12 Ways To Use ChatGPT Code Interpreter Plugin [ A Game Changer]

ways to use ChatGPT Code Interpreter Plugin

Exciting news in the AI world! OpenAI’s Code Interpreter, the biggest Innovation since GPT-4, is making data analysis and coding simpler for everyone. 

Does this mean data analysts, scientists, and engineers are out of work? No, in fact, it’s just the opposite. 

What is the ChatGPT Code Interpreter plugin?

This plugin empowers ChatGPT with a Python interpreter in a secure environment. Code Interpreter takes charge of difficult tasks such as data cleaning, transformations, and visualizations, liberating data teams to focus on strategic initiatives. 

Moreover, by enabling everyone to test hypotheses, it ignites a wave of innovative ideas, driving the demand for comprehensive analysis from data teams. Embrace the power of Code Interpreter to unlock a world of efficiency and unleash the full potential of your data-driven endeavors.

With this tool, you do not need to know any programming language, and your tasks will be completed immediately for a reasonable monthly fee of $20.

How to Turn On ChatGPT Code Interpreter

  • Step 1: Whenever you use Code Interpreter, you must activate it; it doesn’t appear automatically.
  • Step 2: The first thing you need to do is go to a ChatGPT settings page at the bottom left of your screen.
Ways To Use ChatGPT Code Interpreter Plugin
  • Step 3: The Beta Features option will appear here; click it to toggle Code Interpreter on and off.
How to Turn On ChatGPT Code Interpreter

12 Insane Ways To Use ChatGPT Code Interpreter Plugin

AI just killed data science below in this article you will learn in detail about crazy ways To Use ChatGPT Code Interpreter Plugin in details.

1. Turn images into video

By using this tool you can turn your images into a video. Sound Amazing! If you have a still image and you want to turn it into an amazing video Code Interpreter will help you to do this.

 Prompt :

“I have a still image turn it into a video with a captivating 3:2 aspect ratio watch as it seamlessly pans from left to right, bringing the scene to life with a touch of movement”

2. Faceless Youtube Videos

Nowadays faceless youtube videos are a popular way to earn money and after the release of ChatGPT CodeInterpreter, it’s super easy to create.

  • Create a panoramic photo in Midjourney: Begin your creative journey at Midjourney! Start by generating an image that aligns with your video’s theme. Once you find the perfect match, upscale it and then click the left or right button. Repeat this process a few times to craft a stunning panoramic photo. Let your imagination soar as you create a captivating visual narrative that spans the horizon.
  • Create a video in ChatGPT:Utilize your panoramic photo to effortlessly create a video within the ChatGPT code interpreter. Just upload the photo, input the provided prompt, and download your video.

 Prompt :

“Transform the panoramic image into a centered 3:2 aspect ratio video. Employ smooth transitions in the sequence: Center -> Right -> Center -> Left -> Center, utilizing the image library. Save frames directly to a video file with an 8-pixel frame step. Crop the image edges if required to match the frame step size.” Unleash your creativity and enjoy the seamless process of turning your panoramic photo into a captivating video”

3. Basic Video Editing 

Basic video editing in ChatGPT, converting uploaded GIFs to longer MP4 with slow zoom:You can edit your video and add different effects to your video like slow zoom and add movement in a still image

 Prompt :

“Transform GIF into a 5-second MP4 file with a slow zoom effect. Elevate your creation and captivate viewers with a mesmerizing visual experience.”

4. Data Analysis

It can take seconds for Code Interpreter to read, visualize, and graph your data, so you don’t need a Data scientist to do the analysis for you. To begin, click the “+” button to the left of the text box to upload any data set.

 Prompt :

 “analyze my 300hr Spotify favorite playlist”

5. Convert Files

Converting a CSV file into a GIF has become remarkably convenient using ChatGPT. You can now transform your CSV files into GIFs directly within ChatGPT within a matter of seconds.

 Prompt :

“create a GIF depicting a map showcasing various lighthouse locations. The map can have a dark background, with each lighthouse twinkling dynamically”

6. Extract Text From Images

One of the impressive features offered by GPT-4 is the ability to instantly convert images into text.

 Prompt :

“Perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on this image and generate a text file.”

7. Generate QR Code

QR Code is a basic need of every business and with the help of a Code Interpreter you can easily create a fully functioning QR Code within seconds

 Prompt :

“Create a QR code for Linkedin.com and show it to me.”

8. Analyze Stock option

Unlock the power of data analysis to make informed decisions about your stock holdings. Gain valuable insights and receive feedback on the optimal course of action. For instance, use the prompt:

 Prompt :

“Analyze the options of AAPL expiring on July 21st and identify opportunities with high rewards and low risks.” Leverage the potential of data-driven intelligence to maximize your investment strategies and achieve your financial goals.

9. Pdf Documents

Experience the remarkable capabilities of Code Interpreter as it analyzes and provides a comprehensive summary of an entire PDF document. Stay within the token limit (8k) to ensure efficiency.

 Prompt :

 “Perform a casual analysis of this PDF and present the information in a clear and organized manner.” Witness the power of Code Interpreter as it simplifies the process of extracting valuable insights from complex documents, helping you streamline your research and decision-making.

10. Graph Public data

Code Interpreter effortlessly extracts data from public databases and transforms it into visually appealing charts.

 Prompt :

“Create a graph showcasing the top 10 countries ranked by nominal GDP.”

Witness the power of Code Interpreter as it translates raw data into impactful visual representations, making complex information easily digestible and enabling you to gain valuable insights at a glance. Let Code Interpreter take your data visualization game to the next level.

11.Graphical Math Function

The Code Interpreter plugin possesses the capability to solve various mathematical problems, including the ability to tackle a wide range of functions.

 Prompt :

“Plot function 1/sin(x),” it can generate the corresponding plot.

12. Extract Colors From Image

Code Interpreter extracts color from images to create a palette.png and if the file size of the image is large it will automatically compress it when running out of memory

Final Verdict

However, there are challenges to overcome. Companies require secure and private versions of Code Interpreter to integrate with their systems. Well-structured data becomes crucial, alongside a comprehensive company-wide AI strategy. Code Interpreter isn’t eliminating jobs; it’s revolutionizing the playing field. Embrace the transformation and adapt to the new era of possibilities!

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