What Is Charstar AI? How To Use It?

What Is Charstar AI

Have you ever wanted to create your virtual character or character of your imagination and chat with it for education, business, or just for fun? If yes, then meet Charstar AI, a new player in the market of AI tools. 

Whether you love playing games, telling stories, or just playing around with AI stuff, Charstar is your personal AI chat companion, ready to talk with you 24/7 on any topic.


  • Charstar delivers a full-stack chatting experience by harnessing the potential of character AI and open-source chatbot models like Pygmalion.
  • To use Charstart AI, visit the official website and sign up using your email address or phone number and experience chatting with SFW and NSFW chatbot for free.

In this article, you’ll get comprehensive knowledge regarding this online platform, including its features, working, pricing limitations, and more. So let’s get started!

What is Charstar AI?

Charstar AI is a versatile platform created to unlock the world of virtual character creation and meaningful conversations. It transforms the chatbot interaction landscape, thanks to its robust open-source chatbot models (i.e., Pygmalion).

It offers a user-friendly interface, allowing users to bring their dream characters to life and indulge in interesting conversations with them. Its support for safe for work(SFW) and not safe for work (NSFW) characters has made it the go-to choice of everyone.

What is Charstar AI?

Additionally, this platform allows users to enjoy 100 free responses with a chatbot. After that, users can upgrade to a pro plan to enjoy limitless conversations.

How Does Charstar AI Work?

Charstar AI uses artificial neural networks trained on massive data and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to understand user input and produce human-like output. Further, it leverages the power of OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 model and open-source Chatbot models like Pygmalion to create characters and engage in conversions with them.

Additionally, reinforcement learning algorithms are used in this system to optimize the response based on the feedback from users.

Main Features of Charstar AI?

Some key features of Charstar AI are discussed below:

Explore Characters of Your Choice 

Now, Users can explore a global community of characters created by other users around the globe, opening doors to fresh perspectives and creative ideas.

Create Characters

Effortlessly create characters utilizing open-source chatbot models like Pygmalion and bring your ideas to life.

Extensive Customization

Customize characters extensively, from their appearance to their personality traits, giving them a unique touch.

Supports SFW And NSFW Content

Charstar AI promotes freedom of expression by avoiding heavy censorship, allowing for both Safe for Work (SFW) and Not Safe for Work (NSFW) content creation.

Gaming Integration 

You can enhance your gaming experiences by integrating Charstar’s characters into games like role-playing, trivia, and guessing games.

Get Feedback on Your Ideas

Charstar AI assists you in getting valuable feedback from other users to refine your character creations and gain new insights into your creative process.

Access to Pro Plan

Now, you can upgrade to the Charstar Pro plan for unlimited messaging and sustainable model hosting, enhancing your creative experience.

Join Discord

Charstar AI allows users to join their discord to interact with the Charstar community.

How to Use CharStar AI for Free?

To get started free for this fantastic AI technology, you need to follow the below procedure:

2. Click the “sign up” button on the homepage to create your free charstar account. 

Visit the Charstar official website.

3. On the “Create your account” page, fill out the provided form (provide your username and email) and click “continue”.

Create your charstar account page,

4. Then, you’re required to verify your email address. For this purpose, go to your inbox, open the email sent from “Charstar,” and click the “Sign up to Charstar” button.

Sign up to Charstar

5. Congratulations! You’re now on the Charstar main page. 

6. From the main menu, you can select a character of your choice to chat about your favorite topic. Bear in mind that Charstart also allows you to enable or disable an “NSFW” filter.

NSFW filter.

7. If you’re interested in creating a personalized character, click “Create,” fill in your character information, upload an image, and click “submit.”

Charstar AI Use Cases

Customer Service

CharStar AI can help businesses improve their customer support. Simply Create a virtual assistant that can answer customer queries quickly and accurately and see the boost in your business.

Personal Assistant

You can also use this platform as your personal assistant that can manage your to-do lists, schedule meetings, and keep track of your habits and goals.


Use Charstar AI to create a virtual tutor that can answer student queries, give feedback on user-submitted assignments, provide practice quizzes and assignments, and generate interactive learning material.


You can integrate Charstar AI’s characters into your favorite games. You can also engage in funny talks with SFW and NSFW Virtual characters and enjoy this companionship.

How Much Does Charstar AI Cost?

Charstar AI offers 2 pricing plans. The basic plan is free of cost and limits users to create and chat with only 3 characters up to 100 messages per day.

On the other side of the coin is the charstar plus plan, which costs $14.99 per month. In the Plus plan, users can get access to powerful AI models like OpenAI GPT 3.5 and enjoy unlimited messaging with 0 waiting time.

Pricing PlanBasicPlus
Messages100 /dayUnlimited
Number of characters you can  create3Unlimited
Access to OpenAI GPT 3.5NoYes
Wait TimeYesNo

Some Limitations of Charstar AI

Without any doubt, Charstar AI is a powerful tool, but as with any other AI tool, it has its own limitations that are important to mention:

Dependency on Chatbot Models

Charstar AI relies on open-source chatbot models like Pygmalion, which may struggle with complex queries.

Privacy And Data Handling

As with any platform involving user-generated content and interactions, users should be mindful of privacy and data handling concerns in Charstar AI.

Model Can be Biased

The AI model behind CharStar AI can inherit biases from its training data, resulting in responses that may be offensive or biased.


The Charstar AI may sometimes produce inaccurate responses due to its training on a large dataset of text, making it challenging to consistently distinguish between accurate and inaccurate information.

 Note :

Despite these limitations, CharStar AI remains a powerful tool for various applications when used responsibly.

5 Best Alternatives of Charstar AI

  • Janitor AI
  • Character AI
  • Crushon AI
  • Chai App
  • Silly Tavern AI


No, your chats with characters are private. No one can read your Chat on Charstar AI.

Yes’ the basic version of this AI character tool is free to use but with some limitations.

The free plan uses the Pygmalion 7B model, while the Charstar Plus plan provides access to Pygmalion 7B as well as OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 model.

In order to delete your Charstar AI account, email [email protected] and ask for an account inactivation/delete link. 

Yes, it’s safe to use, but as with any other online platform, users are advised to be cautious while uploading their personal or financial information to the website.

Final Verdict

All in all, charstar AI is a powerful online platform that you can use to create, discover and chat with AI characters. You can employ this tool for a variety of purposes like education, business assistance, entertainment, and more. With 2 pricing plans available, this is one of the perfect AI tools that you must try out.

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