Google and YouTube reveal Ai Music ‘Lyria’!


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We are sharing exciting news from YouTube and Google DeepMind!

YouTube reveal Ai Music Lyria. This tech marvel can clone artists’ voices and work alongside musicians to create tools.

Now, the big question: Can teaming up with artists help shift the negative feelings toward AI in the music industry? Let’s dive into it.

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  • YouTube Reveals Innovative AI Music Collaborations with Artists
  • A Search Bar for Your Second Brain
  • Meta Releases New Emu AI Video and Image Editing Tools
  • 10 Best AI Video Generators
  • 5 Best ChatGPT Prompts for YouTube Marketing
  • Quick Updates

🎶YouTube Reveals Innovative AI Music Collaborations with Artists

YouTube reveal Ai Music Lyria

YouTube recently provided a sneak peek into two new AI music experiments. It was developed in collaboration with Google DeepMind’s advanced AI music generation model, ‘Lyria.’ The first experiment, named ‘Dream Track,’ generates 30-second AI vocal tracks based on text prompts. 

The platform is also working on additional music AI tools, allowing musicians to create instrumentals by humming a melody and seamlessly editing a track’s style.

The Details

  • Dream Track Generates 30-second AI vocal tracks from text prompts.
  • Introduction of principles for responsible AI collaboration. It involves the development of Music AI Incubator for testing and learning.
  • Music AI tools under development include generating instrumentals through humming and editing track styles.
  • Participating musicians in this venture include T-Pain, Charlie Puth, Sia, Demi Lovato, and John Legend.
  • The initial phase will be limited to a small test group, with YouTube actively seeking feedback to refine and shape future products.
  • Recognizing the evolution of AI in music, it is dedicated to fostering responsible innovation through collaborative efforts with industry partners.

Our Analysis

Similar to how text-to-image models unlocked new creative potential, these emerging audio tools are poised to revolutionize music creation. The added dimension of collaboration with renowned artists such as T-Pain and Sia elevates the significance of this AI project.

🧠A Search Bar for Your Second Brain

 Notion's game-changing Q&A feature

Have you ever found yourself spending endless hours searching for that elusive piece of information buried in your Notion database? Well, worry no more – enter Notion’s game-changing Q&A feature.

Functioning like a personal librarian, Q&A effortlessly navigates the maze of your notes, files, and ideas. It transcends the typical search bar, offering a direct line to swift knowledge retrieval within the vast expanse of Notion.

Welcome to an era of heightened efficiency, where Notion transforms into an open book at your command – essentially, your very own Second Brain.

Take a plunge into the Q&A feature in your workspace right away if you’re a Notion AI user, or secure your spot on the waitlist for exclusive early access!

🌟Meta Releases New Emu AI Video and Image Editing Tools

Meta Releases New Emu AI Video and Image Editing Tools

Meta has just unveiled two advanced AI-driven creative tools, Emu Edit and Emu Video, set to be seamlessly integrated into the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

The Details

  • Emu Edit: This tool empowers you to make image edits using text instructions, with the model demonstrating an intuitive understanding without the need for specific selections.
  • Emu Video: Designed for short video clips and animations, Emu Video utilizes text prompts, images, or a combination of both as inputs to generate engaging visual content.
  • Integration into FB and IG: Both features are set to be directly integrated into Facebook and Instagram, placing powerful AI capabilities directly into the hands of users and eliminating the need for third-party tools.

Our Thoughts

The integration of generative AI capabilities into widely-used apps like Facebook and Instagram marks a significant step in expanding access and fostering creativity. It serves as a strategic move, acting as a Trojan horse for the broader adoption and acceptance of AI technologies.

🛠️10 “Best” AI Video Generators

10 “Best” AI Video Generators

🔎 Pictory:

It is an AI video generator that simplifies the creation and editing of high-quality videos without the need for prior video editing or design experience.

  • Video-based on articles or scripts
  • Text-based video editing
  • Creation of shareable video highlight reels
  • Automatic captioning and summarization of videos

📅 Synthesia:

It is an AI video generation platform that enables the quick creation of videos with AI avatars used by prominent entities like Google, Nike, Reuters, and BBC.

  • 70+ AI avatars
  • 65+ languages supported
  • Diverse video templates
  • Free media library and the ability to create custom templates

🧮 Deep brain AI:

It allows the easy and quick creation of AI-generated videos from basic text, offering a three-step process for you to generate videos with custom-made AI avatars.

  • Custom-made AI avatars
  • User-friendly interface for beginners
  • Significant time and cost savings in video production
  • Quick Text-to-Speech feature for instant AI video creation

⚡️ InVideo:

 It is a powerful AI tool for generating marketing and explainer videos, catering to you without a background in video creation or editing.

