What is Notion AI? How to Get Started? 

what is notion ai

Do you want to revolutionize your workflow and tap into the power of AI within your beloved Notion workspace? Get your hands on Notion AI, an exceptional suite of Artificial Intelligence tools recently introduced by Notion.

Notion AI is a game-changing platform seamlessly integrated into the core Notion apps, available across desktop, browser, and mobile devices. With its intelligent features, you can automate tasks, create dynamic content using text-based prompts, summarize text, facilitate problem-solving and research, and much more.

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey where efficiency converges with intelligence and unlock the limitless possibilities that Notion AI has to offer. Get ready to experience a world of unparalleled potential with his remarkable platform. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of this incredible AI tool and guide you on how to get started. So let’s begin!

What is Notion AI?

If you’re someone who has already experienced AI text generator tools, like ChatGPT, Notion AI is a similar tool that harnesses the power of GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer -3 ) right into our Notion account. So whenever you’re stuck on any point while working in your Norion workspace, type in any question or prompt, and Notion AI will provide you with the solution. 

For Example:

If you’re creating a document containing different elements but don’t know to embed a quote into it, you can prompt Notion AI as; “How Can I embed a quote in my Notion page?

Notion AI will provide you with the exact procedure to insert a quiet document in no time, making your workflow more efficient and fast.

Unleash the full potential of Notion AI to expand your horizons, boost productivity, and enhance your creativity like never before. Use it to automate your tasks, generate answers to your queries, summarize text, edit text, and more.

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How to Write a Great Prompt With Notion AI
How can I use Notion AI for free
Features of Notion AI

How To Get Started With Notion AI Free?

In order to unleash the full potential of Notion AI, you first need to create a Notion account.

Create Notion Account

1. Visit the Notion official website https://www.notion.so/.

2. Click on the button in the upper right corner, saying “Get Notion Free”.

3. On the sign-up page, you’ll see 3,4 sign-up options; for your ease, click on the option “Continue with Google”, and here you go!

notion ai signup

Launch a New Notion Page

Once you are able to access the Notion’s interface, you’ll see a menu bar on the left side. In order to use the power of AI, you need to create a new page by clicking on “+ Add a page”.

notion ai writer

Choose the “Start Writing With AI” Option

On the new Notion page, you’ll see an option saying “Strat Writting with AI”. Click on it to activate the Notion AI on your Notion page.

notion ai download

Enjoy Your Free Responses

Once you’ve activated the Notion AI, you’ll be able to enjoy 20 free AI responses in your Notion workspace. If you’ve joined as a team, then each member of your team will be able to use Notion AI for free up to 20 responses.

Features of Notion AI: Enjoy Enhanced Writing Experience

Notion AI is capable of producing responses based on the page context and user queries. You can utilize its capabilities to significantly improve your writing experience. Here is what you can do so:

Extract Insights from existing Content (Summarize)

Notion AI can help you to extract important information from your content by summarizing it. Just type “/AI” to use AI blocks or ask Notion AI to write things for you. It makes your work easier and faster by using artificial intelligence(AI). Embrace the full potential of Notion AI to unlock key information, saving time and enhancing your productivity in the process. 

Start Writing With AI

Draft New Text

In order to kick-start your writing process, you can use the power of Notion AI. You can ask this tool to brainstorm ideas about any topic, write an outline, provide the structure of the content and write rough drafts. Simply use the “Space” key on any line or new page and then enter any question (prompt) to fuel your creativity and get responses in seconds.

Draft New Text with notion ai

Improve Existing Content

Notion AI can assist you in improving your existing text to make it more user-friendly and professional. So, how to use the Notion of AI to improve your content? You just need to highlight the text that you want to improve; a new menu will appear; here, you can either insert a link in the text, add a comment, make the text bold or italic and many more. Further, you can click the option saying “Ask AI”. A new dropdown menu will open; here, you can pick any of the options like “fix spelling and grammar”, “change tone”, “make longer”, and more, or write your custom prompt.

Improve Existing Content

Benefits Of Using Notinn AI

With the help of Notion AI, you can

  • Write essays 
  • Assemble meeting notes
  • Brainstorm content ideas
  • Write rough drafts
  • Optimize and improve existing text and much more.

Notion AI Pricing

Notion AI offers 4 plans, a free, plus, business and enterprise plan costing $0, $10, $18 and $25 per member per month, respectively. In the free plan, all of the users will get only 20 fee AI responses, after which they will ultimately need to “Purchase AI”. For the other 3 plans, if the users select to pay annually, they will get a 20% discount. 

Although the free plan is a good option, if you want to enjoy more advanced perks, we suggest you buy a subscription and enjoy!

Notion AI Pricing

Priority Access to New Features

By subscribing to Notion AI plans, you put yourself in the row of people who will get priority access to new and advanced features and updates. You’ll be able to integrate Slack and GitHub in your workplace, get access to unlimited blocks and many more.

Unlimited Usage

Subscribers of Notion AI will be able to enjoy unlimited usage. They can get unlimited AI responses to get the most out of this AI technology. This feature enables users to focus on their productivity and creativity without the fear of going out of response limit.

How to Write a Great Prompt With Notion AI

No matter for which purpose you’re using Notion, the final output depends on what you provide to the AI tool (The Prompt). To your surprise, you can even write a pretty good prompt using Notion AI itself. To write your custom prompts using Notion AI, you need to stick to the following points:

  • Clearly mention what you want Notion AI to generate for you.
  • To get the most specific and accurate output, ensure your prompt must be specific and focused.
  • Provide all the necessary information, including background scenario, important keywords and even the length of the desired output.
  • Try to keep the prompt as much simple as you can. Avoid using complex words and jargon.

 Note :

You can ask Notion AI to improve/refine the output as per your needs. Bear in mind only practice can make you master prompt engineering. So continue practicing and exploring the tool.

Fair Usage and Restrictions of Notion AI

To ensure the fair usage of Notion AI, this amazing tool imposes some limitations that are important to consider:

Unavailability at Some Times

At times, especially during periods of high demand or when encountering slow internet connections or potential bugs, Notion AI may become unavailable. This occasional unavailability can be quite frustrating, especially when you fully rely on its abilities.

Inaccurate Responses

Notion AI is an artificial intelligence-based tool that can’t browse the internet. It only relies on the data it’s trained on, so it may generate misleading or inaccurate responses.

Plus Point – Free Access for Testing

Notion AI offers a basic free plan to all users so that they can test the tool’s capabilities to see whether it meets their requirements before purchasing a subscription.


Notion AI is based on the 3rd version of the generative pre-trained transformer (GPT-3) technology. It requires users to provide a prompt/question and then spit out a possible response.

In order to activate AI in your Notion pages, first of all, create a new page and then click on the prompt saying “start writing with AI”, and then enjoy 20 free AI responses per member. 

If you want to experience the power of Notion AI for free, you just need to sign up for Notion and then activate the Notion AI on your Notion pages. By doing so, you’ll get free access to some of the features of AI with some limitations.

Final Verdict

The capabilities Notion AI provides are beyond to describe, and we can talk about it all day, but the best proof of its abilities can be witnessed only by seeing this tool in action.

So, follow this “how to get started with Notion AI” guide and step into the world of Notion AI to harness its full potential, improve your writing experience and boost your productivity and creativity to infinity. Happy journey with the amazing world of AI!

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