What is Craiyon AI and How to Use it – Complete Guide 2024

What is Craiyon AI

If you’re someone who has always struggled in generating professional-looking images, try Craiyon AI Image Generator, an intuitive AI tool that can help you generate eye-catching visuals in seconds.

Developed only a year back in 2022, Craiyon (formerly known as DALL-E mini) has gained huge popularity as the very first online AI art generator. You just need to provide a plain text prompt and craiyon will produce 9 possible images based on your prompt. 

Whether you’re a social media manager, blogger, or business owner, this amazing tool can help you save time and generate high-quality images that really stand out from the crowd.

What is Craiyon AI?

Craiyon AI is a web-based free AI art generator that generates photos, drawings, and art from your provided text prompts. It was developed by Boris Dayma in 2022 as a free text-to-image AI tool, as a lighter version of OpenAI’s DALL-E image generator, so named DALL-E mini. Later on, it changed its name from DALL-E mini to Craiyon AI on request from OpenAI to avoid any potential mix-ups with the DALL-E and DALL-E 2 models from OpenAI (these are also image generation tools).

It’s trained using the power of Google PU research cloud (TRC) and uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand the text prompt and generate an image from it. There is also a library of pre-existing images that you can access by a simple prompt or upload your own masterpieces, offering you the endless customization possibilities.

Unlike other AI art generators, Craiyon is free to use for non-commercial purposes but sponsored by advertisements which means you need to turn off all ad blockers to seamlessly access this tool. Though a paid version is also available to speed up the processing time. Additionally, for your ease, the Craiyon AI app is available for Android devices (No app for iOS devices yet).

Craiyon AI image generator

Working of Craiyon AI

Craiyon AI is like a blender of images that is trained on tons of artwork, each with its specific text tag. It works by using advanced AI technology, so when you provide it with a prompt like “Generate a sky full of stars”, it understands the context and gives you 9 possible options that are actually a mashup of its training data.

Craiyon AI art generator

With this online tool, you can effortlessly create AI NSFW manga, such as hentai, using simple text input or provided prompts without facing any limitations. This versatility has made it one of the market’s top choices for AI girl generators.

Main Feature of Craiyon AI

Unlike all other AI image generation tools like Deep Dream Generator, Jasper Art, Starry AI, and Midjourney, Craiyon AI is straightforward. Some of its unique features are listed below:

Main Feature of Craiyon AI
  • Generate a Set of 9 Images: One of the best features of this tool is that it always generates a set of 9 images in response to your prompt so that you can select the one you find the best.
  • Silly and Funky Images: All the images generated by Craiyon AI look slightly funky. These are with many bad AI art hallmarks like odd arrangements, weird hands, etc. Only 1 in 100s of images can be suitable for any professional use. A single-line summary is that “the tool isn’t very good yet for serious work, but it’s a fun way to start playing with making images”.
  • Provide Filters: Craiyon AI offers convenient filters to ease your work. You have the freedom to select a style from options like drawing, art, photo, or none. Additionally, you can exclude specific elements from your artwork, such as people or a garden, simply by entering the corresponding keyword in the “Negative” field. 
  • Artistic Limitations: Though this tool has great features, most of the time it falls short of excellence. It lacks the ability to create photorealistic images, and it doesn’t quite match up to other AI tools when it comes to mimicking specific artistic styles in image generation.

How to Use Craiyon AI – Step-by-Step Guide

Are you ready to test this tool, but unsure how to use it? No worries, the below step-by-step guide is more than enough to help you make the most of this AI tool.

Access the Website

To get started, head over to the official website of Craiyon AI. Once you’re on the website you’ll be amazed by its user-friendly interface, and the great news is that there’s no requirement for signing up or logging in. You can start using the tool right away.

Enter Your Prompt

When you’re on the website you’ll see an input field, where you can add your prompt to describe which type of image you want i.e. “Generate a stylish business lady”. Bear in mind, it’s all a game of prompts. The more precise your prompt is, the higher the quality of the outcomes you can expect. 

