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Runway AI

In the ever-evolving world of digital media, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in video creation has opened up Pandora’s box of new possibilities. An amazing tool that’s making waves these days is Runway AI. This AI software has completely transformed our perspective on video creation.

Now you don’t need to spend hours on creating professional-looking videos. With runway AI’s Gen-2, you can create a video from simple text prompts.

Just describe a scene (“A person working on a laptop in a modern office”), and then, almost in the blink of an eye, the scene transforms into reality before you. A downloadable video that perfectly captures this moment unfolds in front of your eyes.

Doesn’t that excite you? Well, my friend, you’ll be by the end of this read. Let’s take a closer look at what Runway AI is and how to use Gen-2, the 2nd generation of Runway AI software. 

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What is Runway AI?

Runway AI is a creative suite of AI-powered tools for content creation. It can prove a game changer for video creators as it allows users to perform advanced video editing techniques irrespective of their level of expertise. 

Runway AI has advanced tools that can remove/change the background of any video, remove or replace any part of the video, and many more using AI. 

However, Runway AI isn’t putting the brakes on at that point. It’s pushing the boundaries of video editing to a whole new level, thanks to its Gen-1 and Gen-2 upgrades, that’s shaping the next era of art and creativity.

Runway AI

Runway Gen-1 – Quick Overview

Before making a dive into “how you can use Runway AI’s Gen-2”, it’s important to understand its roots. In February 2023, Runway launched its 1st child, named Gen-1, in the video creation market. 

The Runway Gen-1 model harnesses the power of AI to create new videos from existing ones. It allows you to remodel any of your videos by applying new compositions and styles (either from text or image) to it.

Consider you’ve recorded a video of yourself standing in a garden with your phone camera. Now you can instruct Runway Gen-1 to turn that video into a scene where you’re surrounded by beautiful butterflies, and boom!

Within seconds, Gen-1 will change the whole scene for you, providing you with an enhanced, professional video.

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Runway Gen-2 – Quick Overview

After the success of its initial model, Runway AI announced the release of its 2nd generation Runway Gen-2 in March and officially launched it in June 2023. This model opens up the doors to a whole new world of video creation. With Gen-2, you can generate a video from scratch with simple text prompts.

Currently, Gen-2 is available as a web-based AI video generator as well as an iOS app for smartphones. It basically expands the capabilities of Gen-1, allowing users to create high-quality videos with a broader range of customization options.

It’s as simple as typing in a message or a description and then letting the AI do its magic. However, don’t let its simplicity deceive you. Deep within its core, Gen-2 is a powerhouse of AI technology capable of producing a range of video compositions, styles, and sequences.

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What Runway Gen-2 Can Do for You?

Runway Gen-2 is going to change the whole face of AI content creation. Now you can bring simple text prompts or static images to life. Yes, you read the right; this is possible all because of AI. 

Suppose you’re in need of a video containing a person jumping from an airplane. Now you’ve 2 options:

  • Go to the airport or anywhere else and create the scenario to shoot that video.
  • Browse the internet to find such a video and buy it.

These options are time taking and can cost you more than you think. What if I tell you you can get a similar video for free without going out of your comfort zone? Create the relevant images using Midjourney and then upload these to Runway Gen-2, which will generate the video from provided static images.

If you’re so lazy that you can’t even provide the images, simply describe your required scenario, and Gen-2 will harness the power of AI to convert words into a video. As you’ve entered the era of AI advancements where:

“What you can say , you can see now.”

How to Use Runway AI Gen-2 – Turn Images / Text to Videos

Here is the complete step-by-step guide you can follow to generate videos from images or text prompts using RunwayML Gen-2:

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Step#1 – Access Runway Website

Open your web browser and type It’ll take you to the Runway account sign-up page. Create your account or choose “Login with Google.”

Runway account sign-up page

Step#2 – Understand the Interface

Just after logging in, you’ll land on the RunwayML software’s interface. Here you need to click on the “Gen-2 – image/text to videos”. It’ll redirect you to a new page containing a prompt box. Here you’ll see 2 options for input, image, and text, so choose the one that suits your preferences.

RunwayML software’s interface

Step#3 – Generate Video

If you want to generate a video from a text prompt, then in the prompt box, precisely describe the scenario and then click “Generate.” In case you want to turn an image into a video, then first dig into your photos gallery to find an image or generate a customized image using Midjourney. For best results, try to set the image ratio as 16:9. 

Generate Video

Step#4 – Save and Export the Video

Once done, you can preview the final video, and if you’re satisfied with the results, then simply save or export the video. You can also share the video directly on your social media platforms.

Save and Export the Video

Use Cases of Runway Gen-2 

Just after the release of Runway Gen-2, it became popular and received many positive ratings. Recent research indicates that approximately 73.53% of users now favor Gen-2 over Stable Diffusion 1.5, and an even more substantial 88.24% prefer it over Text2Live.

This clearly demonstrates how reliable Gen-2’s results are. As a result, you can confidently employ it across a diverse range of use cases, which include:

  • Gen-2 can generate quick and customizable video ads for advertisers.
  • Social media content creators can use it to create eye-catching content.
  • Gen-2 image-to-video is useful for content creators who are looking for cost-effective ways of content creation.
  • Educators can use it to create visual content for specific subjects.
  • Movie and drama makers can use it to generate treasure trailers.

Pricing Options for Runway Gen-2

RunwayML offers 4 subscription plans; the 1st one is a basic free plan that provides users with 125 credits and restricted access to advanced features. It’s important to note that under the free plan, users are limited to generating 4-second videos from text, with each second requiring 5 credits.

For faster processing time and more video editing options, users can upgrade to standard, pro, or unlimited plans that cost $15,$35, and $95, and grant 625, 2250, and limitless video credits per month, respectively. However, when users select to pay annually, they’ll receive a 20% discount on all plan subscriptions.

Pricing Options for Runway Gen-2

Limitations of Gen – 2 Text to Video

While RunwayML Gen-2 stands out as a premier software within its category, it does exhibit certain limitations that are important to mention:

Being an AI-powered tool, it possesses its own unique way of interpreting prompts. Engaging with it is like collaborating with an obstinate cinematographer. It doesn’t always yield the precise shot you had in mind; at times, it can generate unrealistic and strange outcomes.

It’s important to note that AI-generated content doesn’t achieve photorealistic standards. Upon comparing AI-generated results to a Dissolve video, we reached the point that the Dissolve clip looked considerably more authentic and of superior quality. The AI-generated content seems artificial and manufactured, even when utilizing the upscaled version of Gen-2.


The results from Gen-2 basically depend on the provided prompt. In order to get the best results use precise and specific prompts that may typically include the shot, style, action, lighting, and setting of the video.

Runway AI Gen-2 uses the power of machine learning and deep neural networks to interpret text prompts and generate corresponding videos.

Final Verdict

All in all, in the world of AI video generation, RunwayAI has become a game changer. Though it still has room for improvement, its ability to transform text prompts into videos alone has welcomed the new world of creative possibilities.

Whether you’re a content creator, filmmaker, and just tech enthusiast who wants to bring your ideas to life, this amazing AI tool is worth exploring. So, why delay? Sign up for RunwayML now, and boom!

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