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youtube automation niches

Choosing the right niche is the cornerstone of building a successful YouTube automation channel. Just like starting a local lead generation business, niche selection is pivotal to ensure long-term profitability. Ensure you don’t become one of the countless channels that struggle to make immediate gains. Get the Best YouTube Automation Niche ideas for 2024. 

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Before we disclose the secrets of YouTube automation success, it’s crucial to comprehend why niche selection plays a pivotal role. YouTube automation channels employ various strategies, such as content generation, SEO optimization, and audience engagement, to amass views, subscribers, and, most importantly, profits. However, not all niches are created equal.

Why Is Choosing the Right Niche Important?

Choosing the right niche is important for various reasons. Here is the significance of choosing the top YouTube automation niches:

Faceless automated YouTube channels can generate revenue by allowing YouTube ads on their videos. However, it’s crucial to understand that YouTube doesn’t automatically enable monetization for your channel. To begin earning from ads, you must fulfill the eligibility requirements for the YouTube Partner Program, which typically include:

  • Defining a niche enables you to reach a particular audience with common interests and requirements. It enhances the suitability of your content or offerings.
  • Specializing in a niche helps you develop expertise in that field and fosters trust and credibility with your audience.
  • Adapting your content or products to suit your niche audience makes them more pertinent and results in increased interaction and conversion rates.
  • Focusing on a niche enables you to use your resources more effectively and customize your marketing strategies for a specific segment.
  • Niche markets can offer unique monetization opportunities, such as premium products or services, affiliate marketing, or sponsorships.
  • A well-defined niche contributes to a clear and strong brand identity, making it easier for people to remember and recognize your brand.
  • A niche audience provides focused feedback that enables you to make continuous improvements based on their specific preferences and needs.
  • A niche can adapt to changing market conditions and trends, allowing you to pivot or expand within a well-defined space.
  • A niche provides an opportunity to distinguish yourself from competitors by highlighting your unique qualities in the market.

How to Choose a Profitable Niche for Your YouTube Automation Channel?

To create a sustainable and profitable YouTube automation channel, target niches with low competition. Research similar channels to gauge performance. For instance, if focusing on “best attractions in the United States,” search for channels in this category. 

Ensure your chosen niche aligns with audience interest. It should allow consistent content creation and offer monetization opportunities through ads and sponsorships with enduring appeal for viewers. It ensures long-term profit potential.

Here are the main points to keep in mind while researching the best niches for YouTube channels.  

  • Research successful channels with a history of at least 5 years.
  • Identify niches with channels having 100,000+ subscribers and high views.
  • Choose topics that will remain relevant over the long term.
  • Opt for a niche with a broad scope for diverse content.
  • Consider niches in industries with high-profit potential.
  • Create unique and valuable content to stand out.
  • Use keywords and SEO to improve visibility.

Best YouTube Automation Niches For 2024

1. Health And Fitness Tips

In the health and fitness niche, catering to diverse needs and goals is key. While “how to gain muscle” and “how to lose weight” are popular micro niches, it’s advisable to explore unique sub-niches due to the high competition. For instance, focusing on muscle-building tips for college-aged men can set your channel apart. Body Hub serves as a successful model in the YouTube automation channel landscape within the health and fitness domain.

body hub

2. Travel Tips

As per a GOBankingRates study, even during elevated inflation concerns, the average American is budgeting between $1,001 and $2,000 for a typical vacation. It explains the notable advertising investment made by travel booking giant Expedia on YouTube. 

If you love traveling and want to make money from it, you can create a travel-themed automation channel like MojoTravels for inspiration.

mojo travels

3. Lifestyle

The lifestyle niche is among the most popular on YouTube, offering viewers a glimpse into others’ travels, careers, homes, and relationships. Average CPM rates for lifestyle YouTubers stand at $3.47. It’s worth noting that there’s significant variance and competition within this category, spanning from vlogs in luxurious mansions to college students sharing campus life. 

What sets this niche apart is its personal, relatable experiences, fostering a sense of community and connection among viewers. Even if viewers don’t aspire to replicate the showcased lifestyle, they seek inspiration in the lives of others, making it a fertile ground for advertisers and monetization.

mikaela long

4. Make Money Online

In today’s online world, making money online is a common goal. According to YouTube business and automated income expert Greg Preece, the “making money online” YouTube niche boasts some of the highest CPM rates. Greg’s review video on Hostinger, a web hosting service, achieved an astonishing $292.25 CPM.

