OpenAI’s GPT Store is live Now! Make money with GPT Store

OpenAI's GPT Store is live Now

Do you Know? OpenAI’s GPT Store is live Now! OpenAI has now opened the GPT Store to the public, though it’s rolling out slowly after a few delays. This store has different GPTs for things like Programming, Education, Productivity, Lifestyle, and more. You can access OpenAI’s GPT Store if you’re a ChatGPT Plus user. It lets you make, talk to your special GPTs and make money.

The community has already crafted over three million GPTs, joining OpenAI’s creations like DALL-E for making images and Laundry Buddy for stain removal. Initially set for a November release, the store was delayed for system review. This delay provided developers with extra time to design custom bots that can be trained on new data or provided with specific instructions.

Another notable update is the introduction of GPTs with memory. These GPTs can learn from previous conversations, providing more relevant responses over time. You can manage what the GPT remembers, and OpenAI plans to roll out this feature more widely. Much like Figure 01 acquiring the skill to brew coffee by observing humans, the GPT Store enables developers to enhance language models through observation and specific instructions.

ChatGPT Teams Plan

ChatGPT for Teams has been introduced, offering a larger 32,000 context window. Teams also get higher message caps on DALL-E 3, access to GPT-4 with vision, browsing, advanced data analysis, and a secure workspace for collaboration. The cost for the ChatGPT Teams plan is $25 per user per month, billed annually.

gpt store pricing

Will the GPT Store Offer a Revenue Program? 

OpenAI plans to launch a GPT builder revenue program in Q1, allowing US builders to earn based on user engagement with their GPTs. The monetization details will be shared closer to the launch of this feature. The GPT store will be regularly updated with new GPTs, and you can also contribute your GPTs to the store.

How To Make Money On The GPT Store?

OpenAI has announced plans to launch a GPT builder revenue program in Q1. The program aims to allow GPT builders to earn money based on user engagement with their GPTs. Here are the steps mentioned to make money from the GPT store potentially:

1. Create Unique and Engaging GPTs

To increase user engagement and potential earnings, focus on creating GPTs that offer unique and valuable features. The more interesting and useful your GPT is, the higher the chances of users engaging with it.

2. Participate in the GPT Builder Revenue Program

Once the GPT builder revenue program is launched, you will likely need to opt into the program. Details about the criteria for payment and how engagement is measured will be provided by OpenAI. Ensure your GPT complies with their terms of service to be eligible for the program.

3. Promote Your GPT

Actively promote your GPT to attract users. Share information about its capabilities, features, and how it can benefit users. The more users engage with your GPT, the higher your potential earnings.

4. Provide Quality and Value

Users are more likely to engage with and continue using a GPT that provides genuine value. Focus on creating a GPT that meets users’ needs and solves problems effectively.

5. Understand Monetization Details

Keep an eye on updates from OpenAI regarding the GPT builder revenue program. They will provide specific details on how payments will be structured, including any revenue-sharing models.

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How To Use the GPT Store?

Here are the steps on how to use the GPT Store.

1. Login to Your ChatGPT Account

 Access the GPT Store by logging into your ChatGPT plus account.

2. Explore GPTs

On the left side of the interface, click on “Explore GPTs” to access the GPT Store.

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3. Navigate the GPT Store

In the GPT Store, you’ll find different sections, including featured GPTs and trending GPTs.

  • Featured GPTs are selected by OpenAI each week.
  • Trending GPTs are likely the most downloaded and popular ones.

4. Browse Categories

The GPT Store is organized into categories such as DALI GPTs, writing GPTs, productivity, research and analysis, programming, education, lifestyle, and more. Use the quick access menu to explore GPTs in specific categories.

5. Search for GPTs

Utilize the search function to find specific GPTs. For example, you can search for GPTs related to YouTube.

6. Select and Download GPTs

Choose the GPTs that interest you and download them to enhance your ChatGPT experience.

7. Create and Share GPTs

If you have your own GPT creations, you can contribute to the GPT Store by saving and sharing them. OpenAI conducts a review process to ensure compliance with terms of service.

8. GPT Store Updates

The GPT Store is regularly updated with new GPTs every week.

9. Explore the GPT Builder Revenue Program

Keep an eye out for updates on the GPT Builder Revenue Program. OpenAI plans to launch this program in Q1, allowing GPT builders to earn money based on user engagement potentially.

10. Opt into the Revenue Program

Once the GPT Builder Revenue Program is launched, GPT builders can opt into the program.


OpenAI will provide details regarding payment criteria and engagement metrics.

Final Verdict

As OpenAI introduces the GPT Store and plans a revenue program, you can tap into a world of possibilities. Crafting unique GPTs, staying updated, and engaging users can lead to monetization. 

Additionally, OpenAI addressed the New York Times lawsuit, stating that the training data used was fair use, and they are working to minimize regurgitation, a rare bug, in their models. So, embrace the innovations and opportunities within the GPT Store.

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