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Olympus Ai : Amazon Dedicates Team to ‘Olympus’ AI Model


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It’s exciting to see AI evolving with major players like Amazon investing heavily in innovative projects such as ‘Olympus Ai.’ 

This colossal 2 trillion parameter model is designed to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which showcases the intense competition in the AI field.

Is Amazon’s AI titan poised to establish itself as a prominent contender in the AI landscape? Let’s dive into the details.

📰In Today’s Ai Newsletter, We Will Learn:

  • Amazon Developing Enormous ‘Olympus’ Competitor to ChatGPT
  • Samsung Embedding Products with Innovative ‘Gauss’ LLM
  • 10 Best AI Chrome Extensions
  • 5 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Twitter Marketing
  • Quick Updates 

📦Amazon Dedicates Team to ‘Olympus’ AI Model

Olympus AI

Amazon is significantly increasing its investment in artificial intelligence. It aims to compete with tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI. The e-commerce giant is reportedly dedicating millions to train a massive language model (LLM), codenamed “Olympus,” with a staggering 2 trillion parameters. 

It could position it as one of the largest models in development, surpassing even OpenAI’s GPT-4, which boasts one trillion parameters. That’s a big deal! It could make it one of the largest AI models in the world, even bigger than GPT-4, which has 1 trillion parameters.

Key Details of Amazon’s Olympus Project

  • Olympus is anticipated to be an innovative project, with its immense scale of 2 trillion parameters setting it apart as a frontrunner in the AI world.
  • Guided by Rohit Prasad, previously in charge of Alexa and currently Amazon’s chief scientist for advanced AI. This highly intelligent model is equipped with an impressive 2 trillion parameters. This substantial capability could position it as one of the most advanced AI models globally.
  • Amazon thinks that using advanced models like Olympus, which they create themselves, could make them better than others, especially when it comes to their cloud computing service, AWS.
  • Amazon faced setbacks with its earlier language model, ‘Titan,’ which encountered delays following the launch of ChatGPT. The executive people admitted that ChatGPT is better, so now they’re working extra hard to improve Olympus.

Our Analysis

While Amazon may be trailing behind competitors, its substantial resources and expansive market reach position it to narrow the gap quickly. The integration of a massive language model into everyday consumer tech, like Alexa, could mark another pivotal moment in the widespread adoption of AI technology. 

Additionally, Amazon’s access to consumer purchase data gives Olympus a special training dataset. This unique dataset could provide Olympus with insights not easily replicated by others.

📱Samsung Releases New ‘Gauss’ LLM

Samsung Releases New ‘Gauss’ LLM

Tech giant Samsung has officially entered the Language Model (LLM) arena by introducing its new generative model named ‘Gauss’ at the company’s AI Forum. 

Gauss is ready to change how we use language, write code, and create images. Samsung is dropping hints that it might use Gauss in its next products, like the much-awaited Galaxy S24 phone.

Key Details of Amazon’s Olympus Project

  • Samsung emphasizes that Gauss’s on-device AI functionality will be pivotal in future products. Speculation is rife about its integration into the upcoming Galaxy S24, showcasing the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of on-device artificial intelligence.
  • To ensure responsible development, Samsung has established an AI Red Team dedicated to ethical and secure AI practices. Additionally, Gauss uses on-device processing to prioritize user privacy, aligning with Samsung’s commitment to safeguarding user data.
  • Gauss exhibits a threefold competency, excelling in Language, Code, and Image generation. The Language aspect enables the model to generate emails, summaries, and translations. 
  • The Code specialization is geared toward coding tasks and workflow optimization, while the Image capability enables Gauss to create new visual content and modify existing images.

Our Analysis

Samsung’s foray into the competitive LLM space was anticipated, given the industry’s trajectory towards advanced AI integration. While the specific advantages of Gauss over existing leaders remain unclear, Samsung’s focus on potential consumer integration presents a significant opportunity. 

🛠️10 Best AI Chrome Extensions

10 “Best” AI Video Generators

🔎 Perplexity AI:

It is a Chrome extension designed for summarizing web pages, functioning as an intelligent browser companion.

  • Generates immediate summaries of web pages
  • Provides easy access and portal search links for efficient exploration 
  • Easily ask questions about domains and landing pages
  • Provides Pro Version Enhancements

📅 ClickUp:

It is an all-in-one project management solution that integrates seamlessly with the ClickUp Chrome Extension, consolidating diverse features for improved productivity.

  • Automatic Summarization
  • Easily turn identified action items in notes
  • Attach emails, screenshots, or web pages to tasks 
  • ClickUp offers a web app, mobile apps (iOS/Android)

🧮 Seamless.ai:

Seamless.ai is a powerful AI-driven Chrome extension designed for sales teams, serving as a B2B sales lead search engine.