Diving into this niche can be competitive. With dedication and by consistently creating excellent content over a few years, you can build a profitable channel similar to TedGetsBread. It’s important to note that successful channels in this category often show a real person on camera, unlike the anonymous nature of most automation channels. If you’re uncomfortable showing your face, you can consider hiring a paid actor to present the content.

ted gets bread

5. Beauty and Makeup

The niches of fashion, beauty channels, and makeup content, in particular, are immensely popular on YouTube. Although competition is high, well-produced channels attract substantial advertiser interest. On average, beauty YouTubers experience CPMs slightly above $3, largely due to the product-centric nature of the content.

Skincare, cosmetics, hair products, and more are frequently featured in reviews, hairstyle guides, and makeup tutorials. Additionally, the weight loss topic falls within this category, with the potential for profitable CPM rates reaching up to $10.

denitslava makeup

6. Technology

Creating a YouTube channel in the technology niche can be highly profitable, with the potential for a high CPM due to the value of tech products. Advertisers are willing to invest in this space.

For instance, AppFind, a faceless channel with over half a million subscribers, excels in showcasing the latest features and apps for iPhone and Android devices, illustrating success in the technology niche.


7. Business and luxury

Many people naturally desire a taste of luxury and success, making channels like Alux quite popular. In the business and luxury niche, content showcases extravagant items and offers lifestyle and business advice to attain such affluence, attracting viewers seeking both luxury and entrepreneurial insights.

8. Software Tutorial

Software tutorial channels, like those from Skills Factory, cater to those skilled in software operation or connecting with experts. With the perpetual influx of new software and regular updates, there’s a wealth of content opportunities. Additionally, the cost and subscription models associated with software make it an appealing niche for advertisers and channels that can draw valuable traffic.

skills factory

9. Personal Finance

The personal finance sector, revolving around money matters, remains continuously relevant, ensuring long-term profitability for established channels. Evidence of its profit potential can be observed through a snapshot of YouTube influencer Andrei Jikh’s channel, showcasing a commendable playback-based CPM of $26.30.

graham stephan

10. Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency niche, despite its relative youth, has continued to grow in popularity over the past decade, with Bitcoin and blockchain technology leading the way. While it may lack well-established channels with a five-year track record on YouTube, there is substantial potential for content creation. Focusing on various crypto projects like Ethereum and Polygon offers numerous opportunities.

Cryptocurrency experiences both booms, such as Bitcoin’s near $69,000 peak in November 2021 and winters, marked by price declines and exchange troubles. Publishing content during a period of low interest and competition can yield significant rewards when the next crypto boom arrives.

whiteboard crypto

11. Cars and Other Vehicles

Channels centered on cars and vehicles offer substantial profit potential for YouTube creators. Advertisers are willing to invest heavily in promoting high-value vehicles, resulting in significant ad revenue.

Furthermore, the evergreen nature of this niche, with new car models introduced annually, ensures a continuous audience. A successful illustration of this niche is the channel Thanasis 1997, with a subscriber base exceeding 1 million.


12. Happiness

Creating happiness-related content is an easily automated channel idea with the potential to generate revenue through the YouTube Partner Program due to its broad appeal. Happiness, being a universal aspiration, can attract a sizable audience.

A case in point is Einzelganger, an automation channel producing content on philosophy and happiness. While this niche might not offer the highest earnings per channel view due to limited product-based revenue, the substantial viewer base can still yield a significant cash flow.


13. Interesting Facts

Creating content around interesting facts is a niche that may not yield the highest YouTube AdSense payout but is easy to automate and doesn’t require specialized knowledge.

Trend Max, for instance, produces animated videos on captivating subjects like “The biggest cats in the world” or “Top 10 most dangerous dinosaurs,” amassing tens of millions of views. With a focus on high-quality content and effective YouTube SEO, a channel can achieve substantial watch time and cover numerous unique topics.

trend max

14. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a profitable niche on YouTube, with social media marketing channels often achieving an average CPM of $12.52. Digital marketers excel at promoting their expertise, including through effective YouTube SEO, and cater to entrepreneurs and small businesses. This specific target demographic is highly valuable to advertisers and sponsors.

latasha james

15. Educational Content

In fourth place is the versatile category of educational content. While many highly subscribed channels concentrate on educational content for children, there’s also a strong demand for adult topics, spanning history, science, and practical tutorials like Microsoft Office usage. 

