Complete List of ChatGPT Plugins With Prompts ( How To Use )

ChatGPT Plugins

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has officially rolled out plugins for ChatGPT Plus. Thanks to these plugins, ChatGPT now has access to real-time data, which has made people excited as well as concerned about how these plugins will potentially affect the way we interact with the internet.

The majority of the messes are likening these add-ons to the revolutionary launch of the app store by Apple, the world’s largest technology company by revenue. When we deeply analyze the possibilities, this comparison actually makes sense.

chatgpt plugins store

In this article, we’re going to provide you with the list of the best ChatGPT plugins released so far that have the ability to enhance various aspects of your life. We’ll discuss what these plugins are and how to use them with real-life prompts.

Whether you’re just looking for more enjoyment in your leisure time or want greater productivity in your work, don’t forget to go through the list; as you may not know, one of these plugins is going to completely transform your life in 2024, saving you lots of time and money.  


“Bear in mind, All ChatGPT plugins are only accessible through the ChatGPT Plus dashboard.”

 List of ChatGPT Plugins

 List of ChatGPT Plugins

1 – Klarna Shopping

Suppose you’re looking for a new mobile phone and want to ensure you grab the best deal. For this purpose, use the Klarna Shopping ChatGPT plugin that has the ability to search and compare prices of products from 1000s of online stores right from the ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

“Search for the cheapest online store from the internet selling Apple MacBook Pro.”

2 – Slack: Query Slack from ChatGPT

Do you need to search for a  specific piece of information in your previous  Slack conversations? Use Slack chatGPT plugging that can directly query Slack from ChatGPT to find your needed information efficiently.

 Prompt :

“Find the message containing the word ‘meeting’ in the #conversation.”

3 – Expedia: Your Trip Planner

Suppose you’re planning a trip but worried about accommodation, flights etc. Here comes the Expedia ChatGPT plugin to rescue you, as it can seamlessly plan your whole trip ranging from flights to accommodation.

 Prompt :

 “Find a cheap hotel in Tokyo for my trip on the 10th of next month”.

4 – Zapier: Automate Your Work with 5000+ Apps

If you’re a team lead looking to automate the whole work of your team, use the ChatGPT Zapier plugin. It can seamlessly integrate multiple applications like Google Docs, Google Sheets etc., to dramatically streamline your workflow.

 Prompt :

 “Create a workflow to integrate Trello with Slack.”

Vogue, To-Do, Lowers, Speechki

5 – Lowes: Find the Right Construction Tools 

Lowes ChtaGPT plugin can help you search for the right tools and materials that you may need while building your home. 

 Prompt :

“Search for the smart doorbells,” or “what is the price of Master paint.”

 6 – Vogue: Search Vogue Articles

If you’re a fashion enthusiast looking to read vague articles, then instead of scrolling through different browsing pages, use ChatGPT Vague plugin, as it can pull up and search through vague articles to make your fashion research more enjoyable.

 Prompt :

“Search for vague articles about 20s fashion trends.”

7 – Speechki: text to audio 

Speechki ChatGPT plugin can seamlessly turn your text (from book or notes) into audio right from chatGPT without the demand for downloading extra tools.

 Prompt :

 “Kindly turn my text notes into audio.”

8 -TODO ChatGPT Plugin

ChatGPT TODO plugin can manage your to-do list, ensuring you never miss important meetings or tasks. This is helpful for everyone juggling through myriads of activities.

 Prompt :

“Show me my meetings due Tuesday”.

FigGPT, Noteable, KAYAK,Langchain

9 – Noteable: Create Notebooks 

Notable ChatGPT plugin is a useful ad for data scientists and analysts, allowing them to create notebooks in SQL, Python, and Markdown within ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

“Create a new notebook in SQL.”

10 – FigGPT: Design using Figma 

The FigGPT plugin can help the designer to generate new ideas, edit existing designs, change styles and summarize design contents using Figma or Figjam without leaving ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

“Edit the headline of my latest product page.”

11 – LangChain Docs

Developers using the LangChain Python library in ChatGPT can now access up-to-date information about the library right within the ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

“Provide me with a complete tutorial about how to use LangChain Python Library.”

