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  • Streamlined Note-Taking
  • Learning Marketplace
  • Boost Professional Development

Learn Faster With Shiken

Shiken Ai is a special learning app that combines AI tutoring, quizzes, mindfulness, and game design to create a personalized and enjoyable learning experience. It offers various features like mindfulness techniques, goal-setting, note-taking, and a learning marketplace with expert-verified resources. 

Shiken is designed for creators, tutors, teachers, schools, and businesses. It aims to make learning fun, whether you’re learning alone or with friends, in real-time, or at your speed. Your progress is safely saved in the cloud.

In a recent survey, 96% of learners who utilized Shiken AI reported accomplishing higher grades within shorter learning times. It is underscoring the platform’s effectiveness in academic achievement. Let’s explore its features, price, and benefits and how it works.

shiken ai review

How Does It Work?

Shiken operates through a multifaceted approach to enhance the learning experience. Using AI technology the platform integrates various tools and features to prioritize ‘’Secure Data Handling’’.

It ensures that user information is protected with certified security measures, allowing users to focus on their learning goals with confidence. To use this tool you need to create an account. After selecting the stage and subject, you will be able to use it according to your preferences.   

Key Features

  • Shiken is an all-in-one learning app that employs AI to assist you in learning twice as fast, leading to better grades in less time. 
  • The platform offers live quizzes, courses, flashcards, and multiplayer challenges, adding an interesting and engaging dimension to the learning experience.
  • It incorporates mindfulness exercises to assist learners in maintaining focus and staying calm during their study sessions.
  • You can create smart notes, access a vast question bank, and use various study tools for a better learning experience. 
  • It enables you to set your learning goals, tracks progress, and offers personalized support.

Pricing & Plans

  • Pricing for Schools: School Standard: Free first teacher and £10-additional teacher / School Pro: £1500-year
  • Pricing For Work: Starter: £399-Month / Growth: £699-Month / Scale: £1099-Month / Corporate: £1999- Month
  • Pricing for Creators: Free / Starter: £39-month / Pro: £99-month / Teams: £147-month

Benefits Of Shiken

1. Streamlined Note-Taking

Save valuable time with Shiken Notes, a powerful note-taking tool designed for focused learning. It crafts beautiful, smart notes effortlessly, accessible across all your devices through cloud synchronization. 

It bookmarks essential questions directly within your notes, enabling targeted review sessions to deepen your understanding. You can conveniently snapshot notes and slides using your phone, streamlining your note-taking process and enhancing your learning journey.

2. Learning Marketplace

Start a learning adventure with Shiken Store, your comprehensive marketplace for educational resources. Access expert-verified question sets, exams, and courses customized to meet your microlearning requirements. Engage in active recall, AI-driven learning, and spaced repetition, all contributing to a more efficient and effective learning experience.

3. Remote Education

Now, empower remote education with Shiken for Schools, facilitating distance learning and assignments. You can conduct live sessions in class or over the video, efficiently manage students, and track their progress using Shiken’s Learning Management System (LMS).

4. Boost Professional Development

You can drive professional development with Shiken for Work, enhancing training, continuing education, and employee/customer onboarding. You can also leverage Shiken’s microlearning LMS to boost usage, satisfaction, and retention.

5. Informed Decision-Making

You can utilize Shiken’s learning analytics to gain valuable insights into learning patterns and progress. You have an opportunity to make informed decisions to optimize your learning strategy and achieve your educational goals.

6. Secure Data Handling

Shiken AI prioritizes your data security. With certified security measures, focus on your content creation goals while Shiken AI keeps your sensitive information secure and protected.


  • Tailored learning experience
  • Learning with game elements
  • A diverse array of features


  • Insufficient details on effectiveness
  • Potential for a learning curve 

Final Verdict

Shiken stands out as an innovative learning companion, blending AI tutoring, quizzes, mindfulness, and game design for a personalized and enjoyable journey. With features like streamlined note-taking, a diverse learning marketplace, and tools for remote education and professional development, Shiken caters to a broad audience.

While the platform excels in fostering engagement, its effectiveness details may need refinement. However, the secure handling of user data reinforces confidence in Shiken’s commitment to an easy and protected learning experience.

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