The OpenAI GPT Store is Set to Launch Next Week

OpenAI GPT Store

OpenAI is ready to kick off the year 2024 with a bang.

Yesterday, OpenAI sent an email to individuals, including the author, who has previously designed and deployed custom GPTs using the GPT Builder. The email is as follows OpenAI GPT Store is Set to Launch Next Week:

OpenAI GPT Store is Set to Launch Next Week

What is the OpenAI GPT Store? 

The OpenAI GPT Store is a feature on the ChatGPT website that offers individuals using OpenAI’s tools an opportunity to earn money while showcasing their creations to a broad audience. To build customized GPTs for the platform, one must utilize OpenAI’s GPT Builder, which is a relatively uncomplicated and straightforward process, especially when compared to programming other software.

Individuals will have the opportunity to generate and market their GPTs for financial gain. This platform will enable users to easily share, explore, and monetize their customized GPT creations.

Why is the GPT Store so Hyped?

The significance of this development hinges on whether it marks a pivotal “App Store moment” for GPTs. The GPT Store introduces discoverability and revenue-sharing features, potentially establishing a unique distribution platform. It could start a new time for people who create AI, encouraging more progress on OpenAI’s system.

Thinking about Apple’s success with the App Store makes me think of OpenAI’s GPT Store. Apple’s App Store, which started in 2008, makes a lot of money for developers and Apple. Apple takes a 30% cut from sales. But, it has faced problems with antitrust lawsuits. OpenAI’s GPT Store is similar, raising some concerns, just like Apple’s App Store.

When is the unveiling date of the OpenAI GPT Store?

The GPT Store, originally scheduled for November, experienced a delay amid leadership changes at OpenAI. Originally scheduled for a November launch, the store faced delays due to OpenAI’s hectic month, marked by the dismissal and subsequent rehiring of CEO Sam Altman.

The initial target shifted to December but was further postponed. Starting from January 8-13, 2024, creators utilizing OpenAI’s new GPT Builder can market and monetize their tailored GPT models through this platform.

GPT Store Launch Details

  • OpenAI is contemplating a revenue-sharing model based on community usage, allowing creators to earn from their unique GPTs.
  • A leaderboard will showcase the top GPTs in the store, and OpenAI will highlight exceptional creations in various categories.
  • Conversations are not shared with the GPT builder, and users can choose to keep their GPTs private and internal.

GPT Store For Acces and Revenue-sharing

Even though GPTs have been accessible to Plus users, the forthcoming store will open the opportunity for anyone, regardless of their subscription status, to sell or purchase custom GPTs. It remains uncertain whether the GPT Store will implement a revenue-sharing initiative upon its launch.

During DevDay, Altman emphasized the significance of sharing revenue. He expressed the intention to reward individuals creating highly valuable and widely used GPTs with a share of the revenue generated by the GPT store.

What GPT Builders Should Know?

People who want to create things using GPT need to follow some rules. They have to carefully read and follow OpenAI’s updated rules and guidelines for using their technology. Also, they need to confirm their profiles and make sure to share their creations with the public. This way, they can be part of the GPT Store in a smooth and compliant way.

Our Perspective

OpenAI’s GPT Store is set to revolutionize the AI marketplace, empowering creators and ushering in a new era of innovation and accessibility. As we anticipate the store’s launch, its impact on the AI industry is expected to be significant. 

OpenAI’s commitment to ethical AI practices ensures that the marketplace is not only innovative but also trustworthy. The GPT Store is more than a product release; it’s a visionary step into a future of endless AI possibilities.

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