12 – KAYAK: Plan & Book Your Next Trip

If you’re a busy professional looking for a trip planner for your coming vacations, use the ChatGPT KAYAK plugin. It can make your next trip more enjoyable by assisting you in planning and booking your trip flights, car rentals, hotels etc., right from ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

“Book the 5 star hotel in Hawaii coming sunday.”

WeatherReport, CryptoPrices,NBA,Qdraunt

13 -Crypto Prices: Get the Latest Crypto Price 

The Crypto Prices plugin can access real-time information for any cryptocurrency directly within ChatGPT, helping cryptocurrency investors make informed decisions on their investments.

 Prompt :

“What is the current price trend of Ethereum.”

14 – Qdrant: Qdrant’s Documentation Searching Plugin

Are you a developer who needs to find the information on the Qdrant documentation? Use the Qdrant plugin in ChatGPT that can quickly search through the Qdrant documentation right from the ChatGPT dashboard.

 Prompt :

“Search the Qdrant’s documentation about vectors.”

15 – Weather report: Check the Latest Weather Update

Now you don’t need to install weather-checking apps to know the weather forecast. Use the ChatGPT weather report plugin to efficiently access the latest weather data of any city worldwide in seconds.

 Prompt :

“Provide me with the weekly weather forecast for New York”.

16 – NBA Plugin: Up-to-date NBA Information

Now you don’t need to search through multiple web pages and apps to get the latest information about the NBA (National Basketball Association), as the NBA ChatGPT plugin can provide you with up-to-date NBA stats and standings in seconds.

 Prompt :

 “Show me NBA stats for 2024.”

Open Table, Zilliz, Woltfram, Price Runner

17 – Zilliz Plugin – Search Through Documents

Zilliz ChatGPT plugin can interact and search through a large number of documents effortlessly directly within ChatGPT, saving you lots of time and energy.

 Prompt :

“Search for the word “new project deadline” in my documentation.”

18 – Open Table: Search and book Your Seat in restaurants

The Open Table ChatGPT plugin can make your dining experience easier and more enjoyable by searching and booking your seats in any of your desired restaurants worldwide.

 Prompt :

“Find the best Chinese restaurant in San Francisco.”

19 – Pricerunner

Pricerunner is like your personalized shopping plugin helping you find the perfect product deals. With the help of this plugin, you can save lots of time by getting personalized shopping suggestions directly in ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

“Compare the prices for Oppo A3S worldwide.”

20 – Wolfram: Compute Answers Using Latest Technology 

Suppose you’re working on your final year thesis, and you need mathematical functions, computational tools and references for your research paper. Use the Wolfram ChatGPT plugin, as it can curate up-to-date knowledge within chatGPT to streamline your research process.

 Prompt :

 “What is the total population of world as per the stats of 2024.”

all chatgpt plugins list

21 – Instacart: Order Grocery From your Nearest Store

Instacart is a grocery shopping plugin that can assist you in ordering groceries from your nearby store right within ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

“Order 3 dozens of eggs from my nearby store.”

22 – DesignerGPT: Generate a website within ChatGPT

Are you a small business owner or freelancer looking to develop your portfolio website? Use the DesignerGPT plugin that can help you generate a professional-looking website directly from ChatGPT, reducing the need for hiring expensive developers.

 Prompt :

“Design a 3 page e-commerce website.”

23- Chess – Play Chess with ChatGPT

We have amazing news for all chess enthusiasts. Now you can play Chess directly with ChatGPT to improve your skills using the Chess plugin. 

 Prompt :

“Suggest me some strategies on how I can improve my Chess moves.”

24 – Milo Family AI: Spend Quality Time with Your Family

With the Milo Family AI ChatGPT plugin, parents can get engaging activities ideas to transform their 20 minutes with their kids into magic.

 Prompt :

 “Plan a 20-minute fun educational activity for a 3-year-old kid.”

Send Email chatgpt plugins

25 – Send Email

As the name indicates, the Send Email ChatGPT plugin can draft and send professional emails directly from ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

“Draft and send an email to James welcoming him to our office.”

26 – DAN: Change ChatGPT’s Personality

Just like the DAN (do anything now) prompt, you can now use the DAN plugin to entirely change the ChatGPT’s personality to make your interactions with ChatGPT more enjoyable.

 Prompt :

“Change ChatGPT’s personality to a professional surgeon.”

27 – FiscalNote

The FiscalNote ChatGPT plugin can assist policy analysts in accessing real-time data sets related to legal and political purposes.