  • No video creation background is required
  • Video creation from input text in minutes
  • Professionally designed and animated templates
  • Direct sharing of finished videos to social media platforms

📧 HeyGen:

It is a video platform utilizing generative AI to create engaging business videos easily by converting text into professional videos, offering personalization with voice recordings and a variety of customization options.

  • 300+ voices in 40+ languages
  • Custom avatars with personalized voice recordings
  • Combining multiple scenes into one video
  • Text-to-video conversion with music and face swap options


It is an AI video generator that enables users with basic computer skills to create high-quality videos by customizing text, fonts, colors, and more.

  • Customizable text, fonts, colors, and music
  • Themes for conveying specific messages
  • One-click video transcription
  • Browser-based editing with no prior experience required

🕵️‍♂️ Fliki:

It simplifies video creation with its script-based editor, combining AI-powered text-to-video and text-to-speech capabilities.

  • Text-to-video and text-to-speech AI capabilities
  • 2000 realistic Text-to-Speech voices
  • Support for 75+ languages
  • No video editing experience is necessary

🖼 Colossyan:

It is an AI video generator that allows you to produce videos by selecting avatars, providing scripts, and incorporating auto-translation for diverse audiences. 

  • Diverse avatar selection
  • Auto-translation for targeting different regions
  • Subtitles and accent customization
  • Personalization through screen recordings


It is an AI video generator facilitating the creation of various video content from text, emphasizing scalability.

  • Scalable video generation
  • Video creation from a blog or article links
  • Over 60 languages and 25+ avatars
  • Specialized in training videos and marketing content

🗃️ Synthesis

It is a leading AI video generator that specializes in transforming scripts into dynamic media presentations using its Text-to-Video (TTV) technology.

  • 69 real Humatars and 254 unique styles
  • Lip-syncing AI video technology
  • Wide language support (140+ languages)
  • Customization, easy-to-use interface, and high-resolution output

🎁5 Best ChatGPT Prompts for YouTube Marketing

5 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Youtube Marketing

Now, unlock the power of ChatGPT to elevate your YouTube marketing strategy with these five game-changing prompts!

1. Interactive Content Recommendations


“I am revving up my YouTube channel! Seeking insights on the most effective targeting options for [target audience characteristics or interests] in YouTube ads. Also, keen on examples of compelling ad copy and creativity that truly connect with this audience.”

2. Automating YouTube Channel Growth 


“What are key pitfalls to avoid when aiming to expand a YouTube channel focused on [theme]? Seeking insights on common mistakes in [theme]-themed channels and strategies to steer clear of them for successful growth.”

3. Writing Creative Briefs For Influencer 


“I am developing a social media strategy for an influencer campaign to boost website traffic in the [industry] sector on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. Need assistance in researching and identifying the most effective targeting options for the specified [target audience]. Also, look for examples of compelling ad copy and creatives that resonate with this audience.”

4. Creating YouTube Video Scripts 


“I’m in the process of launching a new [product/service] and aim to create a captivating YouTube video for its promotion. Please assist me in creating a script that effectively highlights its features and benefits engagingly and uniquely.’’

5. Automating Growth on YouTube


“I’m exploring YouTube ads to boost my channel and expand its reach. Can you assist me in researching and pinpointing the most effective targeting options for [target audience]? Additionally, I’d appreciate examples of compelling ad copy and creativity that would resonate with this audience.”

Using these chatbot prompts enhances user engagement, provides valuable information, and fosters a sense of community on your YouTube channel.

🔥Quick AI Updates Must Read

In an innovative move toward enhancing accessibility, Microsoft is partnering with Be My Eyes to revolutionize customer service for visually impaired users. The collaboration involves integrating Be My AI, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 vision model, into Microsoft’s Disability Answer Desk. 

In a preemptive announcement, a forthcoming development will empower your GPT to assimilate information from your conversations. This new feature suggests a more adaptive and personalized experience. 

Moreover, users will have the ability to manage this feature actively by toggling and resetting the model’s memory via the settings. It provides a seamless and customizable interaction tailored to individual preferences.

The Axios-Generation Lab-Syracuse University survey of 216 computer science professors reveals that 95% consider current AI audio and video deepfake capabilities as “advanced,” with 68% viewing them as moderately advanced. 

The primary concern is the rise of misinformation, identified by 62% as the most significant challenge to news authenticity in the AI era. Experts suggest digital authenticity certification (39%) and public education on deepfakes (29%) as key strategies to combat the issue.

Wrapping Up!

Overall, today’s newsletter provided valuable insights into the latest AI developments and opportunities for engagement. It makes it a noteworthy read for AI enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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