on running the ad. Then, determine the total number of impressions, which is the number of times the ad was displayed to viewers. Finally, apply the formula:

CPM = (Cost of Advertisement / Total Number of Impressions) X 1000

For calculating your RPM (Revenue Per Million views), follow these steps. Begin with your estimated current revenue, which is the total earnings from your YouTube channel over a specific period. Next, find the current number of video views, which represents the total views your videos received during the same period. To compute your RPM, use the formula:

RPM = (Estimated Current Revenue / Current Number of Video Views) X 1000

It’s important to note that CPM and RPM can vary due to factors such as your channel’s niche, audience, and other variables. While these calculations provide a basic understanding of your earnings, they may not offer an exact projection of income per video view or over time. Nevertheless, they can be valuable in identifying which videos are your top earners, helping you create more similar faceless content in the future.

High CPM Niches on YouTube With Low Competition

Income on YouTube can vary significantly based on factors like the size of the audience, location, and the creator’s ability to secure sponsorships and partnerships. Here are some of the most profitable YouTube CPM by category based on income proofs from YouTubers of different channel sizes.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Average true CPM: $12-$22

Prominent channel: ODi Productions.

Potential viral video ideas: Exploring how to create a WordPress website from scratch, guiding beginners on starting their affiliate marketing journey, and uncovering the top affiliate programs for novices.

2. Trading / Investing

Average true CPM: $8-$18

Prominent channel: Andrei Jikhi.

Potential viral video ideas:  Enlightening viewers on investing their first $1,000, revealing the top 5 stocks of the month, exploring the highest-paying jobs to pursue, and assessing the best AI trading software available.

3. DropShipping / Print On Demand

Average true CPM: $7-$14

Prominent channel: Wholesale Ted.

Potential viral video ideas:  Providing a comprehensive print-on-demand tutorial for beginners, highlighting the top 5 print-on-demand platforms, and sharing crucial insights for those considering a dropshipping venture.

4. Content Creation

Average true CPM: $5-$13

Prominent channel: Cathrin Manning.

Potential viral video ideas:  Offering guidance on launching a podcast and initiating a YouTube channel for aspiring content creators.

5. Personal Finance

Average true CPM: $4-$12

Prominent channel: Clark Kegley

Potential viral video ideas:  Presenting five side hustles to boost income, delivering strategies for paying off specific student loan debt, and demonstrating the setup of a yearly budget planner.

6. VPN Content

Average true CPM: $2.73 – $14.5

Prominent channel: VPNpro

Potential Viral Video Ideas: Ultimate VPN setup guide, bypassing geo-restrictions, how VPNs can unlock worldwide content, etc. 

7. Cryptocurrency

Average true CPM: $2.26 – $11.94

Prominent channel: EatTheBlocks

Potential Viral Video Ideas: Crypto news roundup, safeguarding your cryptocurrency, best practices for wallet security, etc.

8. Insurance

Average true CPM: $15.63 – $49.52

Prominent channel: Insurance Insights

Potential Viral Video Ideas: Comparing insurance providers, finding the right coverage for you, claims process, etc. 

9. Business Advice

Average true CPM: $10-$20

Prominent channel: Multiversity

Potential viral video ideas: Videos targeting small and medium-sized businesses tend to achieve CPM rates exceeding $10.

10. Email Marketing

Average true CPM: $14.55 – $50.0

Prominent channel: Email Experts Hub

Potential viral video ideas: Mastering email marketing, email campaign success, email marketing tools review, etc. 

These niches offer opportunities for content creators to earn revenue from YouTube ads, and some niches, like affiliate marketing, trading/investing, and VPN content, have higher average Youtube CPM rates due to strong advertiser competition and target audience interest.

List Of Other High CPM Niches On YouTube

NicheCPM Rates
Sell House$10.87- $47.31
Website Hosting$13.6- $39.86
Donate$5.16- $32.36
Lawyer$5.74- $24.43
Credit Card$6.75- $20.3
Attorney$4.67 – $20.29
Casino$2.64- $19.35
Mortgage$5.45 – $16.21
Seo$3.38- $15.3
Online Business$2.88- $15.25
Loans$4.19- $13.22
Home Repair$3.44- $11.04
Weight Loss$2.55- $9.98
Content Creation$2.91- $9.73
Degree$2.22- $8.63
Auto Repair$3.0- $8.87
Personal Finance$2.26- $6.97
Invest$1.48- $6.74
Business Services$1.95- $6.4
Software$1.74- $6.72

How to Find Your RPM on YouTube?

Here are the main points to keep in mind while researching the best niches for YouTube channels.  

  • Go to YouTube Studio and click on the Analytics section on the left-hand menu.
  • Navigate to the Revenue tab in the top menu and select “See More.”
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the RPM option.
  • Observe your overall RPM for a specific date range. For example, the vidIQ channel has an RPM of $2.73 and a CPM of $15.74 (for November). Typically, CPM is the higher figure, while RPM offers a more accurate representation of earnings.

To calculate RPM yourself, use this formula:

RPM = (Total Revenue / Total Views) × 1000.

As of 2023, the average RPM falls between $1.25 to $2.5. So, if you’re wondering what constitutes a good RPM on YouTube, aim for $2 or more, as it is considered the sweet spot.

How to Increase Your RPM?

These actions will result in comprehensive improvements for your channel, and your enhanced RPM will reflect these positive changes.

1. Turn on Ads

Ensure that you’ve activated all available ad formats and placed them in every eligible position within your videos.

2. Engagement is Crucial

YouTube’s algorithm favors videos with more likes and shares. Enhanced engagement can lead to more views and a higher RPM.

3. Diversify Your Revenue

Don’t solely depend on ad revenue. Consider exploring channel memberships and Super Chats to give your RPM a boost.


CPM (Cost Per Mile) is the earnings per 1,000 ad views. In comparison, RPM (Revenue Per Mile) is the overall earnings per 1,000 views, including ad revenue, channel memberships, Super Chats, and YouTube Premium revenue.

CPM can be influenced by factors like audience demographics, engagement, content type, location, and the specific advertisers interested in a channel’s content.

High CPM niches include VPN Content, Amazon Affiliates, Cryptocurrency, Insurance, Website Flipping, Software Reviews, and Business Advice, among others.

Final Verdict

Choosing a high CPM niche on YouTube can significantly impact your channel’s earning potential. While it’s essential to create content you’re passionate about, it’s also wise to consider niches that have proven to offer higher CPM rates. 

These figures can fluctuate over time and can be influenced by changes in YouTube’s advertising policies, the time of year, and various other factors. The CPM for individual channels can also be higher or lower based on their audience demographics, engagement, and the type of advertisers interested in their content.

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