How to Start an AI Agency in 2024 [No Coding Experience]

How to Start an AI Agency

Do you want to become a millionaire with less effort? In 2024, launching an AI agency is not just a trend; it’s a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs, even those without a coding background. This guide is your key to unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence in the business world and will teach you How to Start an AI Agency.

Whether you’re aiming to revolutionize customer service with AI chatbots or streamline business processes through automation, we’ll show you how to start from scratch and build a thriving, profitable AI agency. No coding experience? No problem. Let’s demystify the journey to becoming an AI innovator and entrepreneur.

What is an AI Agency?

An AI automation agency is a unique business model that involves collaborating with other businesses to assist them in integrating AI into their operations and workflows. These agencies are pivotal in helping businesses enhance efficiency, boost profits, and reduce operational costs.

  • AI automation agencies can help people boost profits and reduce expenses, as explained by a self-made entrepreneur, Liam Otley, who has earned more than $ 45,000 within 30 days and aims to reach $100,000 profit per month in the near future.
  • If you think you’re lagging behind in the AI race, think again, buddy! In the USA, 2 out of 3 adults haven’t used any AI tool yet, which means we’re too early in AI, and it’s the right time to start.

Now the biggest question is how to start an AI agency with 0 investment and 0 coding experience. Stay connected with us, as we’re going to explain the whole procedure to establish an AI agency, starting from the niche selection to grab your first client. So let’s delve in! 

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How to Start an AI Agency with Zero Investment and No Coding Experience:

Do you think you don’t have any experience in establishing an AI agency? You’re not alone, my friend! 

AI automation agency is a brand new business model, so no one is perfect in this field. But we assure you, if you’re going to take a start today, you’ll be among the few entrepreneurs who’re going to earn millions of dollars in the coming years with an AI agency.

Step 1: Select Your Niche

The first ever step in any business is niche selection. In other words, it’s time to decide about your target audience.

When you’re starting out, you need to narrow down your niche as much as possible. There are many benefits of doing so:

  • Being niche specific will help you master the field in less time.
  • As an expert in your field, you’ll have the opportunity to charge more for your services. This is primarily because customers place a high level of trust and value in the expertise and quality of services provided by an industry expert, regardless of the cost.
  • Once you become a master in your niche, you’ll be able to complete tasks more efficiently, thus saving you time that you can dedicate to hunting for new clients.

Alright! How Can I Find a Specific & Profitable Niche?

There’re 2 possible methods you can implement to find a profitable niche:

1 – Personal Experience: If you have already worked in any industry, you might have an idea about tasks that could be automated by AI. Based on your observations, feel free to choose any task that you believe can benefit from automation.

2 – Use ChatGPT to Help You Find the Perfect Niche: ChatGPT, a powerful AI chatbot, can also help you brainstorm niche ideas.

As the responses from this tool are directly based on the provided prompts, so we’ve written 2 ChatGPT prompts that can prove beneficial in your niche selection journey.

Prompt 1: Find Your Industry

The below prompt can assist you in finding a general industry of your interest:

 Prompt :

“Please compile a table of small-to-medium businesses that would benefit from automation in sectors such as lead generation, outreach, sales and onboarding, service delivery, customer support, and retention.

The table should include the business type, its financial strength, accessibility, automation needs, and market size (number of potential businesses to target). 

Ensure a balanced mix of contemporary online business models and conventional industries. The table must include a proper header.”

How to Start an AI Agency
How to start an AI service business

Prompt 2: Narrow Down Your Niche

Once you find a particular industry calling your name, ask follow-up questions to ChatGPT to dig deeper into your particular industry and provide you with specific sub-niches.

  Prompt :

“From your suggestions, I like the [Niche]. Can you please provide me with examples of 10 sub-niches in the same industry so that I can target any of these to provide AI automation services.”

Alright! How Can I Find a Specific & Profitable Niche?

Step 2: Choose Your Service: Pick the Area of Expertise for AI Automation

After deciding the niche, now it’s time to choose the service you want to offer. If you’re not tech-savvy or nill in programming, then you better go with the service of creating an AI chatbot.