 Prompt :

“How many cases are registered in courts related to street crimes.”

28 – United Nations: Search Open Source UN Documents

If you’re conducting research on international human rights, you can use the United Nations plugin to directly access the open-source UN documents regarding human rights.

 Prompt :

“Search for latest UN documents on human rights.” 

Tutory, Golden chatgpt plugins list

29 – Golden: All-in-one Plugin

Golden is an all-in-one chatGPT plugin that you can customize to your needs for a more personalized experience with ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

 “Set up ChatGPT to provide me with the latest weather forecast.”

30 – Tutory: Your Personalized Tutor

Students and learning enthusiasts can now use the Tutory ChatGPT plugin to access quality tutoring services on demand anytime, anywhere.

 Prompt :

“I need a professional tutor for cellular Biology.”

31 – Kraftful – Help You Grow Revenue

Startups seeking to discover product-market fit and expand their user base can leverage the Kraftful plugin. By integrating it into ChatGPT, entrepreneurs gain access to invaluable insights and efficient strategies, enabling them to expedite their growth trajectory.

 Prompt :

 “Provide me the strategies to scale my user base effectively.”

32 – Shimmer: Track Your Meals

The Shimmer Plugin assists users to monitor their meals and receive personalized suggestions for healthier food options directly within ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

“I’m on diet, suggest me some healthier meal options for breakfast.”

Redfin, Zillow

 33 – Portfoliopilot: Your All-in-one Investing Guide

With the help of the Portfoliopilot plugin, ChatGPT can become your personal investment advisor. Use this plugin to get information about investment guides and different investment strategies directly within ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

“What is the right time to invest in stocks?” 

34 – OWD: Get the Perfect One-Word Domain for Your Business

If you’re going to register a domain but confused about how to choose the right domain name, then use the OWD plugin. Describe your business, and this plugin will suggest a one-word domain name that best describes your business, all using ChatGPT Plus.

 Prompt :

“Suggest me a one word domain name for my new clothing business.”

35 – Zillow: Real Estate Marketplace

If you’re considering buying a new home, use the Zillow plugin, the leading real estate marketplace. It allows you to explore different listings, check out home specifics, compare prices, and even set up viewings, all from ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

“Find a 2 bedroom house for sale in New York City.”

36 – Redfin: Your Housing Market Research Partner

The Redfin plugin ChatGPT plugin can help real estate investors conduct deep housing market research for their next investment or house.

 Prompt :

“Find a house in Italy within a $400k – $500k budget.”

Tasty, TableLog

37 – Tasty: Discover New Recipes and Meal Plans 

As the name indicates, the Tasty ChatGPT plugin is all about food. It can help you discover meal plans, new recipes to make cooking a more enjoyable experience for you.

 Prompt :

 “What is the recipe for fried rice.”

38- Giftwrap: Get Gift Ideas, Shop Them and Ship them all Within ChatGPT

Giftwrap plugin ChatGPT plugin can give you personalized gift recommendations. Not only this, Giftwrap can even help you shop for the gift and then arrange shipping all on a single place, ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

“Suggest me a gift for my wife who loves art.”

39 – Hauling Buddies

Hauling Buddies ChatGPT plugin can help you search for trusted and reliable animal transporters in your area. This is useful to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort while transporting them from one place to another.

 Prompt :

“Find animal transport service in Staten Island.”

40 – Tablelog – Restaurant Researcher in Japan

If you’re traveling in Japan, you can enhance your dining experience by using the Tablelog plugin. This ChatGPT plugin allows you to easily discover restaurants in Japan that have real-time availability.

 Prompt :

 “Book a table for 5 in a sushi restaurant in Osaka today.” 


41 – SEO CORE AI: Analyze and Optimize your website’s SEO

If you’re a new entrepreneur with a small business who’s just launched a website and wants to ensure its SEO-friendliness, use The SEO CORE AI plugin. This ChatGPT ad-on uses AI to analyze your website’s SEO and give suggestions for improvement.

 Prompt :

 “Analyze my website’s SEO and tell me if it’s going in the right direction.”

42 – Podcast search: Find New Podcasts

If you’re a regular podcast listener, then the ChatGPT Podcast search plugin is for you. This plugin has the ability to explore new podcasts from Podcastindex using ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

“Find popular podcasts on science.” 

