How To Use Room GPT? A Comprehensive Guide

How To Use Room GPT

Do you want to give your home or living room an eye-catching look without breaking the bank? Now you don’t need to pay dollars($$$) to interior designers as AI is all there to assist you in revamping your home. Say hello to Room GPT, an AI-powered tool to design your dream room.

Redesigning your home has never been easy with this amazing tool. RoomGPT has simplified the process; you just need to upload a picture of your room and then select a theme. Room GPT will perform its wonder and create a range of designs tailored to your needs and style.

In this article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about Room GPT, including what it is, how to use it, and a lot more. So let’s delve into the world of Room GPT!

What is Room GPT?

Room GPT is an AI-powered online tool that can help you transform your room from drab to fab without any cost. This new player in the market was created and published by Hassan El Mghari in March 2024 and has reached more than 1 million users milestone in just a few months after its release. 

The best thing about this tool is that it’s completely free and open source, ensuring its availability to anyone around the globe. RoomGPT uses the ML Model called the ControlNet to generate variations of the user-uploaded design, thus helping the users to create, customize and explore their favorite designs effortlessly.

RoomGPT has gone viral on tiktok and has received positive feedback from users worldwide. In the words of Ade Dada, Startup Founder, RoomGPT is an incredible tool that has eliminated the need for an interior designer. 

How To Use Room GPT?

How to Use Room GPT?

Room GPT allows users to upload an image of their room and then shows how it’ll look in different themes. If you’re wondering how to use Room GPT, below is a simple procedure that can assist you in designing your dream room.

1. First of all, visit the official website of RoomGPT and click on the button saying “Redesign your room.” Here you can select “Sign in with Google” to access your 3 free room generations trials.

roomgpt google sign in

2. Now take a picture of your room, dining area, home, or whatever you want to design, and click on the “Upload an Image” button to upload the image to the tool’s interface.

roomgpt upload image

3. Select the room type, and then choose from 9 available themes such as Coastal, Tribal, Modern, Vintage, Minimalist, Industrial, Tropical, etc. (Remember you can select a maximum of 4 themes at a time, each will eat up your 1 credit)

roomgpt render design

4. Finally, when you’re done with your selection, press the “Render Designs” button. RoomGPT will generate a design according to the selected theme.

5. Moreover, you have the option to customize the colors, furniture, and other elements within your room and then redesign or download the newly generated version of your room.

You can see how AI has changed your room’s look by just changing lighting, furniture, and color scheme.

How Does Room GPT Work?

Room GPT is an AI-powered tool that uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to understand your provided designs and generate a new room design based on the selected theme.

Basically, it uses an ML model called ControlNet that is hosted by   Upload, Vercel, and Replicate. These models generate different variations of your room. This model is basically hosted on Replicate, but the images are stored on Upload.

When a user uploads an image, it’s sent to the ML model using the Next.js API route. This model then generates the new design as per the user’s selected category and returns it after some processing, so the user can download the final design.

The Cost of Using Room GPT

Room GPT AI home decore tool is 100% free and open source but with limited features. When you sign up, you get only 3 free credits with access to all features, but if you want a faster response and high-quality designs, you can subscribe to any of the 3 available pricing plans that include:

  • Plan 1: Priced at $9, this plan provides you with 30 credits, enabling you to revitalize your home with your choice of themes.
  • Plan 2: This plan is the most popular, providing 100 credits for only $19.
  • Plan 3: Priced at $29, this plan provides you with 200 credits.
  • With all of these premium subscriptions, you can get early access to new features, can request advanced features, save your generated rooms, and access more styles, themes, and room types. Moreover, images generated with a paid plan can be used for commercial purposes also.
room gpt pricing
Amazing Fact: 

When you run out of credits in a premium plan, you don’t need to worry at all. Even with 0 credits, you can access RoomGPT and redesign your living area without any cost. Though there is a cap, you won’t be able to access premium features with 0 credits.

Key Features Of Room GPT

Using AI technology, Room GPT makes it easy to redesign your room with 9 different themes and visuals. Some of its main features are listed below that make Room GPT an amazing AI design tool.

  • Room GPT is a relatively fast designing tool and creates high-quality designs.
  • It’s easy to use. The user interface is simple so that anyone can upload their own photos without any hindrance and try out different designs.
  • RoomGPT is free for everyone, but you can pay for extra features if you want.
  • It gives you accurate ideas that match your style.
  • It’s simple and saves you time and money by letting you see your designs before implementing changes.

Some Limitations of Room GPT

We got the chance to talk with Leon Luo, associate director of Free Space Intent, about the limitations of Room GPT. One thing he pointed out is that some fake individuals might pretend to be pro interior designers. Still, actually, they’re just using tools like Room GPT to trick homeowners, even though they might not really know much about interior design.

He further added that RoomGPT could lead homeowners to expect impractical ideal looks for their spaces, as they might not be aware of the practical challenges and real-world technicalities.

Some of the common design limitations of this tool are listed below: 

  • Room GPT might generate impractical designs, like adding a pool in the living room.
  • It doesn’t support extensive design customizations.
  • RoomGPT is unable to handle detailed technical drawings that are the most part of on-site work.
  • It’s just a tool, so it can’t replace professional interior designers.


Interior AI, REimagine Home, Make by Design Space, and Room AI are some RoomGPT-like websites.

Yes, you can. As Room GPT is a web-based AI room decorating tool, you can access it through any device that supports web browsing and has a stable internet connection.

Room GPT is actually a fun and practical tool to get design inspirations and generate mock-ups. All the designing enthusiasts can use it to generate customized designs for rooms. Bear in mind that this tool can’t replace professional interior designers.

Final Verdict

All in all, Room GPT is an innovative technology that has revolutionized the interior designing industry. Based on AI-powered technology, this tool has made it easy for people to remodel their living space to a dream corner based on their uploaded image. Just capture your room in an image and then visualize its different designs and styles with a single click.

The user-friendly interface of this tool makes it stand out from all other competitors. It’s so straightforward that anyone can access its features for free. So what are you waiting for? Follow this “how to use Room GPT” guide to get started with this amazing AI technology and enjoy!

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