Adobe Podcast AI – What is it and How to Use it

What is Adobe Podcast AI?

In today’s digital era, podcasts have become a great way to enjoy information and entertainment. However, making really good content can take too much time, energy and require technical skills.

But now, you don’t have to worry about how good the audio quality of your content is, as AI is here to assist you. Use Adobe podcast AI, a strong cloud-based audio production tool specifically designed to make podcast making easier and faster.

But what exactly is Adobe Podcast AI, and how you can you access it? This guide covers everything about Adobe Podcast AI, its features, and how you can access it to make the most out of it, so let’s get started!

What is Adobe Podcast AI?

Adobe Podcast AI is a web-based tool that utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline podcast creation workflow. Formerly known as Project Shasta, this platform helps users to create, modify and distribute high-quality podcasts with minimal effort and time.

With Adobe Podcast AI, you can effortlessly record and edit your podcast directly from your computer. You won’t even need a top-notch microphone. Once done, this tool takes care of distributing your podcast to well-known listening platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts, etc.

Further, Adobe Podcast AI can seamlessly integrate with various Adobe software like Audition, Premiere Pro, and Spark to offer you a comprehensive podcasting experience. And let me tell you another amazing thing! Currently, it’s only available in the English language, and you can access it from any device that is connected to the internet and has a Chrome browser installed.

Adobe Podcast AI

Feature of Adobe Podcast AI – What this Tool Can Do?

Some of the key features of Adobe Podcast AI are discussed below:

Edit Text, Not Waveforms

Unlike traditional tools, Adobe Podcast AI doesn’t rely on a conventional audio timeline or mixer view. Instead, it harnesses the power of Adobe Premiere Pro’s speech-to-text technology. This innovation empowers users to edit their podcasts by directly making changes to the transcript.

Thanks to this feature, you can now seamlessly perform actions like trimming, copying, pasting, deleting, or reordering words within the transcript, all while maintaining automatic audio synchronization with your revisions.

Adobe Podcast AI review

Remote Recording

Another amazing feature of Adobe Podcast AI is that it facilitates remote recording, allowing users to record in collaboration with their teammates through a shared link. This way, everyone can record top-notch audio locally and then automatically synchronize it back together in the cloud.

Enhance Speech by AI-powered Audio Editing

Adobe Podcast AI is adorned by AI-powered audio tools (Enhance Speech) that can seamlessly improve the audio quality of your podcast. Now you don’t need to waste thousands of dollars purchasing costly microphones.

Just upload your audio clip to the Adobe Podcast AI, and it’ll apply filters, sharpen voice frequencies and remove all the background noise to improve the audio quality to such an extent that it seems to be recorded in a professional studio.

Enhance Speech by AI-powered Audio Editing

Generate Synthetic Voice

Let me disclose another fact about Adobe Podcast AI! This AI-powered, web-based tool can generate synthetic voices that seem so realistic and natural that users can utilize these in interviews, commentary, or narration. Moreover, users can also customize these voices to their preferences by simply adjusting the voice tone, pitch, emotion, and speed.

Get Mic Checked

Adobe Podcast AI features Mic Check AI, which ensures a great microphone set up in order to produce high-quality audio. It assists podcasters through steps that ensure their recordings sound professional and super clear.

Adobe Podcast AI features Mic Check AI

Project Templates

If you’re in a hurry and can’t spare much time to create professional-sounding podcasts, then try Adobe Podcast AI’s pre-made project templates that are provided to make your workflow faster.

Additionally, you can also design your customized project templates and then share them with your team members for seamless recording.

Adobe Podcast AI’s pre-made project templates

Unrestricted Recording: Record Anywhere on Any Device

One Of the most loved features of Project Shasta is that it’s accessible on any device that supports web browsing and has access to the internet. Thanks to this flexibility, you can now record your professional-sounding podcasts anytime, anywhere, without any restriction.

How to Use Adobe Podcast AI?

To get started with Adobe Podcast, you first need to sign up for the service.

Sign Up for Adobe Podcast AI

Visit the Adobe Podcast AI official website and sign up for the service. The process is quite simple and straightforward:

  • On the Adobe website, click on the “sign in” button in the upper right corner.
  •  On the newly open dashboard, either directly sign in using your Facebook, Google, or Apple account, or click on the “Create an Account” button.
  • Provide your email address, and then follow the simple instructions to complete the account creation process.

Request Access to Adobe Podcast AI

Once you’ve successfully created an account, you can send a request to access the Adobe Podcast AI by clicking on the “Request Access” button. Fill in the provided form, provide your name and date of birth, and click on “Submit.” Depending on the availability of the service, Adobe will grant you access to the AI Podcast or put you on the waitlist. Once you get access to the tool, you can freely use all of its features for free.

Create a Podcast

Adobe Podcast allows you to seamlessly upload your podcast files to the platform. On this platform, you can either create your podcast directly on the website or upload already existing files to the platform. Once you upload the file, this platform automatically transcribes your audio file and converts it to a script that you can easily edit or refine.

Edit the Podcast

Now you can utilize all the available tools to cut, copy, paste, rearrange, and delete any segment in your audio by simply editing the script. You can also adjust the tone, pitch, speed, and emotions of the voice and insert music or filters from the Adobe Podcast AI library.

Export Podcast

Once you’ve made all the desired changes in your podcast and you’re satisfied with the end result, you can simply export it to your computer.

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Adobe Podcast AI uses AI-powered tools to record and edit podcasts directly on the web without the need for downloading software.

Adobe podcast AI offers all of its features free of cost. All you need is to sign up for the service and send the request to use the tool.

Some of the best alternatives of Adobe Podcast AI are MicDrop, Podcastle, Descript, Wondercraft AI, Vocally, and Cleanvoice.

Final Verdict

All in all, Adobe Podcast AI stands as a powerful tool that greatly streamlines the process the creating high-quality podcasts with ease and effectiveness.

This tool not only saves valuable time and money but also boosts your creative potential by offering free access to different audio refining tools. If you’re dedicated to podcasting, then give Adobe Podcast AI a shot today!

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