  • Verified B2B Contact Information
  • Import lead generation notes effortlessly into Salesforce, HubSpot,
  • Gain valuable insights about prospects, including intent data
  • Enhanced Outreach Effectiveness

⚡️ Jasper:

Jasper.ai is an AI-powered text generation tool that collaborates with human creativity, expediting the marketing workflow by producing high-quality, AI-generated content. 

  • Generate various content types, including social media posts and blogs
  • Employ AI writing on any web-based word processor
  • Tailor the tone of each piece of content to align with your brand
  • Transform existing content into new formats

📧 Compose AI:

It is a Chrome-exclusive AI writing assistant that offers simplicity for users seeking an efficient text generation tool.

  • Quickly write and reply to emails 
  • Enhance professionalism, friendliness, or fun in your writing 
  • Generate entirely new content based on prompts
  • Seamless integration into Google Chrome for efficient content creation 

📢 ChatGPT for Google:

It is based on OpenAI’s GPT-4, which is a free AI chatbot Chrome extension that provides side-by-side results with search queries. 

  • Provides Original Content Creation
  • Helps in Rephrasing and Summarizing
  • Use as a Research Assistance
  • Works on various search engines within the Chrome browser

🕵️‍♂️ Grammarly:

It is a widely-used proofreading Chrome extension that corrects grammar errors, offers sentence rephrasing suggestions, and includes a plagiarism checker. 

  • Real-Time Grammar Corrections
  • Receive suggestions for rephrasing sentences 
  • Detect accidental plagiarism before publishing 
  • GrammarlyGO offers AI assistance for rewriting 

🖼 Speak AI:

It is an audio-to-text conversion tool with a built-in AI chatbot, Speak Magic Prompts, and facilitates the transcription of audio content.

  • Create transcripts of audio content from various sources
  • Use Speak Magic Prompts to ask questions about the transcript
  • Automatically extract insights from the transcript through analyses
  • Capture audio from any webpage for transcription

🐱‍💻 Otter.ai:

It is designed for meeting transcriptions, offering an AI chatbot for answering questions during meetings. 

  • Quickly transcribe audio from team meetings to create meeting minutes.
  • Automatically capture slides to add to meeting notes.
  • Provides information as Assistance
  • Gives video conferencing platforms like Zoom

🐱‍💻 AnyPicker:

It simplifies data scraping with its AI-powered platform, eliminating the need for coding skills. It automatically recognizes data patterns.

  • Simultaneous Web Page Crawling
  • Download images automatically as part of the data extraction process.
  • Works around anti-scraping detection programs
  • Save formulas for future use, enabling quicker data extraction

🎁5 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Twitter Marketing

5 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Twitter Marketing

If you want to grow an audience and make money on Twitter, then you need to be aware of the latest and current trends happening right now on the platform.

But what on earth does that mean for you?

Yes, you’ll know exactly how to boost your tweets. How to get more followers? How do you reach an audience and make more money on Twitter?

Supercharge your growth with the help of ChatGpt to create tweets and format threads easily.

1. Writing Twitter Content


“I aim to build interaction on my Twitter account by sparking a discussion on [topic]. Please assist me in creating a tweet that will inspire engagement and redirect traffic to my website. Also, give hashtags related to [topic].”

2. Building Trust


“I’d like to create a tweet spotlighting a success story or testimonial related to [business/industry]. Can you assist me in creating a tweet that effectively highlights the advantages and impact of [product/service]?”

3. Automating Twitter Growth


“I’m aiming to streamline my Twitter [your content] growth plan. Could you help me generate a list of hashtags relevant to [target audience] and help create a tweeting and retweeting schedule?”

4. Generating Twitter Ads


“How can I enhance my Twitter ad targeting approach for [product/service] to engage with [demographic/interest/behavior] audience? Can you propose inventive methods to connect with my target audience interested in [topics/keywords], and [also interested in/not interested in] [additional topics/keywords]?”

5. Going Viral On Twitter


“I’m aiming to boost my Twitter followers! Can you assist in crafting a tweet featuring a giveaway or contest linked to [topic/brand]? Also, make it engaging with some relevant hashtags.”

So follow along and nail these hacks, and you’ll be the next creator with hundreds of thousands of followers to your name.

🔥Quick AI Updates Must Read

Google is expanding its SGE to over 120 new countries, including Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. The expansion allows more users to access SGE through Google’s Search Labs program. New features include a “ask a follow-up” text box, enhanced translation prompts, and the ability to hover over coding and health terms in search results.

NVIDIA’s latest Eos supercomputer, equipped with over 10,000 H100 Tensor Core GPUs, sets a new benchmark by training a 175 billion-parameter GPT-3 model in under four minutes. This accomplishment surpasses its previous record by three times, showcasing significant advancements in AI training speed.

Wrapping Up!

Overall, today’s newsletter covers Amazon’s investment in AI, AI trending tools, and ChatGPT prompts for Twitter marketing, along with quick updates on Google’s SGE expansion and NVIDIA’s Eos supercomputer breaking AI training records.

What are your thoughts on today’s newsletter? Your feedback is invaluable in helping us enhance our content!

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