Select Style

Craiyon AI offers 4 different artistic styles to choose from. You can select between art, drawing, photo, or none, and in the “Negative words” field add any word that you’d rather not like to be part of your image.

Click Draw

Once you’ve added the description and selected your preferred style, click the “Draw” button. Wait for 1-2 minutes and let the Craiyon AI do its magic. Once the processing is done, 9 possible outcomes will appear on the screen. Here you can select the one that meets your needs.

Share Your Artwork

There are many other hidden tools in craiyon that most of the creators are unaware of, such as the “Screenshot” option. With the screenshot tool, you can instantly capture the results to share them with your friends.

How to Use the Craiyon AI Android App?

Beyond the website, users can also carry the craiyon AI generator right in the app drawer of their Android devices. Download and install the app from the Google Play store, here it comes with the name of “All AI image generator”. After installing the app, sign into the account if you’ve one, and then start exploring the app.

The working of the tool is the same as on the website. You’ve to prove a text description, choose a style and then click “Draw”. From the provided results, download the one that you find near perfection or try another prompt to regenerate the results.

Craiyon AI Android App

Craiyon AI Pricing Options

One of the greatest edge of craiyon AI over other tools is that it is free forever without putting a cap on image numbers. You can generate as many images as you want without paying a penny. The only limitation is the wait time which may range from 1-2 minutes and sometimes more. However, if you want faster results you can choose to upgrade to any of the 3 available paid plans.

Craiyon AI Pricing Options

Supporter Plan – The Most Popular  

You can upgrade to a supporter plan by paying $60 yearly or $6 monthly to enjoy an ad-free and slightly faster image creation (9 images within 45 seconds). In paid plan, you’ll get access to a private AI art generation and even can search anonymously for the images created by free tier users.

Professional Plan 

Moving up the ladder, we have a professional plan that costs $240 per year or $24 per month. This plan is suitable for those who want rapid image generation in large quantities as it offers a wait time of only 15 seconds to generate 9 AI images.

Custom Plan

Users also have the ability to design customized plans as per their needs. Its cost may vary from user to user. Bear in mind that subscribing to a membership only grants access to new features. It doesn’t impact image quality in any way.

Potential Use Cases of Craiyon AI

The advanced technology of Craiyon AI has great potential in various fields like art, design, advertising, marketing, and education. Here are some cool ways you can use this tool:

  • Brainstorming and Idea Generation: You can use Craiyon AI to come up with unique visual ideas from just text prompts. This can help teams to improve and develop their concepts more effectively.
  • Advertising and Marketing: Advertisers and marketers can utilize Craiyon AI’s generated images to create eye-catching ads and materials to connect better with the target audience and boost their brand recognition.
  • Education and Learning: Educators can use Craiyon to make engaging educational content, illustrations, and diagrams from simple text to make learning more enjoyable for the students.

Why Should I Use Craiyon? 

You must use this tool because it offers unlimited perks. Some of these are:

  • Free: With craiyon you create images without paying a dime.
  • User Friendly: The tool’s interface is designed to be simple and user-friendly so that anyone regardless of their expertise can use the tool like a professional.
  • Unlimited Images Generation: With this tool, use can create as many “9 image sets” as you want.

Limitations of Craiyon AI

Below are a couple of demerits of Craiyon AI free image generator:

  • The image quality isn’t very high.
  • There’s a delay in generating images.


Boris Dayma is the owner of Craiyon AI, who developed this tool in 2022 by getting inspiration from the DALL-E image generator from OpenAI.

You can retry by different prompts, try using different browsers or go incognito. Clear your browser cache or restart your device. If after doing all this your images don’t appear, then you must reach out to the craiyon support center or message on craiyon Discord.

Final Verdict

Craiyon AI is the first AI art generator that allows users to generate unlimited unique and playful images based on text prompts. Though it may not generate professional results, its user-friendly interface and unlimited free plan make it stand out from other competitors.

For anyone looking for whimsical AI image generation, Craiyon AI is the best choice, but if you’re serious about AI image generation you should explore any other alternative. 

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