The ‘ChatGPT for Music’ Is Here!

The 'ChatGPT for Music' Is Here!

An innovative tool Udio ”ChatGPT for Music” is developed by former Google DeepMind researchers in 2024.

In November 2023, Google DeepMind and YouTube did reveal an AI music generation model, Lyria. A new platform, created with the help of Google DeepMind’s advanced AI music model ‘Lyria,’ is in the works. 

They’ve started with a project called ‘Dream Track,’ which makes 30-second AI vocal songs based on written prompts. They’re also developing more tools that let musicians make music by humming melodies and change the style of their tracks easily. Its features are:

  • Creates both instrumentals and vocals.
  • Maintains complex rhythms, melodies, and vocals throughout a song.
  • Generates 30-second music with AI vocals mimicking chosen artists for YouTube Shorts.
  • Generate instrumentals from hummed melodies.

Later, Adobe revealed a GenAI tool for music in Feb 2024. Adobe has made music creation easier. Their new tool, Project Music GenAI Control, lets you describe the kind of music you want with words like “upbeat pop” or “spooky soundtrack” and then tweak it to sound just right. No advanced music skills needed to use this tool. 

Now, move over traditional music creation software! 

A new app Udio also called ChatGPT for music is here, and it lets anyone make cool music with just words. Udio is developed by former Google DeepMind researchers and promises a user-friendly and powerful AI system for creating music. 

This app allows anyone to generate high-quality music in their favorite styles with just text prompts, making music creation more accessible than ever. Here is what it can do, 

  • Generates full songs in under 40 seconds.
  • Describe what you want with details like genre, lyrics, or artist inspiration.
  • Fine-tune your music after generation.
  • Choose from different vocal languages, music types, and remixes.

Why Udio Is Better than Lyria?

Nodoubt, the Lyria is one of the best AI music generator tools in 2024, but the latest innovations Udio surpassed its features by offering more advanced features for music creation. Here are its features that sets it apart from other traditional ai music tools. 

  • You can create full audio tracks in less than 40 seconds by inputting simple text prompts such as genre, lyrics, or inspirational artists.
  • The app offers robust editing tools, allowing you to customize your tracks to suit your preferences.
  • Udio provides options for you to choose from a variety of vocal languages, enabling you to create tracks in different languages.
  • You have access to a range of music types within the app, allowing for the creation of tracks across various genres and styles.
  • Udio offers remixing features, enabling you to experiment with different elements of your tracks to create unique compositions.
  • The company has secured $10 million in seed funding from investors such as a16z, Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger, and musicians and Common, indicating strong support from both tech and music industry figures.
  • Udio is working directly with artists to explore innovative ways of creating and monetizing music using AI, fostering collaboration between technology and the music industry.

Our Perspective

While Lyria laid the groundwork, Udio seems to be pushing the boundaries of user-friendliness and creative control. The ability to generate full songs in diverse styles with advanced editing capabilities positions Udio as a strong contender in the AI music creation race. 

It’s an exciting time for music lovers and creators alike, with AI opening doors to entirely new avenues for musical expression.

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