43 – MixerBox News

Use the MixerBox News ChatGPT plugin to catch up on current affairs and the latest news delivered to you.

 Prompt :

“Get me the latest news about sports.”

44 – Boolio: Analyzing Global Stock Values

To become a successful stock marketer, you must have a close eye on the latest stock values. For this purpose, you can use the Boolio plugin, which has made it easy to analyze real-time global stock values right within ChatGPT. 

 Prompt :

“What are the latest stock trends for Microsoft .”

Yabble, Argil Ai

45 – Argil Ai: Generate Images Within ChatGPT

Graphic designers now don’t need to spend hours to give their imagination the visual representation. Simply describe the design that you’ve imagined in your mind, and the ChaGPT Argil Ai plugin will create an image within seconds.

 Prompt :

“Generate an image of a rainy day on a beach.”

46 – Yabble: Create Surveys, Collect Data and Analyze

Researchers can now employ the Yabble plugin within ChatGPT to create and share surveys, gather information, and even conduct basic data analysis. This integration saves time and enhances the efficiency of research procedures.

 Prompt :

“Create a survey on the effect of climate change on human beings.”

 47 – CreatiCode

The CreatiCode plugin has the ability to show the scratch program as an image, allowing you to create 2D /3D programs by utilizing the creative extension directly within ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

 “Help me write a program for 3D animation in Javascript.”

48 – Algorithma: Create Virtual Life

The Algorithma plugin allows users to mimic real-life situations, discover various possibilities, and enhance their decision-making abilities in the real world, all directly within ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

 “Create a real life scenario for an entrepreneur’s life.” 

49 – Vivian Health: Healthcare Job in Your Favorite Area

If you’re a healthcare professional looking for new job opportunities, the Vivian Health plugin is here to assist you. With this plugin, you can easily find healthcare jobs in your preferred location right within ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

 “Show me the list of nursing jobs in Italy.”

GameBase Open Lecture

50 – Tomorrow Io: Plan According to the Weather

Imagine you’re organizing a weekend trip, and you have doubts about the weather. The Tomorrow Io plugin comes to the rescue by providing you with a weather forecast. It assists you in arranging and adjusting your activities based on the predicted conditions.

 Prompt :

“What will be the temperature in New York this Sunday?”

51 – Open Lecture: Get access to the Academic Content

Open Lecture plugin explores and opens access to the exact topic/right moment in open-source lectures directly from the ChatGPT dashboard for targeted learning.

 Prompt :

“Search and open the lecture explaining Newton’s laws.” 

52 – GameBase: Get Gaming Info

GameBase ChatGPT plugin has access to the real-time latest gaming information. If you’re a gaming lover who is always looking for new games, you can use this plugin to Chat and get game info directly from ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

“Provide me with the list of latest trending games with 4.5 star rating.”

53 – ChatWithVideo: Interact Directly with YouTube Videos

Now ChatGPT can do wonders beyond what a person can think, thanks to its plugins. One of the most famous plugins among tech enthusiasts is ChatWithVideo, which allows users to seamlessly query, analyze and then parse through Youtube videos directly from the ChatGPT interface. 

 Prompt :

 “Show me a video explaining the benefits of using ChatGPT.”

Currency Converter

54 – Statis Fund Finance: Financial Data Tool

The Statis Fund Finance ChatGPT plugin is a handy tool for finance professionals needing up-to-date financial data. This plugin offers a financial data tool that can seamlessly analyze finance equities.

 Prompt :

“Show me the financial data for Microsoft.” 

55 – Currency Converter

The Currency Converter plugin has the ability to interconvert foreign currencies based on the latest rates.

 Prompt :

“Convert 10 USD to British Pounds.”

56 – Local – Support Local Business

The Local by GoodCall ChatGPT plugin helps you to explore and support local services, restaurants, shops etc.

 Prompt :

 “Find clothing stores near me.”

57 – Penrose Analyst: Get Updates on Global Affairs

If you’re a policy analyst or a researcher who needs real-time global news and research papers, use the Penrose Analyst ChatGPT plugin that helps you access the latest global news and research papers directly within the ChatGPT interface.

 Prompt :

 “Show me a recent research paper about the effect of technology on human life.”

