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Roketfy is an innovative and data-driven platform designed to offer intelligent tools and services, assisting Etsy sellers in enhancing their sales. It is your virtual listing assistance that uses smart technology to analyze your prices on Etsy and receive practical suggestions to boost your sales. You can also explore the best artificial intelligence stocks under $10.

It makes Etsy’s success easy with its Smart Score System. It helps improve your listings and get more attention with features like SEO, AI Title Suggestions, and a handy Listing Checklist. Let’s explore its features, how it works, price, and benefits.

Roketfy Reviews

Key Features

Here are its top-notch key features that set apart from other dropshipping tools like Alura, Menea, and Spocket:

1. Listing Checker

It effortlessly enhances your Etsy listings and improves your rankings. Etsy listing assistant analyzes your product listings, compares them to top-performing Etsy listings, and provides practical recommendations for optimization. 

2. Product Discovery

You can discover profitable products to sell on Etsy with ease and utilize smart filters to identify high-demand, low-competition products across categories. Also, find unique inspiration that aligns with your niche and preferences.

3. AI Reviews

It maximizes your sales potential by turning customer feedback into valuable insights, boosting your Etsy store’s ratings.

4. AI Description Writer

You can transform your product descriptions with Etsy listing assistant. It generates SEO-friendly and high-quality descriptions 10 times faster.

5. Keyword Research

With this tool, you can uncover the best-fit keywords in real-time with accurate suggestions, making your Etsy shop more visible to potential customers.

6. Competitor Analysis

Its competitor research feature thoroughly examines products, stores, and keywords of other sellers. It provides you with valuable insights to keep ahead of the competition in the market.

7. Smart Score System

Roketfy’s Smart Score System analyzes Etsy prices and provides practical suggestions to boost sales. This feature may offer a unique approach to optimizing listings compared to other tools.

8. AI Reviews

Roketfy’s AI Reviews feature turns customer feedback into valuable insights, boosting Etsy store ratings. This functionality may provide more in-depth analysis compared to similar tools.

Pricing & Plans

  • Keyword Research: Priced at $5.75 per month with annual billing.
  • Professional: Available at $8 per month with annual billing.
  • Premium: Offered at $36 per month with annual billing.

Benefits Of Roketfy

Here are its benefits.

1. Enhance Your Listings with Optimization Tool

You can elevate your Etsy store’s search rankings and sales by utilizing a powerful Listing Optimization feature. This tool meticulously assesses product listings, comparing them with the best-performing ones on Etsy, and delivers actionable recommendations for optimization.

2. Discover Lucrative Products

Uncover profitable items to sell on Etsy effortlessly using its Product Discovery tool. Smart filters and trend analysis help identify high-demand, low-competition products across all categories, offering tailored inspiration that aligns with your specific niche and preferences.

3. Gain Valuable Customer Insights

It goes beyond sales by transforming customer feedback into invaluable insights. The AI Reviews feature analyzes customer feedback, generating comprehensive review reports for your listings. This insight not only contributes to elevating your Etsy store’s ratings but also provides continuous opportunities for enhancing customer service.

4. Enhanced AI Performance

Improving the AI Writer’s performance and accuracy can make a significant difference. By fine-tuning the algorithms, it can offer more precise and tailored product descriptions, giving sellers an edge in attracting customers.

5. Customization Options

Offering more customization options for listings can set it apart. It allows sellers to tailor their listings according to their brand identity and the target audience and can enhance their competitiveness and appeal.

6. Integration with External Tools

Providing easy integration with external analytics tools can add value to Roketfy. Sellers often rely on various analytics platforms to track performance and make informed decisions. Enabling integration with these tools can streamline workflows and enhance user experience.

7. Advanced Competitor Analysis

Going beyond basic competitor analysis, it can offer more advanced features. This could include predictive analytics, trend forecasting, and actionable insights derived from competitor data. By enabling sellers with comprehensive competitive intelligence, Roketfy can help them stay ahead in the market.

8. Personalized Recommendations

Implementing a personalized recommendation engine can elevate it’s value proposition. By analyzing seller preferences, past performance, and market trends, it can provide tailored recommendations for product optimization, pricing strategies, and product discovery. This approach can enhance user engagement and satisfaction.


  • Listing Optimization Powered by AI
  • Comprehensive Product and Keyword Research
  • Valuable Customer Feedback Insights


  • AI Writer Performance Falls Short
  • Limited Customization Options for Listings
  • Minimal Integration with External Analytics Tools


Roketfy offers three pricing plans:

  • Keyword Research: $5.75 per month with annual billing.
  • Professional: $8 per month with annual billing.
  • Premium: $36 per month with annual billing.

At present, Roketfy’s integration with external analytics tools may be minimal. However, the platform may expand integration options in the future to enhance user experience.

Roketfy is designed to assist Etsy sellers in enhancing their sales, making it suitable for sellers looking to optimize their listings, discover profitable products, and gain insights from customer feedback.

Roketfy may offer a free trial period for users to explore its features and determine if it meets their needs before committing to a subscription.

Final Verdict

In short, Roketfy is like a helpful friend for people selling things on Etsy. It uses smart technology to make your items stand out and sell better. The platform checks your product listings, suggests improvements, and helps you find great products to sell.

With features like AI Reviews and an AI Writer, it turns customer feedback into useful insights and creates better product descriptions faster. It’s like having a secret weapon for your online shop!

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