The internet is flooded with no code tools, such as Botpress, that can create your personalized AI chatbot from scratch with zero coding requirements.

The AI chatbot is the need of almost every business that wants to improve the efficiency of their services. 2 most common examples are:

  • Customer Service Chatbot: Many businesses are looking to implement chatbots in their customer services to timely respond to user queries. Customer service chatbots are trained o large data sets related to a special business to understand general queries and provide an appropriate response without the involvement of a live agent(human being).
  • Staff Training Chatbot: Many companies are automating the staff training process with the help of a staff training chatbot. As most of the questions, the employees ask are repetitive, like how to deal with customer complaints, where to find specific documents etc., and a chatbot can efficiently respond to them.

Some other examples may include the Airbnb guest support chatbot, client onboarding chatbot, appointment scheduling chatbot, and more.

How to Make a Chatbot?

Creating a chatbot without coding experience is not a child’s play. However, by following the amazing chatbot development tutorial from Liam Ottley, you can become a master in creating AI chatbots and earn 1000s of dollars per client.

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Step 3: It’s the Time to Get Your First Client

It’s always been a challenge to hunt for the first paying client in any field. It’s because:

  • At the initial stage, you don’t know how to sell your AI services (lack of proper communication).
  • You don’t have a portfolio as proof to show the clients what value your services can add to their business.

The easiest ways to tackle both these challenges are discussed below:

1. Consider ChatGPT as Your First Client

To effectively learn how to tackle a client and understand its requirements to make a chatbot, Chat GPT can prove life-saving.

Let’s say you’re interested in selling a customer service chatbot to help business streamline their customer support. Ask ChatGPT to pretend to be your potential client who wants to save money and time with a customer service chatbot. You can also ask ChatGPT to provide personalized FAQs and what should be their general response.

After collecting all the requirements, build a Chatbot and then use it as part of your outreach strategy. This will not only help you grab clients faster but also boosts your confidence that you can do that!

2. Find a Real-life Client and Provide Your Services For Free

Once you’ve created your demo chatbot by communicating with ChatGPT, send it to 15 potential clients and ask them if you can create a similar personalized chatbot for them without any cost if they’re interested.

If you manage to effectively meet your client’s needs and leave them satisfied, there’s a high chance they’ll become your returning customer and potentially bring a lot of projects your way.

By successfully following these steps, you’ll establish yourself as an experienced chatbot specialist with a portfolio of case studies that you can use to impress your future clients. Cheers! It’s time to generate income and start reaping the rewards of your efforts.

Step 4: It’s time to Boost Your Earnings to $10k + Per Month / Per Client

If you’ve been following the procedure, by this point, you’ve gained ample experience and success stories to operate a profitable AI automation agency. The only missing piece is attracting paying customers to enhance your earnings.

First, Create an Unrefusable Offer

90% of your chances of grabbing a client depends on the offer you create. Craft an irresistible offer that effectively communicates the clear benefits of your services.

To understand how your officer can benefit the client, consider you’re creating a customer service chatbot. With customer service representatives spending an average of 2 hours per query and receiving 100 queries per week, implementing the chatbot could save 200 hours of work weekly, amounting to an impressive 800 hours saved monthly. Assuming an average hourly rate of $25 for representatives, by implementing the chatbot, your client would save a substantial $20,000 per month in labour costs alone.

The offer with such an example showing clear benefits is definitely unrefutable.For more tips to create great offers, follow Alex Hormozi’s video; the offer is the king.

Second, Reach Out to Potential Clients, as Your Livelihood Depends On it.

After creating an irresistible offer, it’s time to reach out to the clients and book meetings with them to increase your chances of being hired.

To find potential clients, head over to Linkedin and optimize your profile according to your niche. In the search bar, apply the industry, location or title filters to search for the clients in your niche and then reach out to them.

Remember, your first focus must be on booking meetings rather than selling your services. During these meetings, clearly present your irresistible offer and then see how the clients are rolling in to seize the opportunity you’ve presented.

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Final Verdict

That’s all about how you can start an AI automation agency. We’ve explained the whole procedure from scratch, starting from niche research to scaling your business. So why delay? Grap the AI agency establishment opportunity right now to become the future millionaire. 

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