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Taplio AI

Personal branding on linkedIn can work as fuel to generate more leads. But how can you grow your personal brand? All that it needs is hard work, consistency, and, above all, a growth mindset. 

Let me introduce an AI-powered tool that can turn your LinkedIn account into a lead-generation machine! Try Taplio, among the best LinkedIn growth tools at your disposal. This tool can help you grow your personal brand in less time and uses its dedicated database to help you find leads 10x faster. 

That’s the reason the team members of top companies in the world, like Ford, Lemlist, Prezi, Qualtrics, Outreach, Pinterest, and Penske, are using Taplio.

What Is Taplio Ai?

Taplio is an AI-driven LinkedIn growth tool that claims to foster your brand in just 10 minutes a day. Yes, you read it right! Taplio harnesses the power of OpenAI’s, the company behind the development of ChatGPT, the latest language model called GPT-4 (Generative pre-trained transformer-4).

Whether you’re a content creator, consultant, freelancer, or a brand-building agency, this powerful tool can streamline your whole LinkedIn journey. Imagine having a virtual helper that can make your LinkedIn posts better, plan when to post them, and check how much your LinkedIn network is growing and bringing you new contacts, all thanks to the magic of AI and automatic processes.

What Is Taplio?

Benefits of Taplio at a Glance

The 4 no brainer offers by Taplio are:

  • It saves your time by writing bulk content in just 10 minutes.
  • It saves you money, as you no longer need to hire a social media team.
  • Taplio assists you in finding 10x faster leads. 
  • Increases your brand mentioned by 1000x / month, thus indirectly assisting you to make more money.

Main Features of Taplio

Taplio can help people grow faster on LinkedIn in several ways:

Create More, Better LinkedIn Content with AI

Taplio is powered by GPT-4, which can craft engaging content for LinkedIn posts, brainstorm fresh ideas, rewrite any of your favorite posts, and more. 

With its 4 million plus viral posts and news library, this AI tool can create viral content for you and provide you with content recommendations based on your niche and interests.

 Features of Taplio

Schedule and Manage LinkedIn Posts at Blazing Speed

Creating content is great, but posting it at the right time can do wonders. With Taplio, you can sechdual your whole month’s posts with 1 click on the “Add to queue” button.

Taplio uses the power of AI automation to boost your posts and thus drive more business results for you. With this tool, you can get a high-fidelity preview of your posts to see how these will look after posting. Last but not least, you can re-order your posts later on according to the scenario. 

Schedule and Manage LinkedIn Posts at Blazing Speed

Build Relationships

That being said, your network is your net worth. The same is true for linkedIn. Taplio helps you engage with your LinkedIn network either in comments, posts, or direct messages. 

It imports the list of account that like, comment, or share your latest posts and then create content according to your audience’s liking in order to build a strong relationship with them.

LinkedIn Analytics

Taplio provides you with an easy-to-understand overview of your and your team members’ linkedIn KPIs (key performance indicators) to see what is working best for you. 

It not only provides statistics but goes deep into your old posts and suggests how you can improve your performance. It can also utilize AI to rewrite your previous content to make it more engaging.

LinkedIn Analytics

Use Cases of Taplio

If you’re a social media manager and your boss wants you to write content in large quantities, but you’re feeling lazy, then don’t worry! Use this AI power tool to write 1 month’s worth of high-quality linkedIn content in just 10 minutes.

If you’re a company owner, then it’s time to fire your social media team. Why should you pay more than $2000 a month for a task when you can get the best done for just $ 39? Log in for Taplio and subscribe to its “starter” plan, which can cost you only $39/ month with annual billing.

Taplio ai can optimize your linkedIn profile, create solid content, engage in commenting, and conduct automated linkedIn outreach to generate more leads than your business can handle.

Use Cases of Taplio

Taplio Pricing Plan 

Taplio offers 3 pricing plans with annual billing.

  • Starter plan: It costs only $39 a month. With this subscription, you can create high-quality content and sexual posting to get more results.
  • Standard Plan: It’s the most popular plan that costs $55/ month. It has all the features of a starter plan plus advanced AI-powered functionalities.
  • Pro Plan: It costs $149 a month and provides higher limits on AI features in addition to all that is included in the standard plan.
Taplio Pricing Plan
Good News:

If you’re someone you can’t afford Taplio subscriptions, simply go for a 7-day free trial, use the Taplio LinkedIn growth tool for free, and boom!

How to Get Started with Taplio?

  • Visit the Taplio official website (https://taplio.com/), create an account, and purchase any of the 3 subscriptions. You can also click Get Started for free to enjoy a 7-day trial.
  • Login to Taplio and connect your LinkedIn profile with it.
  • Once done, you can access all of the features of Taplio and optimize your Linkedin presence.
  • Using Taplio is straightforward, and at every step, you’ll get clear instructions and guidelines.

Who Can Use Taplio?

This is the era where working smarter ensures your success in every field. So, anyone looking to grow faster on LinkedIn can utilize this tool. This may include:

  • Content Creator
  • Freelancers
  • Founders
  • Branding agencies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Large organizations
  • Students and every individual who can afford Taplio has a LInkedIn account.

Taplio Chrome Extension

If you want to check your LinkedIn analytics, your overall growth, and top-performing posts without leaving linkedIn.com, then you can download the free Taplio Chrome extension.

Final Verdict

All in all, Taplio stands out as the best linkedIn growth tool empowered by AI. Through this tool, individuals and businesses can take their linkedIn personal branding to the next level thanks to its amazing features tailored to boost users’ LinkedIn marketing strategies. So why delay? Create your free account today and start your journey with Taplio.

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