How to Make Money With ChatGPT in 2024 [8 Proven Ways]

How to Make Money With ChatGPT

One of the hottest topics of 2024 on the internet is “Can I make money online using ChatGPT?” if yes, then “How to make money with ChatGPT?”

Time and time again, ChatGPT has completely changed the way we work and live, increasing our productivity to about 10x. Those people who know how to use it properly are accomplishing tasks that would typically require an entire team.

This has made entrepreneurs think that they can use this amazing technology to earn some extra bucks either by starting a whole new venture or implementing huge efficiencies in their existing business.

The rule is simple:

  • If you’re a writer who is using ChatGPT to write 5x more articles, ultimately, you’re going to earn some extra dollars.
  • If you’re a business owner who can now cold-email 3x more clients, definitely you’re going to make more sales(more money).

It’s not just about writing; ChatGPT can perform wonders beyond your imagination. In this article, we’ll uncover a treasure trove of tried and tested ChatGPT prompts that you can use to earn more than $10,000 monthly. Are you ready to dive into the secrets of turning ChatGPT into your personal cash-generating powerhouse? Let’s get started!

How to Make Money with ChatGPT – 8 Proven Methods

Let’s discuss some of the easiest methods you can utilize to earn money with ChatGPT. 

1 – Create a Blog

With the help of ChatGPT, you can write blogs for your blog website to boost its rankings and earn money. Yes, you can do so, and we’re saying this from our experience. We started a blog in June 2022 that reached 500 monthly visits till December of the past year. Then we started using ChatGPT for our assistance, and we’re surprised by the results; within 6 months, from January to June 2024, our blog has crossed 600k monthly visits, and that’s just a start.

Adam Enfroy, a YouTuber and blogger with a multimillion blogging empire, really has described how a person can write multiple blog articles with the help of ChatGPT. He further said that some of his own blog articles created from ChatGPT are making more than $10,000+ per month through Adsense, affiliate links and sponsorship deals. This shows the potential of ChatGPT as a money-making machine. 

How to Make Money With ChatGPT

How to Start a Blog with the Help of ChatGPT?

Select a Niche: To start a blog, the first and foremost thing is to select a low-competition, high-volume, and trending niche. You can ask ChatGPT to provide you with niche ideas.

 Prompt :

“I want to start a blog website. Provide me with the list of the 10 most trending high volume and low KD keywords that I can use as a niche.”

Create a Blog using chatgpt

Brainstorm Content Ideas: Once you’ve selected a niche, now find blog ideas related to that niche. Here again, ChatGPT is your helper.

  Prompt :

“Brainstorm 10 blog ideas related to [Your Niche].”

How to Start a Blog with the Help of ChatGPT?

Start Writing: Now comes the blog writing part; ChatGPT can write articles for you, saving you several useful hours. However, to increase your chances of success, we suggest you not rely 100% on ChatGPT to write whole articles. Just use it as your companion to write the first draft of different sections of an article.

Write Engaging Introduction: The most important section of an article is its introduction. It must be attention-grabbing and engaging. It’s your one shot to convince them why they should spare time to read the whole article.

  Prompt :

“I want to write an article about [Main Topic]; help me write an introduction paragraph of 100-150 words. Make sure to add an attention-grabbing hook at the start of identifying a user’s issue and then show how this article can provide the best solution. The introduction paragraph must be clear and concise.”

Brainstorm Content Ideas

After writing a complete article, pass it through a plagiarism checker (i.e., Quetext) and AI detection tools (i.e., Copyleaks) and make the necessary fixes. Now your article is ready to publish. Publish it, and apply basic SEO settings to rank it in the search engines (i.e., Google).Now follow it up by signing up for a Google Adsense account to start making money off your creation.

2- Start a Newsletter

Due to the recent AI storm in the internet market, we started a newsletter about technology and AI advances in 2022 that reached 5000 subscribers till January 2024. As it’s an AI newsletter, we started employing ChatGPT and other AI tools to streamline our workflow and see what? It has skyrocketed the popularity and rankings of our newsletter, helping us reach the milestone of 50,000+ subscribers in just 6 months.

Rowan Cheung’s story isn’t different from ours. He has newsletters that have grown to 250,000+ daily readers in just 7 months. It’s estimated that he is making more than $3,000 from every newsletter.

Rowan is a one-man team renowned for utilizing ChatGPT to streamline his workflows and improve productivity. He has mastered ChatGPT to reach the superhuman level of productivity and is now sinking in million dollars.

 Rowan Cheung’s

How Can ChatGPT Help You Start a Newsletter?

There are countless possibilities you can utilize ChatGPT chatbot to assist you in starting, growing and monetizing a newsletter. Here is how:

Generate Content: You can use the power of ChatGPT to generate the content for your newsletter. Brainstorm an outline and then ask ChatGPT to write sections of your newly started newsletter. Not only this, you can transform any of your existing content ( Tweet, an article or YouTube video) into a part of your newsletter with the help of ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

“Summarize the provided text into a 200-word snippet that is suitable for my AI-related newsletter.”