Visla, Xpapers

58 – Visla: Creating videos

This plugin is particularly important for content creators who urgently need to generate short videos for posting on social media platforms. This plugin can collect public stock footage based on your interest and then create a short video from them in seconds right within ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

“Generate a short video for an Instagram reel about rainy days.”

59 – Creature Generator: Create Characters in Role Playing Games

Suppose you’re a Dungeon Master getting ready for the upcoming game night. You should use the Creature Generator plugin, which is designed to generate random creatures and provide accompanying images for use in your role-playing games to enhance your gaming experience.

 Prompt :

“Can you generate a random creature for a boss battle?”

60 – Xpapers: Your Academic Research Partner

If you are a researcher who requires scholarly articles for your research paper, you can utilize the Xpapers plugin. This plugin enables you to discover real academic papers on arXiv, along with references and abstracts, thereby simplifying your research process.

 Prompt :

“Find the list of latest research papers about technology.”

61 – ImageSearch

The ImageSearch ChatGPT plugin can search and display high-quality images from Unsplash as per your requirements right from the ChatGPT dashboard.

 Prompt :

 “Display images of ancient culture.” 

Tic Tac Toe

62 – Tic Tac Toe: Quick Gaming Fun

ChatGPT is not just an AI chatbot but a gaming partner. With the help of the ChatGPT Tic Tac Toe plugin, you can play your favourite game Tic Tac Toe with different board sizes directly from ChatGPT.

 Prompt :

“Start a new Tic Tac Toe game with some extra challenge.”

63 – Magnetis: Digital Wealth Manager

If you’re a budding investor and require assistance with managing your investments, then use the Magnetic ChatGPT plugin. It’s an excellent digital wealth manager that can effectively guide you throughout your investment journey by offering updated information on portfolio returns.

 Prompt :

“Suggest me some improvements in my portfolio returns.” 

64 – ChatSpot: Access to Marketing Data

The ChatSpot plugin is useful for marketing professionals who need marketing/sales data, company research, domain info and keyword analysis to streamline their workflow. 

 Prompt :

“Provide me with the list of top trending keywords on sales data.”

65 – Klook: Planning Travel Experiences

The Klook plugin can plan your dream vacation tour as it can find unique experiences, tours, hotels, and transport options right within ChatGPT, saving you lots of time and energy.

 Prompt :

“Find and book a room in a 5 star hotel in San Francisco.”


66 – – Your Personal SEO Assistant

SEO app plugin is a free SEO assistant for content marketing that can help bloggers optimize their blogs for SEO.

 Prompt :

“Find the SEO score of my latest blog post.”

67 – Abridged Due Diligence: Discover Financial Details

Imagine you work as a financial analyst and have the task of conducting due diligence for potential investments. In such a scenario, the Abridged Due Diligence plugin can be a valuable tool for you as it allows you to search through recent SEC filings and provides convenient links to in-depth analyses directly within ChatGPT, making your research more insightful.

 Prompt :

“Show me the complete report on the latest SEC filings for Amazon.”

68 – PortfoliosLab: Financial Portfolio Analysis

The PortfoliosLab ChatGPT plugin can analyze diverse financial portfolios, including stocks, ETFs, funds, crypto, risk metrics, volatility and historical performances helping investors to make informed decisions. 

 Prompt :

“Analyze my portfolio performance and suggest some improvements.”

69 – CreditYelp: Perform Financial Calculations

The CreditYelp plugin can help you refinance your mortgage as it provides you with access to essential financial calculators for detailed repayment and payoff terms directly within the ChatGPT interface.

 Prompt :

“Calculate the yearly payment for a 10 year mortgage with a 5% interest rate.”

Giga Tutor

70 – Giga Tutor: Personalized Tutoring

For students seeking additional support, the Giga Tutor plugin proves to be incredibly beneficial. It provides AI-powered personalized tutoring, delivering precise answers that are tailored to match their individual needs.

 Prompt :

“Explain the simple integration rules.”

71 – DAIZY: Asset Performance Analyzer

The DAIZY plugin helps you gather insights about crypto, stocks, and ETFs and assists performance, risk, and sustainability, allowing you to make informed decisions based on the data.

 Prompt :

 “Show me the sustainability report of my current assets.”

72 – Clinical Trial Radar

The Clinical Trial Radar plugin offers real-time info on global clinical trials, biomarkers organizations, and diseases, helping healthcare professionals research new treatments for a specific disease.

