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Humata AI

  • Makes it easy to work with your files and collaborate using ChatGPT.
  • Creating reports is a breeze with Humata
  • Option to inquire about your documents,

Create reports really quickly

Humata.AI is a high-tech tool that helps you do research, learn, and create reports really quickly. It works like ChatGpt. It’s got cool features like answering questions instantly and writing things automatically. Humata makes complicated tasks easier, making work smarter and helping you learn faster. Use Humata.AI to discover new ideas and get more done in less time. 

On October 2, 2023, in Austin, Texas, Humata AI proudly revealed the successful conclusion of its most recent funding round. The company secured $3.5 million in funding from notable investors, including Google’s Gradient Ventures, ARK Invest led by Cathie Wood, M13, and several influential angel investors. Let’s explore its features, how it works, price, and more. 

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How Does Humata AI Work?

Upon receiving a user query about a document, the tool employs sophisticated text understanding techniques to comprehend the content, identify key concepts, and grasp contextual fine distinction to provide accurate answers. 

Key Features

  • Humata makes it easy to work with your files and collaborate using ChatGPT. It helps you learn and research super quickly, 100 times faster, to be exact.
  • Creating reports is a breeze with Humata. It can automatically summarize complex documents, making the whole process 100 times faster.
  • Humata AI enhances decision-making by simplifying knowledge discovery. You can gain a competitive advantage in your industries by asking questions across all your documents and receiving instant, automated answers.
  • You have the option to inquire about your documents, and Humata provides prompt and easy responses. 
  • When it comes to paper writing, Humata accelerates the process by generating fresh content from your files, resulting in a tenfold faster writing speed.

Pricing & Plans

  • Free:$0
  • Student: $1.99/ month |Academic rate only for customers with verified @edu email accounts
  • Expert: $9. 99/ month
  • Team$99/user/month: $99/mo
  • Enterprise: Custom

Benefits Of Humata.AI

1. File Interactions with ChatGPT

According to Khajvandi, Humata serves as a ChatGPT equivalent tailored for file interactions. You can inquire about PDFs and receive automated answers with highlighted references, ensuring accuracy through fact-checking. 

Originally designed to address inaccuracies in ChatGPT’s responses to scientific queries lacking context, Humata is gaining widespread popularity. Currently, Humata is rapidly gaining global adoption and finding traction across diverse industries with enterprise requirements.

2. Academic Research and Learning

Humata is really helpful for students and researchers who want to make their academic work easier. It speeds up the research and learning process by a lot, 100 times faster. It can take complicated papers and turn them into short summaries, making it quicker to understand and learn new things.

3. Professional Report Creation

For professionals who need to create reports, Humata is a fantastic tool. It can quickly generate detailed summaries from various documents, making it 100 times faster to put together comprehensive and well-organized reports.

4. Legal Document Analysis

If you’re in the legal field, like a lawyer, Humata can be a game-changer. It analyzes legal documents super fast, which helps you understand complex legal texts quickly. It speeds up decision-making and makes you more productive.

5. Instant Q&A Assistance

Humata has a cool feature where you can ask questions about any file, and it gives you quick answers. It is handy for clearing up doubts and getting clarity on different topics, making the tool even more useful.

6. Streamlined Paper Writing

For writers and authors, Humata is a great tool to speed up the writing process. It can create new content based on existing files, making it faster and more efficient to write papers, reports, and other written material.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Quick PDF upload and Q&A
  • Offers a free plan
  • Effectively grasps the purpose and content of a PDF


  • Not always accurate

Final Verdict

Humata.AI seems like a helpful tool for people and professionals who want to make difficult tasks easier, get insights fast, and boost productivity in their jobs. Additionally, the tool incorporates fact-checking mechanisms and cross-referencing information within documents to enhance the accuracy of its responses.

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