Generate Interview Questions: A number of newsletters conduct interviews with industry specialists and then share their thoughts in the newsletter. To generate such interview questions, you can feed the below prompt into ChatGPT:

 Prompt :

 “Write some insightful questions for a leading expert in the field of SEO that can assist my audience in optimizing their business websites.”

3 – Provide Copywriting Services

One of the simplest ways to earn money with ChatGPT is to use this AI tool for copywriting and provide these services to companies. ChatGPT is good at writing compelling copies for a business. As a ChatGPT copywriter, you can assist large businesses in reaching their goals and increasing sales by writing engaging and effective scripts for their products or services.

To get the answer to the question of how good ChatGPT is for copywriting, let’s put it to the test! Visit any e-commerce store like Amazon and see a product description or “about this item” section, and then ask ChatGPT to write the description of the same product.

Air Fryer – Average CopyWriting (Human Written) 

You can find a lot of average copywriting examples on the internet. Let’s take the example of a product description for an air fryer on Amazon.

If you’ve eyes, you’ll observe that the product description has just highlighted the features of the air fryer but fails to highlight its benefits and lacks a clear CTA (call to action).

Provide Copywriting Services using chatgpt

Air Fryer – Good Copywriting (ChatGPT Written) 

Now provide the details of the product’s key features in a simple prompt, and chatGPT will generate an impressive 1st draft of the product description. Now compare this description with the one on Amazon, and you’ll be amazed by the results. The ChatGPT written content is more descriptive, structured and compelling.

Air Fryer - Good Copywriting (ChatGPT Written) 

How Can ChatGPT Help You Sell Copywriting Services?

Now comes the question of how to master copywriting with ChatGPT. There is no hard and fast rule; write a prompt for ChatGPT asking it to write a copy using scientifically proven copywriting formulas like AIDA, PAS etc., and here you go!

  Prompt :

“I am offering a [PRODUCT / SERVICE, e.g., a time management app]

I need to write [INSERT, e.g., a promotional email]

Use the AIDA formula to write it:

  • Step 1 (Attention): Grab the reader’s attention with a compelling subject line that addresses their time management challenges.
  • Step 2 (Interest): Highlight the benefits and features of your time management app that can revolutionize their productivity.
  • Step 3 (Desire): Share testimonials or success stories from satisfied customers who have experienced significant improvements in their time management skills.
  • Step 4 (Action): Include a clear call to action that encourages the reader to download your app or sign up for a free trial.”
How Can ChatGPT Help You Sell Copywriting Services?

4 – Freelance and Create Content

You can use ChatGPT to freelance in any domain to make some money. The hiring rate of people with knowledge of AI tools like ChatGPT is increasing day by day as companies want to make their content more presentable and professional, and ChatGPT is good at doing so.

Bear in mind freelancing is not just writing blog posts; you can utilize ChatGPT for a wide range of applications like digital marketing, translation, writing product descriptions, writing email copies, proofreading and more. You can ask ChatGPT to provide you with a list of some in-demand skills.

 Prompt :

“I’m interested in offering my AI services on freelance marketplaces to earn some income. Can you recommend AI skills that are in demand by customers and relatively easy to master?”

Freelance and Create Content

Fiverr, a well-known multinational freelance marketplace, now has a separate category for AI services where users can find AI data model training, technical writing, AI content editing, fact-checking, and more jobs. So use ChatGPT wisely, become an expert in your domain, and go ahead and freelance your services.

5 – Become a Social Media Manager

Social media management is a demanding skill these days as each brand wants to ensure its productive social media appearance. Big businesses and brands pay a handsome salary to social media managers for managing their social media accounts.

One of the main parts of this job is brainstorming content ideas to share on social media platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Let’s share our experience!

Recently we hired a 5* top-rated social media manager on Fiverr to brainstorm content ideas for our Facebook page about mental health. He no doubt provided his best, but frankly speaking, ChatGPT can do the same much quicker without any investment.

The Results of Hiring a Social Media Manager on Fiverr

We hired a social media manager who has earned 1000s of dollars on Fiverr by providing social media manager services. We paid him $20 and asked him to brainstorm 10 content ideas for our Facebook page. After waiting 3 days, here is what we received from him:

Become a Social Media Manager

The Results of Using ChatGPT as a Social Media Manager

Then we provide the chatGPT with the same information that we provided to the person on Fiverr and get the below results from ChatGPT.

The Results of Hiring a Social Media Manager on Fiverr

You can see the results from ChatGPT are more practical and clear than the ones from Fiverr. The beauty of ChatGPT is that it can even provide us the deeper answers to our queries. After getting the post ideas, we can prompt ChatGPT to write the complete post suitable for a specific social media platform.

