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Speechify Ai is a powerful and versatile text-to-speech application that offers a range of features to enhance the reading experience for users. The application’s ability to transform text into high-quality audio, support multiple languages and accents, and provide customization options for playback speed make it a valuable tool for various purposes.

Explore the capabilities of Speechify, an innovative text-to-speech application designed to revolutionize your reading experience. Immerse yourself in content in more than 30 languages and diverse accents while customizing the playback speed to suit your preferences. Elevate your learning, enhance productivity, and promote accessibility to reading for everyone.

Speechify Text to Speech Voice Reader

Key Features

  • Speechify seamlessly transforms text into high-quality, lifelike audio, enabling users to listen to books, documents, and web pages on the fly.
  • With support for over 20 languages, the app provides a range of natural-sounding voices and accents to cater to individual preferences.
  • You can fine-tune the reading speed to match their pace, with the option to accelerate up to 5 times faster with the Premium plan.
  • It is available on iOS and Android and as a Chrome extension
  • Speechify ensures cross-device accessibility, allowing users to enjoy their content wherever they go.
  • The app’s versatility extends to scanning printed documents and importing PDF files, simplifying the conversion of various content types into engaging audio formats.

Speechify Pricing Plans

1. Speechify Limited (Free)

  •  Monthly Pricing: Free
  •  Annual Pricing: Free

2. Speechify Premium

  • Monthly Pricing: $11.58/month
  • Annual Pricing: $139/year

3. Speechify Audiobooks

  • Monthly Pricing: $9.99/month
  • Annual Pricing: $199/year

Benefits Of Speechify

  • Enhance your efficiency by utilizing Speechify ai to listen to articles, documents, and emails during your commute or while multitasking. Transform idle moments into valuable learning opportunities as you absorb information effortlessly through audio.
  • Elevate your language comprehension skills by immersing yourself in content from various languages. 
  • With Speechify, turn any text into an audio experience, making language learning an accessible and enjoyable journey.
  • Enable individuals facing challenges such as dyslexia, ADHD, or visual impairments by providing a seamless way to consume written content. 
  • Speechify serves as an inclusive tool, offering an audio alternative that promotes easier accessibility and a more enriching experience for diverse users.


  • User-friendly for visually impaired users, providing a seamless experience.
  • Reads content faster than average, saving time for efficient consumption.
  • Available on iOS, Android, and Chrome extensions, ensuring flexibility across devices.


  • Comparatively expensive compared to other text-to-speech options, potentially limiting user adoption.

Final Verdict

Speechify is a commendable choice for those seeking a comprehensive text-to-speech solution with a focus on accessibility, accelerated reading, and language learning. However, potential users should carefully consider their budget and weigh the cost against the features provided. 

If the pricing aligns with your priorities and the benefits meet your needs, Speechify could be a valuable tool for enhancing your reading experience, language learning, and productivity. Step into a world of enriched reading, accelerated learning, and enhanced accessibility with Speechify where every word comes to life.

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