Microsoft Brings AI to the News

Microsoft Brings AI to the News

How will the newsrooms of tomorrow appear? Now, Microsoft Brings AI to the News platform to enhance the content delivery.

Yesterday, Microsoft partnered with news organizations to introduce generative AI like Microsoft 365 Copilot. As billions of people prepare to vote in elections worldwide this year, journalism plays a crucial role in boosting healthy information environments. Their goal, alongside the industry, is to support newsrooms in innovating to meet present and future needs.

Through these collaborations, they aim to assist organizations in adopting and responsibly using AI in their news gathering and operations. They’ll also train the next generation of reporters on the most effective AI practices and explore how AI can improve efficiency and sustainability in newsrooms for years to come.

How To Boost Journalism with AI Collaborations?

  • Semafor will collaborate with us to use AI tools to help journalists with research, finding sources, and translation. This will help journalists provide their audience with various reliable sources.
  • The Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY will offer a tuition-free program for experienced journalists to learn how to use AI in their work. The AI Journalism Lab, led by Nikita Roy, will explore AI applications in journalism.
  • The Online News Association will provide support and opportunities for journalists and newsroom leaders to navigate the AI ecosystem. Their AI in Journalism Initiative will explore the possibilities of AI in newsrooms and experiment with AI tools to reach more audiences and ensure sustainability.
  • The GroundTruth Project will add an AI track to its programs to make reporting and newsrooms more efficient and sustainable.
  • Nota, a startup focusing on AI tools for newsrooms, has expanded to over 100 newsrooms with support from Microsoft. Their tools help newsrooms reach new audiences and tailor content better to audience needs. They will soon release a new tool called PROOF to assist journalists and editors in improving content reach.

These collaborators aim to educate, experiment, and scale AI solutions for the news industry. They will have access to Microsoft’s expertise and technology and will share their findings with the wider industry.

They aim to help newsrooms grow audiences, streamline tasks, and build sustainable operations using AI technology. They aim to support thriving newsrooms that are crucial in informing the world.

Their commitment to sustainable journalism includes reducing risks, restoring trust, and rebuilding capacity in news ecosystems through the Democracy Forward program.

Our Perspective

Journalists are central to these efforts. They know their communities, understand how to reach them, and play a vital role in democracy. Their goal is to support journalists in their mission, not replace them.

Overall, these collaborations highlight the potential of AI to enhance the newsroom of the future.

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