The Results of Using ChatGPT as a Social Media Manager

6 – Sell Digital Products

Digital products are an entrepreneur’s dream for making some passive income. One of the many positive points of digital products is that it’s simple to create, and you can sell them forever with minimal extra effort once it’s complete. ChatGPT has now made it more convenient to make many online by selling digital products(eBooks).

Write eBooks and Self-Publish

As per a report by Routers, there has been a significant boom in AI-written ebooks on Amazon with the launch of ChatGPT. This is because this AI chatbot has made it much easier to write and conceptualize new ideas. A number of people are using ChatGPT to write ebooks on trending topics and then selling them on Amazon using the Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

As writing a complete ebook with a single prompt won’t generate a good response, so divide the work into chunks. First prompt ChatGPT to find the topic for your next ebook (that can be anything ranging from sci-fi novels to motivational lectures) and then give your ebook a title that really sells. Next, generate the outline for the book. For this purpose, feed this tool with the following command:

 Prompt :

“I want to write an ebook about [Title]. Can you create an outline for the book consisting of (x) topics? Make sure the book should be structured as how to guide consisting of a proper introduction, some chapters and then a conclusion. My target audience is (x).Kindly write 3 possible outlines.”

Sell Digital Products

Now follow this outline and write a complete ebook. Once the book is complete, properly format and refine it using Kindle Create and Kitaboo software and then publish it to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. If any of your published ebooks rank on Amazon, you could be swimming in dollars!

7 – Email Marketing

Email marketing plays a fundamental role in the success of any business. That’s why big brands and large companies spend a large portion of their budget to hire experts that can write compelling emails for their business.

It’s a fact that chatGPT can write better emails than 90% of copywriters and write quicker than 100% trained writers. Just for the sake of demonstrating how you can make money with chatGPT writing emails, we hired an experienced writer on Fiverr to write a welcome email.

Then we asked ChatGPT to write the same email, and the results were amazing.

The Results of Hiring an Email Writer on Fiverr

We hired a top-rated seller on Fiverr to write the welcome email for our business. We provided her with complete information about our goal and the benefits of joining our business and asked her to add our key CTA (call to action) “Respond us ‘Thanks’ to prevent us going into spam”. After wasting 5 days and $50, we get the below results from her.

Email Marketing

The Results of Using ChatGPT as an Email Writer

We provided the same information in the form of a prompt to ChatGPT that we provided to the Fiverr freelancer and asked this AI chatbot to write an email for us. ChatGPT came up with the below result: 

The Results of Using ChatGPT as an Email Writer

Without a doubt, ChatGPT has performed the task much better and quicker, free of cost.

How can ChatGPT Help You With Email Marketing

ChatGPT is a godsend for anyone who wants to write emails to sell this service on different platforms( i.e., Fiverr ). It’s also a great solution for those who want to save both time and money when writing business emails.

Writing emails with ChatGPT is a straightforward process. All you need to do is provide the tool with the following command:

 Prompt :

“I am the owner of [BUSINESS NAME], and I recently launched an email marketing campaign. To welcome new subscribers to my mailing list, I need to craft a warm and engaging welcome email.

The email should begin by expressing gratitude and appreciation to the subscriber for joining our mailing list. It should then provide reassurance, assuring them that they’ve made a great decision by subscribing.

Next, I want to clearly outline the type of emails they can expect to receive from us, emphasizing the value and benefits these emails will bring. This should include details about the content, promotions, or exclusive offers they will receive.

Lastly, the email should end with a strong call to action, encouraging the subscriber to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or availing of a special discount.

Considering these guidelines, how can I structure and phrase my welcome email effectively?” 

How can ChatGPT Help You With Email Marketing

8 – Become a ChatGPT Expert and Sell Your Knowledge

ChatGPT has created a buzz in the internet world, so everyone wants to learn how to harness its abilities fully. We all know the ChatGPT response depends on the prompts you provide it.

Most of the people are dedicating their time to formate ChatGPT prompts and are then selling these to earn dollars. These are known as ChatGPT prompt engineers. If you’re fascinated by this amazing technology, you can dedicate time to learn how to use it properly and then sell your knowledge to others.

On Fiverr, people are selling this service (ChatGPT prompt engineering) and earning much more than you can just imagine.

Become a ChatGPT Expert and Sell Your Knowledge

Recently our team purchased a course AI content reactor by Rob Lennon for $150. This course is assisting us in utilizing ChatGPT in a better way, and we think Rob Lennon is earning a handsome amount from his effort (he said he had spent 750+ hours learning AI tools). You can also do the same by providing the below command to ChatGPT:

 Prompt :

 “I want to become a ChatGPT expert and then monetize my expertise. How can you help me get started?”

chatgpt prompts

Final Verdict

We’ve discussed multiple methods you can utilize to earn money with ChatGPT. All are easy to master and 100% tried and tested. Pick any of these and start your money-making journey with Chat GPT today! Happy learning! 😀

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