 Prompt :

“Find the latest clinical trials on Cancer.”

73. FundsDB: Find Funding Opportunities

If you’re an entrepreneur in Uk looking for a funding opportunity, the FundsDB plugin is particularly for you. This plugin assists you in discovering funding opportunities in India and the UK, enhancing your chance to secure funding.

 Prompt :

“Explore funding opportunities in the UK for new startups.”

I Am Rich all chatgpt plugins list

74 – I Am Rich: Literally, it does Nothing

It’s a bit useless ChatGPT plugin that does nothing except suggest a few funnier tricks. Only prompt “I am rich”, and it will show you an image of how you can celebrate your success.

 Prompt :

“I am rich! what should I do?”

75 – Career Copilot: Hunts Job for You

Career Copilot is an always-on assistant, ChatGPT plugin that can help software developers to hunt and apply for suitable jobs.

 Prompt :

“Show me the list of the latest software developer jobs in California.”

76 – RoboAd: AI-powered Ad Assistance

If you’re a digital marketer looking for assistance with your ad campaigns, use the RoboAd ChatGPT plugin. It’s your AI-powered Ad Assistant that can analyze, create, and optimize ads for better results.

 Prompt :

 “Analyze the progress of my Facebook ad campaign.” 

77 – Creatuity Stores

The Creatuity Stores plugin streamlines your online shopping by integrating multiple online stores, thus assisting you to search for your desired product across all of them at the same time right from the ChatGPT dashboard.

 Prompt :

“Compare prices for Nike volleyball shoes across all local stores.”

CoinCap all chatgpt plugins list

78 – Competitor PPC Ads: Analyze Competitors’ Ad strategies

The Competitor PPC Ads plugin assists you in uncovering your competitors’ ad strategies just by entering their website and providing you with insights to optimize your own ad campaign.

 Prompt :

“Explore the PPC ads strategy of my competitor .”

79 – CoinCap: Cryptocurrency Information

CoinCap is a powerful tool for cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking to track the latest market trends. This ChatGPT plugin provides users with real-time cryptocurrency information, helping them make informed trading decisions.

 Prompt :

“Show me the latest value of Bitcoin.”

80 – Photorealistic: Create Illustration Prompts 

If you’re looking for creative ideas for your next illustration project, then try the Photorealistic ChatGPTplugin that can generate detailed prompts for your illustrations, pushing your productivity to new levels.

 Prompt :

“Generate a prompt for a magical world illustration.”

81 – QuakePH: Stay Updated about Earthquakes

If you’re living in an area prone to seismic activity, like the Philippines, then use the QuakePH plugin that can monitor earthquake probability, and then you with the latest earthquake updates to let you get prepared for any emergency situation.

 Prompt :

“Show me the magnitude of the latest earthquake in the USA.”

Decision Journal

82 – Decision Journal: Make Better Decisions Now

For anyone looking to improve their decision-making skills, ChatGPT Decision Journal is there. This plugin enables you to monitor all of your decisions and then review them periodically and suggest improvements, thus helping you develop the habit of better decision-making. 

 Prompt :

“Review my decision to go abroad with little savings.”

83 – World News – Stay Informed about Global Events 

The World News plugin is a must for anyone as it collects the most important global news stories, with context and complete analysis directly within the ChatGPT interface, allowing you to stay in the loop and well-informed about current affairs.

 Prompt :

“Show me the latest news headlines about elections in the USA.”

84 – ABC Music Notation

The ABC Music Notation ChatGPT plugin can provide musicians with musical scores and transcriptions, helping them compose new pieces of music, transcribe existing melodies etc, right from the ChatGPT dashboard. 

 Prompt :

“Transcribe the melody line of “Baby baby, yes mama” into ABC notation.”

85. Zumper Rental: Find Perfect Rental Home for You

If you’re considering shifting to another city, Zumper Rental may prove your perfect search partner. This plugin can help you find a rental home tailored to your needs in your desired area.

 Prompt :

 “Find a single-bedroom rental home in San Francisco.”

Final Verdict

All in all, we’ve tried our best to provide you with the list of the most important ChatGPT plugins with example prompts to use them. With these plugins at your fingertips, from decision-making to trip planning and research, there is something new for everyone to explore. So why wait? Subscribe to ChatGPT Plus today to access these plugins and unlock a whole new level of creativity and productivity.

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