OpenAI Introduces Tags in GPTs

OpenAI Introduces Tags in GPTs, GPT Mention

In November 2023, OpenAI introduced custom versions of ChatGPT tailored for specific purposes, known as GPTs. Premium users of ChatGPT gained the ability to craft their own GPTs using the app’s interface, without needing coding skills. Now OpenAI introduces tags in GPTs, GPT Mention. This makes it simpler to use GPTs in chats because you can now directly call on them by typing ‘@’ without having to search through the GPT Store.

OpenAI claims that when these specialized GPTs are put into action, they get better at their assigned tasks over time, becoming more efficient and smarter. According to OpenAI, GPT creators have the opportunity to make money on OpenAI GPT store based on how many people use their GPT. But Now with the introduction of tags in GPTs it has become easier to earn money in less time. So, try it now!

Expanding its business model, OpenAI also launched a OpenAIGPT store where users can create GPTs categorized by productivity, education, or just for fun. These creations can be shared publicly, and once in the store, they become searchable and can compete on leaderboards.

GPT Mention ‘@’ is important because it saves time and effort for users, making it easier to add GPTs into conversations whenever needed. Let’s dive in and see how this can lead to some amazing multi-bot experiences!

What’s About GPT Mentions ‘@’?

OpenAI has quietly added a new feature called ‘GPT mentions’ to ChatGPT. This feature lets users easily bring custom bots into a conversation by tagging them, similar to how you mention someone in Slack.

OpenAI’s latest feature, ‘GPT mentions,’ has smoothly brought GPTs into user routines, paving the way for exciting collaborations with AI experts in every chat.

key Points Of GPT Tags ‘@’

Here are the key points:

  • To use the beta feature, you just type ‘@’ during a ChatGPT chat, and it shows you a list of GPTs you can mention and use.
  • This improvement makes it easier to use GPTs in chats, as you can call on them directly instead of going through the GPT Store.
  • Mentions also make it possible to bring in multiple GPTs into one chat, making workflows smoother and boosting productivity.
  • Dan Shipper noticed the feature first on X, but OpenAI hasn’t officially announced it yet.
  • The feature seems to be rolling out slowly to ChatGPT premium users, with only a few getting early access.

OpenAI’s new ‘GPT mentions’ feature in ChatGPT is a big deal for teaming up with custom bots. It makes it easy to work together and get more done, without any hassle. Now, just by typing ‘@’ and the name of the bot, you can call it into action right away, without having to search around. This saves time and makes things smoother. With ‘GPT mentions,’ you can even bring in multiple bots into one chat, making things even more efficient.

Our Perspective

While mentions might seem like a small update, they’re actually a big deal. Being able to use multiple GPTs in a chat brings us closer to having a team of expert AI agents working together, and now, it’s just an ‘@’ away!

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