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  • It can understand any topic or concept
  • Quick Flashcard Generation
  • Complex Concepts Breakdown

Companion for over 600,000 students and teachers

Studyable Chat uses AI to help students and teachers with various study tools. It offers things like flashcards, study guides, essay feedback, and a chat function for personalized learning. The AI uses smart algorithms to make these features work well, providing an effective study solution for users. Over 600,000 students and teachers use Studyable.

Regarding Studyable, an important query arises: Can teachers detect ChatGPT within the platform? This question is relevant considering its feature enables ChatGPT to view images, allowing you to seek assistance with various visual content. Additionally, it can view images. You can upload or paste images, and Chat will be able to see them. This feature is handy for asking questions about images, diagrams, or anything else you need assistance with.

Let’s explore its features, price, and benefits and how it works.

Studyable review

How Does It Work?

Studyable’s AI works by using smart algorithms to do different things. It makes flashcards, sets up quizzes, and gives feedback on essays. The chat feature uses a method called spaced retention to help you learn and remember things better. The AI also makes simple summaries of textbook info and explains tough concepts in an easier way for you to get.

Key Features

  • Chat is adept at solving math problems, including word problems. It can also perform advanced calculations to provide more precise and accurate answers to your mathematical queries.
  • Connect with AI assistants that can help you with math problems, browse the web, and even understand images. It is perfect for getting homework and study assistance.
  • You can receive immediate, personalized feedback on your essays. You can also get actionable suggestions and recommended rewrites to improve your writing.
  • It quickly generates complete sets of flashcards using your notes, syllabus, or textbook.
  • It can understand any topic or concept with explanations provided in both simple and more complex terms. 
  • An adapted version of Studyable designed for educational institutions, offering enhanced features for collaborative learning and academic support.
  • Studyable for Enterprise provides advanced tools and features to meet the specific needs of businesses and institutions on a broader scale. You can also learn how to build Chatbots by this tool.

Who Uses Studyable Chat?

Studyable is used by different kinds of people who want different things from it:

1. Students

Students from elementary school to university can use Studyable chat to help them with their studies. It helps them make assignments, solve math questions, write homework, make notes, etc. 

2. Teachers

Teachers can use Studyable to give their students extra help and more stuff to learn from. Teachers can get extra knowledge about a topic from different aspects.

3. Schools and Companies

Schools and businesses can use Studyable’s tools to make learning fun and interesting for their students or employees. This tool can make the learning process easier for teachers to teach students properly.

Pricing & Plans

  • Contact sales

How Can You Access Studyable for Free?

You can try out Studyable’s features for free, giving you a taste of what the platform can do without cost. It allows you to explore and see if it is right for you.

What about Free Trials?

If you’re interested in the premium features of Studyable, you might be eligible for a free trial period. During this trial, you can test all the advanced features before deciding whether to subscribe.

Benefits Of Studyable Chat

Here are the benefits of Studyable’s AI tool.

1. Summarization of Textbook Content

Studyable’s AI can summarize textbook content for you. It breaks down the key information in each section or chapter, providing concise and easy-to-understand summaries to help you grasp the main concepts quickly.

2. Creation of Entire Study Sets

With Studyable, it can generate entire study sets for you. It includes compiling relevant information from your notes, syllabi, or textbooks into organized sets. It’s a handy feature to streamline your study process and have all the necessary information in one place.

3. Quick Flashcard Generation

Studyable can help you create flashcards in a snap. Using your notes, textbook content, or syllabus can swiftly generate flashcards to assist you in reinforcing key facts and concepts. It’s a great way to reinforce your learning through repeated review.

4. Multiple-Choice Questions

It can formulate multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for you. These questions serve as a tool to assess your understanding and reinforce your learning. They provide a best way for you to test your knowledge and identify areas that need further review.

5. Complex Concepts Breakdown

If you come across complex or challenging concepts, Studyable can help. It can break down these intricate ideas into simpler terms, ensuring you have a clearer understanding. This way, you can approach even the most difficult subjects with confidence.

6. Explore the Web with Chat

Chat is capable of browsing the web, which means it can smartly look for information on the internet and explore web pages. It allows you to ask about recent events or share a website link to inquire about its content.


  • Personalized essay feedback
  • Chat function for learning
  • User-tutor interactions
  • Improve writing quality
  • Instant grade on essays
  • Subject diversity


  • No integration with LMS
  • No capacity for live tutoring
  • No offline accessibility

How Can You Get Support with Studyable?

You can contact support using the two methods given below.

1. Online Assistance

If you need help or have questions, visit Studyable’s support page. There, you’ll find useful information and answers to common queries. 

2. Contacting Studyable

For personal assistance, you can contact Studyable through their contact page. They’re there to help you out with any issues you might have.

Integrations and API Access

Studyable can do even more when it works with other software. To stay updated on what integrations are available and how to access Studyable’s API, check out Studyable’s official resources or contact their support team.

What are User Reviews and Testimonials?

People who use Studyable chat often say it’s effective and easy to use. Reviews can give you an idea of how it has helped students and teachers. You can find testimonials and reviews on the its website or other review websites.


Studyable chat gives you some stuff for free, but if you want all the cool features and extra help from AI, you’ll need to pay. The free version still gives you a taste of what it can do.

While Studyable currently doesn’t integrate directly with other learning management systems (LMS), there are plans to implement such integrations to enhance the user experience.

Studyable’s institutional and enterprise versions offer features specifically designed for collaborative learning. It enables group study sessions and user interaction.

Currently, Studyable primarily operates as an online platform. However, there are considerations for introducing offline access in future updates to cater to users who prefer studying without an internet connection.

Yes, Studyable’s AI is continuously trained to understand various subjects and concepts, including niche topics. If you encounter any difficulties, Studyable’s AI is there to help you navigate through even the most specialised content.

Final Verdict

Studyable chat is like a really smart helper for students and teachers. It helps over 600,000 people learn better. It does cool things like giving feedback on essays, letting you chat and ask questions, and making study tools like flashcards. 

Even though it’s pretty awesome, it has a few things to work on, like teaming up with other learning systems. But overall, it makes learning fun and easy, which turns it into a cool show with lots of exciting features. 

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