Tutorials and courses remain highly popular on YouTube, with content creators in this niche averaging CPM rates of $9.89. Despite YouTube’s restrictions on advertising for kids’ content, educational content remains a profitable and sought-after niche.

cocomelon-nursery rhymes

16. Cooking

Cooking channels experienced a significant flow in popularity during the pandemic as more individuals turned to YouTube for recipe ideas and kitchen expertise. These channels, known for their CPM rates, boast an average of $2.50, making them a profitable choice for content creators.


17. Video Games

The video games niche is among the largest on YouTube, encompassing reviews, walkthroughs, streams, and engaging gameplay videos. It has turned gaming content creators into major YouTube events and showcases some of the platform’s most subscribed and highest-earning YouTubers, including PewDiePie. On average, creators in the gameplay niche typically see CPM rates averaging around $1.40. 

Despite the immense popularity of many gamers, the average CPM isn’t higher due to intense competition and a predominantly young audience with lower disposable income. Notably, active communities within this niche include Minecraft YouTubers (MCYT), Roblox players, and horror game enthusiasts like FNAF players.

sopo squad gaming

18. Comedy/Jokes

Comedy, humor, challenges, and prank channels take the spotlight on YouTube, serving up pure entertainment through skits, challenges, pranks, and giveaways. With the universal appeal of laughter, these creators draw a diverse audience, from teenagers to adults, though income diversity affects the CPM, averaging around $1.

The key advantage lies in evoking positive emotions that make it an attractive context for brands and advertisers to showcase their products and ads.


19. ASMR and Oddly Satisfying 

Niche channels ASMR and Oddly Satisfying focus on sensory stimulation, triggering positive sensations in viewers. ASMR, in particular, revolves around soothing sounds or visuals that induce relaxation and pleasure, often resulting in the “autonomous sensory meridian response” (ASMR).

 Advertisers find these environments conducive for specific ads and products, leading to a relatively high CPM for this niche, averaging around $3.50.

asmr glow

20. Business/ Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has become a thriving niche on YouTube, offering a treasure buildup of valuable content for both budding and seasoned business owners. For YouTubers, the entrepreneurship niche can be highly profitable. They can monetize their channels through ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing while building a loyal and engaged audience.

Additionally, many entrepreneurship channels sell digital courses, e-books, or consulting services, providing an extra source of income that can be lucrative in a market hungry for knowledge and guidance on achieving business success.


Other YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

Column 1Column 2
Celebrity NewsCartoon/Animations
NewsAndrew Tate
Investment Tips and StrategyBook Reviews
Horror StoriesAnimals
Workout TipsEducation Exam & Preparation
Kids RhymesPersonal development/
Elon Musk ActivityStreet Food
Fashion & Lifestyle TipsLanguage Learning
Home Decor / Interior DesignHistory Documentaries
MotivationApp Tutorials
Nutrition & Healthy EatingToy Reviews
Art & DrawingMagic Tricks & Illusion
SportsScience Experiments
Parenting & Family TipsIslamic
Diy projectsRoasting & Comedy Sketches

YouTube Ad Revenue and CPM

YouTube automation channels primarily generate revenue through the YouTube Partner Program, using Google AdSense. Advertisers pay to showcase their ads on the channel’s content. The income potential is influenced by video content and audience demographics. The key metric for profitability is CPM (Cost Per Mille), representing the cost for 1,000 ad impressions. 

CPM varies widely between channels and countries, with an average of $0.38 in the US and $4.38 in Spain. While you can’t access the precise CPM of a channel you don’t own, you can often find this data online through research.


CPM varies between countries, with an average of $0.38 in the US and $4.38 in Spain. Actual CPM rates may vary based on various factors.

CPM stands for Cost Per Mille and affects your ad revenue by determining how much you earn per 1,000 ad impressions.

Popular niches in 2024 include health and fitness, travel, making money online, technology news, and cryptocurrency.

Final Verdict

Selecting the right niche is crucial for the success of your YouTube automation channel. A well-defined niche enables you to target a specific audience, build trust, and achieve higher engagement and conversion rates.

Consider low-competition niches, create unique content, and explore monetization options. Whether you choose health, travel, technology, or another niche, success requires consistency, high-quality content, and adaptability to market trends.

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